Melvita Review

What You Should Know

There are many different approaches to beauty and skin care. More and more these days, various companies are focusing on all-natural, herbal, and organic topical treatments for skin. One of these is Melvita. This brand has been around for over 25 years now, and specializes in developing a number or organic beauty products that are made from natural ingredients. The founder of Melvita is Bernard Chevilliat, who is also a biologist and beekeeper. According to the primary website, Melvita is devoted to respecting the environment, and never testing products on animals. All materials used for packaging these skin care products are recycled.

Product Details

There are a number of collections found in the Melvita line. These are listed on the official website as Floral Waters, Plant Oils, Apicosma, Bio-Excellence, The Essentials: Face, The Essentials: Body & Hand/Foot Care, The Essentials: Toiletries, Shea Butters, Young Skin, Fragrance, Algascience: Firming & Slimming Body Care, Men, Supplements, Bee Hive Products, Baby & Mum, as well as Soaps. Essentially, Melvita covers all aspects of self-care and hygiene.

A number of topical treatments can be found under the Anti-Aging and Moisturizers category. One in particular is the Moisturizing Anti-Aging Serum. It contains a long list of natural ingredients, which are all posted on the website. However, the primary components are Cranberry Extract, Beech Tree Extract, and Everlasting Plant Extracts. The purpose of this product is to moisturize the skin, improve the complexion, and increase skin radiance. It is directed to be applied twice daily after washing the face. Unfortunately no customers have posted any reviews on the site for this treatment yet (there is a place for customer testimonials). The cost of Melvita Moisturizing Anti-Aging Serum is $39.

The Good

  • It is nice to see that Melvita skin care products are made from natural, organic ingredients.
  • There are products in this skin care line for all general aspects of self-care.
  • All Melvita treatments and toiletries can be ordered online through the main website.

The Bad

  • There are no customer testimonials for many of the Melvita products.
  • This line of skin care treatments does not use many of the proven anti-aging ingredients.
  • No free trial samples are offered.
  • There is no mention of a refund option with Melvita products.

The Bottom Line

As anyone can see, there is a lot to sort through when it comes to skin care and beauty treatment lines. In fact, you may want to consult a licensed dermatologist if you are having serious issues or problems with your skin. This is a great way to get expert advice. As for Melvita skin care products, this line may appeal to some individuals simply because it is all natural and organic. However, it is important to keep in mind that all-natural does not necessarily mean effective.

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