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Monteil is essentially a line of skin care treatments founded by Germaine Monteil of Paris, France. This cosmetic company endeavors to address each particular skin issue, such as anti-aging and free radical damage, with “advanced technology systems and specially selected ingredients.” Like many modern skin care systems, Monteil claims to incorporate both science and natural beauty concepts. These high-end cosmetics are geared toward women specifically.

The full line of Monteil skin care products can be broken down into six different categories, which are called Solutions, Basics, Acti-Vita, Activance, Ice and Firming Action. The Monteil “Basics” are marketed as a general skin care regimen, which aims to assist all skin types with daily cleansing, moisturizing and sun care. Monteil incorporates key active ingredients such as a multi-vitamin-complex, pro-active complex with oxygen and plant-based complexes to potentially deal with common skin afflictions like redness, fine lines, crow’s feet, acne, moisture levels and sun damage. Monteil skin care products and treatments are available through authorized dealers only, however, none are actually available through the official website. Although Monteil offers a number of products that are geared toward cleansing, moisturizing, eye therapy, masking and skin firming/anti-aging, no reviews, awards or clinical findings are offered on the website.

Product Details

The Monteil line of cosmetic products aims to aid users with daily skin care and common dilemmas. Monteil provides cleansers, moisturizers, eye creams and facial skin treatments that are infused with active ingredients like plant-based complexes, a multi-vitamin-complex and a pro-active complex with oxygen. The goal of this skin care line is to improve overall skin texture while keeping daily skin regimens simple.

The Good

  • The official Monteil website provides a convenient contact link for emailing questions/concerns.
  • Monteil products contain moisturizers.
  • Some Monteil cosmetics contain sunscreens.
  • Monteil skin care treatments contain natural plant extracts.

The Bad

  • The official Monteil website gives no details regarding clinical research or dermatologist approval.
  • There is no convenient free 1-800 number on the website that you can call with questions.
  • Testimonials cannot be found on the website.
  • Full ingredient lists are absent from the Monteil website.
  • There is no 100% money-back guarantee on the official website.
  • No Monteil products are actually available for purchase via the website.
  • It’s difficult to determine if Monteil products will actually benefit your complexion since no real facts/research and ingredient lists are provided.
  • No samples are offered on the official website.

The Bottom Line

In short, Monteil comes across as a high-end women’s cosmetic/skin care line. The official website appears to be more of an aesthetically pleasing ad than a presentation of clinically proven facts on the Monteil products themselves. While the founder makes claims about her passion for beauty, she fails to back up her skin care products with a money-back guarantee, ingredient lists, clinical proof and/or testimonials on the official website. Considering all of the upper-scale women’s skin treatment lines on the cosmetic market, Monteil could have done a better job of pitching their products.

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