Missha Review


Missha USA Cosmetics is a division of Fanteks Inc. This company carries a line that contains a variety of skincare merchandise. The company claims that 2 of the products that are in that line help reduce the signs of aging by providing you with agents that can smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

Product Details

The 2 products that are believed to contain anti-wrinkle agents that can significantly reduce the signs of aging are Effectual Wrinkle Repair Eye Cream and the Super Aqua 02 Energenic Cream Special Gift Set. Missha claims the Effectual Wrinkle Repair Eye Cream is not like all of the other products out there. The main ingredient in this product is ULVALAX 1421. It is derived from Ulva Lactuca, a green algae that is found off of the coast of several different continents, although this particular one claims to be found off of the coast of France. This ingredient allegedly promotes strong collagen production and improves the appearance of sagging skin and wrinkles around the eyes. It is not clear about what other ingredients are included in this product.

The Super Aqua Energenic Cream Special Gift Set consists of Super Aqua 02 Energenic and Super Aqua Oxygen Mask. The purpose of these products is that they be used together to see maximum results. The Super Aqua Energenic Cream claims to be made of albutin, adenosine, and botanicals from different types of fruits and plants. The distributor claims that the product brightens dull skin and reduces fine lines with a pleasant to use moisturizing gel. The Super Aqua Oxygen Mask claims to be a detoxifying mask filled with oxygen and claims to expose your skin to oxygen. No ingredients were listed in the making of this product.

The Good

  • The advertisement claims that the eye cream does not contain any harsh chemical abrasives.
  • A plant based product.
  • The cream appears to be made only from natural ingredients.

The Bad

  • Did not seem to provide a complete list of ingredients for any of the listed products.
  • Inconvenient 2 step program for the mentioned gift set.
  • Appears to contain no proven or patented ingredients that shows scientific evidence for reducing wrinkles.
  • The Missha website shows no instances of clinical studies.
  • No before and after pictures.
  • No testimonials were found on the official website about these particular products.

The Bottom Line

While the names of these Missha products may sound inviting, the products themselves lack serious evidence of being an overall effective product. The producers of Super Aqua Energenic Cream boast about it being made from plants and fruit, but so are several other products that have never been proven to be effective in this area. The Super Aqua Oxygen Mask claims that it exposes your skin to oxygen. Some may believe that their face is already exposed to enough oxygen everyday and they may see no need to buy this product. Missha skin care products definitely attach some exotic ideas to their formulations, but we don’t see much actually there.

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