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Merlot Skincare was founded by Wayne Beckley after he became interested in research showing that the French have lower rates of heart disease due to the fact that they consume at least one glass of red wine per day. Wayne Beckley decided to do some detailed research into the benefit of grape seed polyphenols and this research gave him the inspiration for the Merlot Skin range. All of the skin care products in the range contain grape seed polyphenols and there are a number of anti-aging products within the Merlot Skincare range.

Product Details

The official website for the Merlot Skincare range tells us that all of the anti-aging products in the skin care range contain natural grapeseed antioxidants with powerful peptides to fight free radicals. One of the main anti-aging products in the Merlot Skincare range is the Moonlight Radiance Night Cream. This can be purchased directly online at a price of $20. The official website tells us that it will reduce deep lines and wrinkles. We are also told that it will help to promote the production of collagen. The official website contains before and after photos as well as testimonials from those who have used the products in the anti-aging range.

Another anti-aging product in the Merlot Skincare range is the Microdermabrasion Body Scrub. We are told that this will minimize age spots, as well as lines and wrinkles. This can be ordered directly from the official website at a price of $15. The official website does tell us that some of the products contain Argireline, but as there is no detailed ingredients list for individual products we do not know which specific products contain this ingredient. The official website has contact details should you wish to contact a representative of the company. There is also a fourteen-day money back guarantee upon purchase.

The Good

  • There is an official website for the Merlot Skincare range.
  • There is a fourteen day full money back guarantee.
  • The products can be ordered directly from the official website.

The Bad

  • The Merlot Skincare range is not the only skin care range to contain grape seed polyphenols, and we’ve yet to see much evidence on the topical vs. oral effects of this ingredient.
  • There does not seem to be an offer of a free trial sample via the website.
  • There is not a full and comprehensive ingredients list for individual products.
  • We have no evidence that the anti-aging products in the Merlot Skincare range are more effective than other anti-aging products which contain grape seed polyphenols.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day we have no evidence that the anti-aging products within the Merlot Skincare range are superior to other anti-aging creams with similar ingredients. We’ve definitely seen products containing engineered peptides and other cutting-edge ingredients that offer a lot more clinical research data than Merlot skincare. We would probably not choose the Merlot Skincare range over and above other similar products for sale.

7 thoughts on “Merlot Skincare Review”

  1. I started using Merlot about a year ago, and I love it. I was using clinque before but it got to be to expensive. One day I went in the new Walgreens that had just opened near my house, and it was displayed there on the counter. The employee was giving out free samples I took it home and tried it and the next day went to but a jar. So fare I have went through at least three or four, I have very dry skin and it asorbs the cream and it leaves it soft all day long. I have recommened to friends and they also love it. I love the way it lifts and keeps my face and neck firm. I am going on 43 years and people still think I am in my 30’s ( I wish). Thanks Merlot.

  2. I have used Merlot facial mosturizer and also the night creme for several years. I have had good results until recently. My facial skin started peeling, and was very bumpy. The skin felt very tight. It got better after several days of using Lubriderm body lotion on my face. I have tried several times to use it again, and the same thing happens immediately.
    Can anyone tell me why this happened?
    thank you

    1. maybe you should lay off the merlot for a little while maybe about a month and try it again. see what happens! it might not be the product it could be that your skin is changing and your facial skin is becomming sensitive to the product this happens to me alot with alot of things like lip glosses and facial scrubs so i am very careful of what products i use.

  3. me and my girlfriend have just started using the merlot skin care products, she got the eye cream for dark circles and i have the night cream. i have extreamly dry skin and im loving how it is working so for its not sticky and i dont feel like i have a mask on all day. and the eye cream so far is working wonders for the both of us! we love it!

  4. I have been using the Grape See Eye Cream and Moisturizer for nearly 2 years and liking it. I recently bought both of the above. I have been trying to figure out for 2 weeks why my eyes were swollen nearly shut, eyelids burning and itching, and cheekbone area bright red.
    The doctor ask if I had changed makeup, I do not wear makeup only your cream and since I’ve used it so long I did not think that was the problem. After blook tests to check for allergies and not putting anything on my face for a week the situation cleared up. Yesterday, I used both of the above and this a.m. my eyes are nearly swollen shut and the red blotches and itch are back. I can therefore only conclude that it is this batch of your products. I am very disappointed as I really liked the product. Did you change your formula? These products are not cheap and are nearly new.???

  5. I have used Merlot moisturizer for several years now and our Walgreens in Frankfort, Il doesn’t
    Carry it anymore and neither does our Walgreens in Ft Myers, Fl sell it anymore. Very distressing. I am 80 years old and absolutely love it as I don’t have to worry about the area around my eyes when applying it.

  6. The Merlot facial moisturizer is great. Many years ago a saleslady at Walgreens recommended it to me. Through the years, I have tried other products but always go back to it. I especially like the non-greasy consistency it contains. Being that I have to shave on a daily basis, my skin goes through a workout but upon applying the Merlot as an aftershave balm, it instantly soothes. I highly recommend it.

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