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Mederma is a sun tan lotion that has been designed specially for use on scarred skin. As those with scars already know, scarred skin gets much darker than unscarred skin when exposed to sunlight, and many people find this upsetting and unsightly. Sensing a niche market here, Mederma attempted to formulate a product that not only prevents this extra darkening of scarred skin, but also claims to begin to repair scars with repeated use. The website even claims that this is the “#1, doctor recommended scar treatment” that is available on the market today. Needless to say, Mederma is not, strictly speaking, a wrinkle treatment, and will likely only be of interest to those trying to cope with scar skin care.

Mederma claims to protect skin from both UVA and UVB spectrum rays. It is a product from the German company Merz Pharmaceuticals, LLC. It is interesting that this brand seems to specialize in finding niche medical needs, one of which is, apparently, scar skincare. Other products from the same manufacturer include more dedicated wrinkle fighters and a nail strengthening treatment. One nice perk is that the manufacturers of Mederma offer anyone a free $3 coupon to download from the official website.

Product Details

Mederma comes with an SPF rating of 30, which is an acceptable rating for a sunscreen. The makers of Mederma claim that it is good for anything from serious injury scars to acne scars to stretch marks, which does offer users a pretty broad range of use possibilities. Additionally, there is a Mederma For Kids product available. Mederma is available at many common drugstores including CVS, Walmart and Target. Mederma is available in a small and large sized bottle, and these are 20g or 50g, respectively. The manufacturers recommend using the larger size for a larger surface area scar.

The Good

  • Mederma seems to be widely available.
  • SPF 30 gives anyone adequate sun protection.
  • There is an easy-to-print $3 coupon on the Mederma website.

The Bad

  • This is not a wrinkle fighting cream, rather, it is a scar cream.
  • It doesn’t seem as if Mederma can be ordered from the manufacturer’s website.
  • Mederma doesn’t offer consumers a free product trial.

The Bottom Line

If what you want is a skin cream that will protect scars from darkening and, maybe, begin fading your scars, then Mederma could be a good product to look into. However, no one is claiming that this is a viable wrinkle treatment. Mederma also does not seem very promising as a general-use sunscreen, since it’s possible to get less specialized SPF 30 sunscreens for less cost. If you do have scar tissue that you often expose to the sun, Mederma does seem to be meeting the manufacturers criteria of niche market medical care, and it may be a decent product for you. However, it is definitely not a wrinkle treatment.


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