Merle Norman Skin Care Review

Are you at least a little curious about Merle Norman Skincare?

The company is widely known for Merle Norman cosmetics, but there is a complete line of skincare products. They have been online since 1998. It looks like you need to visit a studio to purchase anything, though we did find some available on Amazon.

What is Merle Norman Skincare?

Merle Norman Skincare is a line of products for the face, body and sun protection. There is a lengthy description that mentions clinical research, in some cases. What is not revealed are the ingredients used in the anti-aging formulas. Are there irritants, parabens, sulfates or others? You’d have to head out to a studio to find out.

Quick Facts on Merle Norman Skincare

  • The company has been online for more than 10 years.
  • The line includes anti-aging creams and serums.
  • Sun protection is critical to anti-aging.
  • There are no ingredients listed for any formula.
  • Clinical research claims are not supported with links to where studies are published.
  • We found no product reviews on the official website.
  • You cannot buy directly from the company.
  • There may not be a studio in your area.

What’s Our Skincare Editor’s Take on Merle Norman Skincare?

“The website is beautiful and there is some information on each product, but there’s some critical details missing – the ingredients,” says our Skincare Editor. “Customers are on the lookout for fragrances, citrus oils and irritating extracts because they want to know what they are applying to their face.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

Reviews are few and far between. We did find a customer that claimed the facial cleanser wasn’t anything special.

  • “I am not sure that I would order it again as it is not anything special and I have not noticed anything any different from the face cleaner that I was getting at Dollar General for 2 bucks.”

Another felt that Merle Norman cream was just right.

  • “Great cream, leaves the skin clean and soft.”

There are the only two reviews we found online, which leaves us skeptical about the line. We didn’t even find any comments about Merle Norman makeup.

Are We Ready to Suggest Merle Norman Skincare?

We are hesitant to suggest the Merle Norman Skincare and anti-aging line to customers. There are no ingredients listed on the official website, reviews are nearly non-existent and the two we did find fell on both sides of the fence.

What Do We Like Better Than Merle Norman Skincare for Anti-Aging?

In 2016, we’ve looked high and low for the best formula and we found BioGeniste. We love that ingredients are clinically tested and the results are amazing, based on testimonials.

Click here to read more about BioGeniste today.


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