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Murad products are created by Howard Murad, M.D. who is a certified dermatologist with a private practice based in El Segundo, CA. Dr. Murad is also a trained pharmacist and a Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCLA. The official website claims that Dr. Murad has helped over 50,000 people throughout the years and has treated every type of skin problem imaginable. It was during his time as a practicing dermatologist that he decided to create his own line of skincare products.

The official Murad website is very impressive and easy to navigate. Each product is described in detail and even offers customer reviews. There are tons of Murad products to choose from and they are separated into categories such as acne, sun protection, men’s shaving, body/cellulite, and three separate areas for aging. There are product lines for genetic aging, environmental aging, and hormonal aging; this is a different approach than most beauty companies.

Product Details

The Murad products have three categories of anti-aging products that we will take a look at. Murad claims it is just as important to take supplements as to apply topical creams and serums and the website will recommend what may be right for you.

The first aging category is genetic. The genetic aging area of the official Murad site will recommend you use the Age Reform Night Regimen as well as the Youth Builder Dietary Supplements. The Night Regimen contains a cleanser, treatment, and night cream. The supplements claim to fight aging from the inside and promote collagen production.

The second aging category is environmental. These products focus more on making your skin tone even while reducing wrinkles and age spots. The recommended regimen consists of the Environmental Shield Day Regimen and again the Youth Builder Dietary Supplements. The day regimen includes an Essential-C cleanser, renewal complex, and moisture SPF-15.

The last category is hormonal aging. The website claims that as women age, their production of estrogen declines and this effects skin texture, elasticity, and tone. The recommended regimen for this category consists of the Resurgence line by Murad. There is the Introductory Regimen (this is a TV offer) and a night regimen. They both contain various cleansing creams and serums.

The Good

  • Very thorough website with reviews posted alongside each product description.
  • When purchasing products from the official website, you get 3 free samples with each order.
  • 60 day money-back guarantee on all products.

The Bad

  • Some Murad products don’t list all of the ingredients. Instead they say “See product box”.
  • Some ingredients haven’t been proven effective as wrinkle fighters.
  • The recommended regimens can end up expensive. This might just be a way to sell more products.
  • Some products contain synthetic parabens which may irritate the skin.

The Bottom Line

You will be hard pressed to find a better website than Murad’s. The website goes into extreme detail for each product, provides testimonials and reviews, lists the ingredients for most products, and has great package deals available. We don’t like the recommended Murad regimens as they all seem to end up costing hundreds of dollars. The prices are a little high for products that don’t include a number of the best wrinkle reducers on the market today.


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