Millennium Beauty Treatment Review


The idea of the Milenium Beauty Treatment is to reduce the lines and wrinkles on your face, neck, and around the eyes. It has been developed by Elizabeth Arden. The 3 piece set includes Millenium Day Renewal Emulsion, Millenium Night Renewal Cream, and Millenium Eye Renewal. The entire kit is widely available all over the internet for $149.

Product Details

This product is distributed by Elizabeth Arden, a company that has been said to have a good reputation and is widely known. The Millenium Beauty Treatment includes Millenium Day Renewal Emulsion, Millenium Night Renewal Cream, and Millenium Eye Renewal. While it is manufactured by a popular company, it has not been easy to find the ingredients of this product to investigate to see if there is any truth to what it claims to do. It appears that the best effects may be achieved when using all 3 of the Millennium Beauty Treatment products in the kit together.

The Good

  • Elizabeth Arden generally holds a good reputation with their clients.
  • Elizabeth Arden has its own official website, and you can order it at a variety of places.
  • Free samples available with each purchase when ordered from their official website.
  • Received high ratings with the already existing customers.

The Bad

  • Using all three products in the Millennium Beauty Treatment set could be expensive and tiem consuming.
    . There appears to be no written proof of the products claimed capabilities.
    . No ingredients were available.
    . The Millennium Beauty Treatment kit as a whole is no longer available on the Elizabeth Arden website.
    . The products in the kit have to be ordered separately on the official website.
    . It appears that the Millenium Eye Renewal may no longer be available as an individual product on their website.

The Bottom Line

While Elizabeth Arden often maintains a good reputation with their merchandise, they seem to have left no way for the people to investigate for themselves in order to decide whether or not they would want to purchase this product. And while you can still purchase the entire kit on other sites on the internet, it appears to no longer be available on the official Elizabeth Arden website. This may raise questions as to whether or not it may be an effective product. Also, the Millenium Eye Renewal appears to only still exist within other online stores and not on their official site. This too may raise ideas about why it would no longer be on there. The bottom line is, while some may consider a kit like this to be a bargain for the amount of product you receive for the price, you can’t help but wonder about the inconsistencies in the availability of the merchandise as a whole or in part. Nor can the fact of the lack of information available about the ingredients for this product be ignore.

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  1. Have been using the product since it came out around 1978. It does work. Had someone tell me that she had a friend who wanted her to find out what products I used on my face.

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