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Motives Cosmetics by Loren Ridinger is a cosmetics company that claims they can custom create a look for you via the internet. It has a skincare division they call Cellular Laboratories. There are 3 products available that the company claims have anti-aging capabilities. What will be in focus during this review are the Motives Cosmetics products known as De-aging Cream, Re-birth Serum, and Pentaxyl.

Product Details

Since all of these Motives Cosmetics products appear to contain what seems to be an endless list of ingredients, then we will focus only on the ingredients that may benefit your skin condition and reduce wrinkles on your face. The first product we will examine is the De-aging cream. The main active patented ingredients that the website speaks of are thought to be Promatryx TM and Hydranox TM, although this is not certain due to the limited amount of information that is available. When researching this product you may come up empty handed.

The next Motives Cosmetics product in question is the Re-Birth Serum. The Synthetic growth hormone that is being promoted as the main active ingredient in the Re-Birth Serum is Clairsome P-9. It is supposed to replenish the original growth hormones by using nano technology. In theory, these hormones have stopped working due to the aging process, but after researching there is still no way of knowing if the presence of this patented ingredient has any real, positive effects on the condition of aging skin due to the lack of information available about this ingredient.

The last product we are going to take a look at is Pentaxyl. The 2 ingredients that we are going to focus on in this review are Matryxyl and Acetyl Hexapeptide-3. Matrixyl is said to be designed by scientists to induce Collagen production in humans. In one study it showed that Matrixyl showed a 33% improvement in a number of people involved in a clinical trial. The other ingredient is Acetyl Hexapeptide-3. The formula consists of amino acids. Even though it is a popular ingredient in a lot of products, we still find that there is a lack of evidence supporting the claim that it can aid in reversing the aging process of the facial skin.

The Good

  • Has a 30 day return policy available through the official marketing website.
  • All products claim to be multi-purpose when it comes to reducing signs of aging.
  • Includes instructional video on how to use the product.
  • Appears to contain peptides, backed by clinical studies.

The Bad

  • Unclear on the ingredients that are included in the patented process in De-Aging cream.
  • No available customer reviews or testimonies at this time.
  • Before and after shots were not found while researching the product scattered throughout the web.
  • No information found during research explaining exactly what Clairsome P-9 is and what it does(Re-Birth Serum.)
  • Website is not very comprehensive when explaining how the nano technology is supposed to work.

The Bottom Line

After reviewing all 3 of these Motives Cosmetics products it has been concluded that they may actually help with the aging process. Although some of the ingredients have been tested we still don’t know if it they are of high quality, and the products themselves appear to have no documented tests. At this point it would be difficult to say whether or not it would be worth the time to try it out when there are so many better-documented alternatives available.

7 thoughts on “Motives Cosmetics Products Review”

  1. its is the best makeup out there and there are a lot of celebrities who wear it….
    Alicia Keys
    Eva Longoria
    Jennifer Lopez
    kim Kardashian

    1. It is a little costly. I liked the blush and lipstick. The foundation was average. The mascara was terrible. It smears badly. Several of my friends who purchased at the same time I did said the same thing.

  2. motives blush, eye shadow and lipstick very good. The foundation was average. The mascara was terrible. It is very bad to smear.

  3. Interested in waterproof/ resistant eye shadow (since I work outside in the heat), I was led to believe that your line of the Glitter Eye Shadow collection fit the bill. I bought $27 worth of it, and am very disappointed! Not only is it not waterproof/resistant, but it also smears and wears off entirely too easily! What a waste of my $27 dollars, I would rather have flushed my money down the toilet than waste it on this product! Very disappointed in your cosmetics. Will not buy anything else from you.

    1. You should try Younique pigments. I’ve heard people have worn them on their eyes to go work out and it didn’t smear or fade. I sell it and I’m going to try that experiment myself soon as I don’t normally wear makeup to the gym lol.

  4. I would be curious to know if this company is cruelty free or tests their cosmetics on animals. That is the most important factor for me. Which is why I mostly buy ELF products from Target. They are wicked cheap and have been given a stamp of approval from PETA. I don’t personally like PETA because they euthanize domesticated cats and dogs. They regime less than 1% of the pets they “rescue”

  5. MOTIVES is amazing…. they have improved there make up greatly (since this page is way too old now). It’s made by the same manufactures of MAC, CHANNEL, & BOBBI BROWN, but sold less expensive for the same great quality plus on the website you get cash back. There new mattes lips are awesome! All my make up is MOTIVES and I wouldn’t do it any other way. The in the nude pallet is awesome too.

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