Naomi Judd Esteem Review


So many different people are coming out with skin care lines and beauty treatments these days. Naturally this can make it difficult to keep track of what is actually available. One skin care line that you may cross paths with is Naomi Judd Esteem, which was created by Naomi Judd, the country singer. Apparently she developed her own brand of skin care, along with the assistance of a team of scientists. At this time there does not appear to be an official website for this line. However, it is revealed online that the products were marketed in two distinct kits, and are supposed to contain a delivery system that aids with product absorption.

Some of the products found in the Naomi Judd Esteem line are a Pore Refining Cleanser, Night Time Barrier Cream, PM Vita Cap Renewal Serum, AM Moisture Shield SPF 15, and Lilac Toner. Like most skin care sets, the Naomi Judd Esteem products are meant to be used as a regimen for morning and night. They contain natural plant extracts, rich vitamins, and natural botanicals. These topical treatments should assist with anything from hyper pigmentation, to fine lines, to crow’s feet, to dry skin, to deep facial wrinkles, to redness, to age spots, to pore minimization.

Product Details

The Naomi Judd Esteem skin care line is one that apparently assisted 95 percent of women who tried it in a clinical study. Some of the benefits were softer, smoother, clearer, and more radiant skin. A key active ingredient that is addressed for these topical treatments is Natural Date Extract (may assist with hydrating the epidermis). Some women may be able to see serious results after only 12 weeks of steady usage. It does not appear that Naomi Judd Esteem treatments are sold separately at all. To attain these skin care products, you must purchase one of the two kits.

The Good

  • Naomi Judd Esteem kits are said to contain natural botanicals, vitamins and plant extracts.
  • The skin care kits are available online for purchase.
  • A free trial offer was apparently posted on the website.

The Bad

  • There are no testimonials for Naomi Judd Esteem kits.
  • There are no full ingredient lists offered on an official website.
  • The official website is no longer available for the Naomi Judd Esteem line.
  • There are a lot of warnings regarding these skin care products found online.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the Naomi Judd Esteem skin care line seems a bit clich


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