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Editor's Review: 3.2 / 5.0

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The anti-wrinkle cream Meaningful Beauty is the result of a collaboration between the model Cindy Crawford and Jean-Louis Sebagh, a French doctor. Legend has it that Cindy fell in love with the cream while shooting in France, but that it was too unstable to travel all the way to America with her. After entering semi-retirement, Cindy missed using the Meaningful Beauty cream and partnered with Dr. Sebagh and Guthy Renker in order to develop a more stable version suitable for shipping. This way, Cindy Crawford and women everywhere could experience the effects of Meaningful Beauty skincare for themselves.

The key active ingredient in Meaningful Beauty is a rare French melon extract that is claimed to act as a powerful antioxidant. This is also what made the original versions of this product so unstable for shipping. Dr. Sebagh claims that he noticed one type of melon that always appeared to stay firmer than the others. After experimenting with it, he found that the potent antioxidant known as superoxide dismutase could be extracted from the melon. It is not uncommon to extract antioxidants from various fruits. Citrus fruits, for example, are a leading source of antioxidants found in many skin care products, as are grapes. Antioxidants protect against cell oxidization, which can be a leading cause of skin cell death.

Product Details

Meaningful Beauty currently manufactures an extensive range of skin and beauty care products. Ideally, users are directed to purchase all these products and construct a full Meaningful Beauty skin care regimen. Products available include moisturizers, face masks, eye creams, neck creams and cleansers. In theory, all products rely heavily on the superoxide dismutase melon extract for their active ingredient.

The full list of ingredients found in the Meaningful Beauty moisturizer cream is as follows: Octinoxate 5.0%, Avobenzone 3.0%, Water (Aqua), Glycerin, Ascorbyl Methylsilanol Pectinate, Propylene Glycol, Glyceryl Stearate, Acacia Senegal Extract, Achillea Millefolium Extract, Arctostaphylos Uva Ursi Leaf Extract, Cucumis Melo (Melon) Fruit Extract, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Cholesterol, Lecithin, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Caprylic/ Capric Triglyceride, Glycol Stearate, PEG-6 Stearate, PEG-32 Stearate, PEG-75 Stearate, Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Alcohol Denat., Sodium Hydroxide, Disodium EDTA, Fragrance (Parfum), Benzoic Acid, Chlorphenesin, Methylparaben, Phenoxyethanol, Propylparaben.

The Good

  • Product comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.
  • Product claims to possess a unique active ingredient.
  • Official website offers a free gift with purchase.

The Bad

  • Although the “rare” French melon extract is highly touted, it appears pretty far down on the ingredient list.
  • Multi-step beauty care regimen could be expensive and time consuming.
  • No user testimonials offered on official website.
  • Product does not seem to be available in stores.

The Bottom Line

We like the Meaningful Beauty origin story. After all, you’d think that Cindy Crawford would know a thing or two about skin care. But once you get past the great story, we’re not sure if Meaningful Beauty products really hold up to scrutiny. We’d definitely want to know more about the mysterious French melon. Looking at a sample product ingredient list, we see a lot of other ingredients before we see the heavily hyped Cucumis Melo (Melon) Fruit Extract.

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167 Comments/Questions/Answers to Meaningful Beauty

  • 1

    Kim Hoyt

    I love Meaningful Beauty products! I am 44-years old and my skin is just barely starting to age, but Meaningful Beauty has smoothed my skin out, reduced my acne condition,and seems to be fading aging spots. I highly recommend Meaningful Beauty products.

  • 2

    Carrie Leffler

    This product is terriable and I am shocked Cindy Crawford has her name on it! The moisterizers totally dried my face out. Extremely disappointing!

  • 3

    mahalia borders

    I returned it unused, couldnt handle the smell.
    that was March 26th,I have not heard or had a refund posted to my account.
    Today is May 18th 2010

  • 4


    If this is regarding Luminess, Did you return it with the RA # and if so, have you contacted their customer service dept?

  • 5


    I ordered it from the TV add and they kept me on the phone trying to sell me more products and told me I would be automatically charged and sent each monthe a 30 day supply. I told them I did not want that, I only wanted to try it and if I wanted any more I would call. I was told I would have to call back after the order had been shipped to cancel my account. I called back and canceled twice! And 6 months later I was charged and sent a supply, but this time it was a lot more. They said I would have to pay to have it sent back with tracking to receive a refund. Very rude customer service and they do not speak english very well.

  • 6


    I am 56 years old. I swore by Mary Kay products for many years until she died and her son took over and started changing things to target the younger folks. So I thought I would give Meaningful Beauty a try. I LOVE it! There was a misunderstanding with the company at first and the rectified it with no problem at all.

  • 7

    Jane Buie

    Do you have products recommended for Rosacea? My skin is allergic to so many products.

  • 8

    Skin Care Junkie

    For rosacea I recommend Proactiv. The same company will ship it and they do try to get you on this automatic shipment program, but the product does work. Rosacea is a bacterial skin problem and proactiv will cure it!

  • 9


    I just ordered the kit from the informercial…after 15 minutes..I decided to call and cxl. They told mr that I had to call back in 72 hours?!?! And if they shipped product to just send it back. My refund will then be posted?!?! I don’t understand why I couldn’t just cxl…heck I just placed the order. Please post when you receive your credit. I guess that I can call my bank and have them refuse the charge…what do you think? And YES they are very RUDE! Sorry that your dealing with this company also:(. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  • 10


    I recommend ProActiv as well!!! works wonders..

  • 11


    murad has a product for redness that is not as harsh as pro-active, if you are alergic or have sensitive skin the benzoyl incrediant could make it worse.

  • 12


    only one type of rosacea is caused by bacteria. it is type 2- the one that causes pimples and bumps. in that case i guess proactive could work but it is better to ask your dermatologist. you could find more info here:

  • 13


    SCAMMMM it’s a scam

  • 14


    There are some pretty nasty ingredients in the Meaningful Beauty products including parabens which are linked to cancer. An even better skincare line that is all natural is Evan Healy. Amazing and healthy for both you and the planet!

  • 15


    men can use the meaningful beauty products?

  • 16


    Clinique Redness Solutions is great for rosecea. They have cleansing products to face powder that will reduce the redness. I worked for Clinique and was amazed by Just one application on clients.

  • 17


    I tried Meaningful Beauty for almost a year. Pretty good at keeping my skin soft and moist but I didn’t see much of a difference in the appearance of wrinkles… not worth the money.

  • 18


    Tried the eye cream and woke up with red, swollen eyes. Waited till that cleared up (about 10 days) and tried it again….even worse. Entire face and neck covered with red rash and itchy. A week later, still has not cleared up.

  • 19


    I agree my skin is soft but it has done nothing for my wrinkles…not worth the money

  • 20


    I’m sorry but the eye cream is not any good. My eyes stay puffy all the time.

  • 21


    I had mild acne and tried Murad. The pamphlet said that my skin would “purge” all of the acne under the skin for a week or two and then clear up. I gave it 3-4 months and all it did was turn my mild acne severe that entire time. I switched to Proactiv, and in about a month it cleared up everything Murad had created. In another month, my skin was clear. I will NEVER buy another Murad product.

  • 22


    I am 29yrs old with combo/oily medium skin. I have been using meaningful beauty for a month now and it has done my skin good. The face cleanser i dont like so much. but the glowing serum and the rest i do like! now as far as the day face cream is a bit oily for me seeing that i already have oily skin. i couldnt keep purchasing it though just to see if 10yrs from now ill still look 29! Although I already get many compliments about how young and fresh my skin looks (my family genes do count here too :) ) Theres just so mouch out there its hard to beleive and try it all!!

  • 23

    Kim Coalter

    Does anyone know if Meaningful Beauty or its parent company tests on animals? I have looked and looked and cannot find an answer.

  • 24

    J N

    I’ve been using meaningful beauty for over 12mths and I noticed a difference straight away. I got great feed back from friends saying my skin looked really good and no one knew I had changed my products. Only now I have noticed that it’s not working as well, I will be making a switch in products once I’ve finished this last shipment. I also have relised that this product contains PARABENS so I will not go back to this product.

  • 25


    you might be allergic to melons then….

  • 26

    Veerah Debideen

    I would like to purchase the cleanser 5.2 fl. oz and the day moisturizer 4 oz. alone. please advise if possible.

  • 27

    Melinda Green

    I have heard way too many negative things about Meaningful Beauty to risk undoing the good thing I’ve got going with Proactiv skincare and Bare Escentuals makeup. The best thing I’ve put on my face for an instant glow is natural vitamin E oil under the powder makeup. I apply immediately after washing and PARTIALLY patting face dry while skin is still moist and pores are open. It softens and nourishes my complexion to a creamy glow. I wash my hands with antibacterial soap before I wash my face. It seems to make a big difference in minimizing my acne flare ups.

  • 28



  • 29



  • 30

    MK Always

    There is nothing out there better than Mary Kay. To the woman that stopped using Mary Kay because she “died and the son took over,” what a shame. You gave up a great product all because it’s sold by another family member and they changed the look of their products. They may look different but they are not different. Still the same great product. I will never stop using it. As for this stuff? I have very oily skin and the last thing it needs is a cream cleanser. For those of you with oily skin, use Mary Kay’s cleanser for oily/combination skin. It is a gel cleanser, not a cream, so it doesn’t clog pours and leaves your skin feeling awesome. You notice a huge difference the first time you use it. I have been using MK for years and will never stop using it. I am not a seller of MK so I am not trying to make a sales pitch. I am being honest. Sorry Cindy!

  • 31


    I have used Meaningful Beauty for over a year and have had good results. But good skin care also comes from staying out of the sun, drinking lots of water, eating a healthy diet and getting plenty of rest. Skin care products do not work miracles. Not all of the products in one skin care line work for everyone. I like to mix and match different skin care products from different lines. Kinerase and Bliss have great under eye cream and I love Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel. You’ll see results instantly. Just go to Sephora and ask what’s best for your skin type. And remember to exfoliate daily-especially if you are over 30 years old.

  • 32


    I’m 42 and I’ve been using this for about 6 weeks and my skin looked amazing immediately and continues to get better and better. I have oily skin that clogs at nothing and much to my amazement, my skin is not only soft, smooth and glowing, it’s completely clear and unclogged. I’ve never used a nightcream before because I was terrified I would wake up with horrible breakouts. I tried it because my sister raved about it, not because of the celebrity endorsement or some rare melon extract. That all being said, reading that it has parabens in it and some other potentially harmful ingredients is alarming, but not enough (at least just yet) to make me stop using it. I had a decent experience with customer service, but have only talked to them one time. I’m set to receive another shipment on 9/13 and there’s no way I’ll need more product by then. It looks like I’ve barely made a dent in any of them and I’ve using everything in the step by step layering process. Sorry to all the people who have had bad experiences and I hope you find something else that works for you. As someone who is product junkie and tried everything, I know how challenging it is. Especially past a certain age when your skin starts making crazy changes.

  • 33


    I’ve been using MB for 2 months now and have noticed only one thing….that muy skin is much softer than before. I have very oily skin and it’s only gotten worst. Also I’m breaking even more than before. I’m thinking of sticking it out only until this order is up, then I’m cancelling it and moving onto another product. Sorry Cindy….not much of a believer in your product!

  • 34


    Product is good. However, the customer service (18009270047) are the worst people you could ever talk to. Most of them wouldn’t even check the status of your order nor listen to what the customer has to say. They’re so quick to cut you off and tell you off. I’ve had problems with the automatic shipment ever since 2008. They’re always messing up my orders. Most of the time I’m missing at least 2 items from my designed kit already pre-designed on line. I also filed complaints and email the company. Still, no response. I’m terminating my service with them because it’s exhausting dealing with their incompetent employees.

  • 35


    I used Dr. Sebagh products along with ProActiv and was really happy with the results…but the Dr. Sebagh products (serum + vit C powder) purchased at Bergdorf Goodman were realllly $$$$. Do any of these Meaningful Beauty products replace those?? They certainly cost a lot less.

  • 36


    There is no “cure” for Rosacea. Check with your dermatologist.

  • 37


    ok where to start I am 35 I noticed after having my son my skin was different color and more wrinkles.I started using meaningful beauty my skin is soft pores on my cheeks look great my nose looks not so good.The neck and chest wrinkled and firm all i have to say is firming is NO help.I guess what I am saying I need help with face products anyone please

  • 38


    I began using Meaningful Beauty two years ago. I’m sixty years old, and nothing has helped my skin so much as Meaningful Beauty has. I have many, many products. Everywhere I go, people ask me why my skin looks so good at 60. I tell them why.

  • 39


    I really love Meaningful beauty, my skin feels so much softer and it even has a glow to it. I have noticed that small wrinkles are not as prominent on my face as before.

  • 40


    ProActive does not work like they claim it does. I purchased this product for my son and all it did was make it worse. I have a friend that tried it as well and did nothing for her. Spent the next 6 months trying to cancel the autoshipments and getting my back. Finally had to go to my bank to get them to deny any charges from the company. A pain in the a**

  • 41


    I am 40 and I have dry, sun-damaged skin and an uneven complexion. I noticed a difference after a few weeks of using Meaningful Beauty. Once I finished the 90 days, I tried other products, just to compare results. A year later I am coming back to Meaningful Beauty because now I really see a difference in the disappearing wrinkles, especially around my eyes. My skin has never been softer, and my complexion has evened out nicely.

  • 42


    This product is amazing! I am 47 and people constantly think I am in my 30’s. My skin is softer, my wrinkles are greatly reduced. Just this weekend a colleague in his 30’s, upon learning my age, said ” I don’t know what skin product you use, but you need to market it”

  • 43


    I just changed my order today with Meaningful Beauty. Excellent customer service!

  • 44


    I too was a believer,this is my opinion as long as I used the product faithfully (3months at a time) my skin was great except the wrinkles always remained but still worked. My problem was if I stopped for a max of 2 days then my skin went right back to the way it originally started out with prior to 3 months use. Unfortunaley in this day of cutting costs and pampering are no longer a luxgery I can afford. Cost to much. Ladies good luck hope this doen’t happen to you!

  • 45


    I forgot to mention that I did send it back everyone was nice but after the 3rd phone call niceness turned into lack of concern and was told you can cancel your order anytime but rember if you sign up again the price will be a different price. Talk about a threat what would you call this answer!

  • 46

    restless me

    I was about to order and I got so confused. what the heck is parabens? Should I forget about ordering the products?

  • 47


    OMG! I can’t even tell what you are trying to say! if you want to communicate, you must use some punctuation. what are you saying? that entire paragraph was unintelligible. is english your second language? i’m not being facetious. i really wonder. nobody can respond to you because it’s not clear what you are saying.

  • 48


    The MB night cream caused both my eyes to almost swell shut! I personally will not use this product!

  • 49

    janet muna

    what product should i used first?.can you give me a step by step guide?

  • 50


    I ordered the introductory package. I found the product to work well for my skin. I do agree that you use less than the 3 month auto ship. I checked the prices of similar products and found that the price is comparable. i.e. Oil of Olay, Loreal(which I used to use). I don’t think any one product works for all people we are all different.

  • 51


    I have been reading a lot of these comments. Was getting very nervous. I just received my first 90 day supply. I called customer service because I thought I was supposed to receive the glowing serum in my order. I was then told about customizing my package. As I don’t use the neck cream I asked how I could possibly return it and get the serum instead. He looked up my order and changed it for the next shipment then told me he would send out a free serum until then. I will let you know what happens but I found them very nice.

  • 52


    If MB is so great, then why does Cindy see Dr. Raj Konodia (a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon) who provides her with hylauronic injections to plump up her face? If you read articles about what products the famous doctors use MB is not on their list, but retinoids always are, and these dermatologists are the skin experts!

  • 53


    And while she works on her punctuation, perhaps you, amomma, should work on your capitalization. When you’re finished with that you can work on making your responses more helpful and less rude.

    PS — I agree that MB does help with pore-size reduction. Sorry I don’t have any recommendations for firming products. I hope you find what you are looking for.

  • 54

    Love it

    I love the way my face feels after using Meaningful Beauty! I am 43 and the glow I have now turns younger faces my way! I feel younger and so will you.

  • 55

    Maria Parra

    I ordered this product canceled 1 1/2 months later, they have charged my account 2x…I still have not recieved a refund, and am so disapponited in how thier customer service is so aloof about everything..

  • 56


    Unfortunately, I like used Mary Kay and I broke out like crazy and it ruined my complexion, it took months before my skin cleared up and it ended up ruining my photo shoot. I am sorry, but I like would not recommend Mary Kay, as I know others who also have had breakouts after using the facial cleansing products.

  • 57


    I just received my first shipment of MB and after reading all of these comments I am almost afraid of trying it. And it also sounds like returning it is difficult and you may not get your payment refunded. I’ve only used it a few times and it seems ok so far but I am just so confused now. I think I’m going to return it.

  • 58

    Jackie McCarver

    I also ordered on-line and tried this. The same problem without the eye swelling–just that my entire face felt on fire. It took two cleanings, an alcohol wipe and tons of moisturizer. I called and cancelled, didn’t want to try and get a refund. Ageing happens but dry skin can be helped. You can’t replace on the outside what your body is not producing on the inside. I’m 62, happy in my skin and try to maintain. If I wanted to be 40 again I’d opt for a face lift! This is all Hype, Scam and everyone is falling for it. Reality check people! You can’t reverse TIME!

  • 59


    meaningful Beauty is a fantastic product. It is very clean and light and smells nice. My skin cleared up and my pores became smaller. People would ask what I used on my skin! I plan on oredering more. It is very well worth $40.00. The eye cream is so-so compared to the cleanser, face moisterizers and neck cream.

  • 60


    The price of MB seems to fluctuate a great deal. My very first order about two years ago was $29 like they advertised. The second order which they sent after one month instead of three, was $130. I sent the product back and told them not to send any more, and cancelled the charge on my credit card. Lately, I’ve had two offers for the complete kit plus two extra items for #19.95. for the whole package. I turned it down because I don’t think the products did much for me. The only one I really liked was the serum, but you can’t order any of the product separately.

  • 61


    Do your research, see Campaign for Safe cosmetics. So many questionable and controversial and carcinogenic ingredients in this product line, as well as Mary Kay, Avon,.ie propylene glycol, parabens, pegs. I would not use or recommend to anyone.The full list of ingredients found in the Meaningful Beauty moisturizer cream is as follows: Octinoxate 5.0%, Avobenzone (known carcinogens)3.0%, Water (Aqua), Glycerin, Ascorbyl Methylsilanol Pectinate, Propylene Glycol,(carcinogen) Glyceryl Stearate, Acacia Senegal Extract, Achillea Millefolium Extract, Arctostaphylos Uva Ursi Leaf Extract, Cucumis Melo (Melon) Fruit Extract, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Cholesterol, Lecithin, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Caprylic/ Capric Triglyceride, Glycol Stearate, PEG-6 Stearate, PEG-32 Stearate, PEG-75 Stearate, Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Alcohol Denat., Sodium Hydroxide, Disodium EDTA, Fragrance (Parfum), Benzoic Acid (harmful), Chlorphenesin, Methylparaben, Phenoxyethanol, Propylparaben.

  • 62

    Proactiv User for Years

    Proactiv is NOT for rosacea it will make it worse talk to your dermatologist first. Proactiv is for acne not rosacea.

  • 63

    candi lovelace

    You can purchase them separately. call customer service.

  • 64


    I returned this after a couple of months. They still kept on sending me product until I had to have Paypal stop the charges. I returned products in Feb and to date (3/31) STILL do not have refund!!! You have to call and email and response is that it takes 4-6 wks or they have not rec’d your return. Beware!!! Purchase something from the store rather than online esp where they can con’t to charge your credit card!

  • 65


    I disagree, I used to use Mary Kay before the Timewise formula. I had beautiful skin and started selling Mary Kay. After Timewise I stopped selling it. Timewise left my skin dirty. I broke out like crazy! Try wiping your skin with a cottonball wet with toner after cleansing with Timewise. The old formula was the best. I no longer use or sell Mary Kay because I had people asking what I was using (I switched to Fashion Fair Botanical Cleanser and Toner), and I couldn’t lie like my Director suggested and say that I was using the Timewise. Mary Kay Skincare line is NOT the best anymore!!!

  • 66


    I am with you I am 39 and I have used many products as well as Mary Kay. So far, I really like the products. It’s been over a month. I have re-newed but I chose my own items…

  • 67


    I received my intro package last week and just tried it last evening for the first time. Like Lynda and Jackie (Comment #29), I had an adverse reaction. After using the cleanser as directed, the skin on my face and neck felt quite nice. Then, I applied the night cream very lightly. A couple of hours later, I awoke with a hot, itchy feeling around my eyes. I washed my face and neck with cold water, but by morning, my eyes were almost swollen shut, and it is spreading to the rest of my face. I called my doctor who adviced me to take a Benadryl, and if it does not improve by later today, to go in for a check. I called MB and told Jennifer (the rep) my dilemma. She transferred me to Vanessa (with Product Research) who asked over a dozen questions (including the lot number for the night cream), and I added that I had contacted my doctor. She said I would receive a full refund, future orders would be cancelled, and I did not have to return anything to them. This time, they were VERY nice and sounded genuinely concerned. However, when I first placed my order (after watching the infommercial), the rep seemed a bit rude, and, like other readers commented, she tried to sell me additional items. I’m waiting and hoping that my face improves, and I’ll be checking my account for that refund! Thanks for reading!

  • 68

    RN Jedi

    What is the name of this “miracle melon?” It looks like a Cantelope! I’ve noticed most of the sagging/wrinkling skin that women have in the decolete region is due to dryness and over exposure to the sun. There is no “miracle” cure for wrinkles or saggy/baggy eyes. Use a non-drying facial cleanser daily, a non-drying skin toner, a comedogenic moisturizer, and above all else get decent make-up. I’ve used Bare Escentuals for 7 years now. I used Mary Kay for 5 years before that, but I really like the Bare Escentuals because it has a natural sunscreen, it doesn’t take a lot, and it never looks heavy or caked. To all those women out there that have acne prone skin go see your gynocologist not a dermatologist. My gynocologist did more for me than my dermatologist. For women in their 30’s and 40’s with acne issues it’s all hormonal and no amount of antibiotics will clear your skin up. I’ve been on Tetracycline, long-term Bactrim, Minocycline, Retin-A,diprolene,Clindamycin & Benzoyl Peroxide, birth control, 6 months of Accutane, but the acne came back 3 months after I completed the course, so I took a maintenance dose for 2 years with less than optimal results, you name it, I’ve either taken it or used it. My FEMALE gynocologist started me on 50mg of Spironolactone daily for a week then upped it to 50mg twice a day for a week, then 100mg twice a day and I have been on it for 2 years. Spironolactone is a diuretic in most cases in the lower doses, but with these high doses it interacts with the testosterone homones in our bodies “females” and prevents the breakouts from happening. This can be used long term, the up side is no acne! Plus, the oiliness in the hot summer months is all but gone. I still wash my face twice a day with a non-drying cleanser that is non-comedogenic, use a toner, and a moisturizer that’s non-comedogenic but before I use that I’ve been using Beyond Belief’s ABH Intensive Repair Serum that I get at Sally’s Beauty Salon, OASIS eye serum, and Ulta’s under eye dark circle cream. I keep thinking to myself how simple it was when I was in my 20’s, I didn’t have to do all this stuff but my face didn’t look this good either. My skin has improved over the past 3 years by using these products. I’m 40 now with an 18 year old in college and my patient’s think I’m in my very early 30’s. About 6 years ago I had a patient tell me I looked 45 when I was only 34, that shook my world. It took me 3 years to find the right combo to keep my skin looking good. I wish all the women out there looking for the “Fountain of Youth” luck. One last thing to remember, we lose collagen as we age which gives our skin its firmness, there’s no way to prevent this from happening and I don’t have any faith in creams or supplements that claim we can restore or put collagen where we are losing it or lost it, it just doesn’t work that way. Eat a healthy diet high in rich colored fruits and vegitables, take your vitamins, eat healthy lean meats, use sunscreen, wash your hands before you wash or touch your face, don’t use loofah’s, or the abrasive sponges on your face. drink at least 64 oz of water a day unless you have a health issue, then check with your MD, get at least 30 min. of exercising continuous most days of the week, and above all don’t smoke! Smoking will age you 10 fold. If you drink don’t drink more than 6 oz of wine or 1- 12oz beer a day. I promise if you do these things you will begin to see a difference in how you feel and perceive yourself. It’s hard work, often frustrating, but it gives huge rewards! (Sorry about the dissertation!)

  • 69


    I buy what I need from drugstores or Walmart for my skin and hair and use a variety. I prefer Nivea and Nutrogena along with Ponds cold cream and Aveeno. I have lovely skin and no crows feet and I am 67. Read the ingredients and then select for your skin and hair type.

  • 70

    Alice Jones

    To PS: Bare Minerals from Bare Escentuals has a product that does reduce the size of pores. The product is called Rare Minerals Skin Revival Treatment – Night. It’s a powder that is used at night and can also be used under your makeup during the day. It’s available at and costs $60.00. A little goes a long way. There are no harmful additives. Everything in this product is beneficial. I do not work for the company, I’m just a customer who has really benefited from the use of this product. I hope this helps you.

  • 71

    Alice Jones

    Parabens have been linked to cancer. I can’t recommend this product because of the terrible reaction I had to it. My skin burned, itched and formed deep pustules that finally erupted leaving scars in their wake. Customer service was nice enough to send me back the entire price including shipping and handling without asking me to return the product. They just said to throw it out. This skin care line isn’t any better than many found in drug stores. If you’re really looking for excellent skin care, check out DHC Skin Care. It’s a company from Japan with a sales branch in San Francisco. Their skin care is beautiful stuff with fabulous results. I use it to care for and nourish my skin along with Bare Minerals as my makeup line. I believe in purity with no animal testing and no harmful additives. I’m 61 but constantly get compliments on how youthful I look. I’ve even been mistaken for my 40 year old son’s sister!

  • 72

    Alice Jones

    Jackie, I thought as you did until I started using DHC Skin Care. Try their Silver night cream. Just one night will convince you. Your skin will look so much better in the morning. I was skeptical but decided to give it a try. Why not? I’d certainly tried everything else. I was amazed how my skin looked the next morning! I’m so sensitive to most everything that these products were a real find. Now I use many items in their line. I don’t work for the company. I just really , really believe in their products because of the wonderful results I, and my friends and family members, have had.

  • 73

    Alice Jones

    For the most part I agree with you – especially about Bare Minerals. I’m a Bare Escentuals gal, too. One thing I’d like to share with you is the only skin care line I’ve found that actually delivers on their promises. Check out DHC Skin Care. The parent company is in Japan with a sales branch in San Francisco. The products are based on extremely pure olive oil. No, you don’t feel greasy. They have skin care for all skin types and I’m using many of their products. I especially love their cleansing oil which rinses clean with no oily after feel, and their Silver night cream. My 61 year old skin looks smooth as a baby’s butt in the morning! Finally, a line that doesn’t cause me to burn, itch or break out! The line is very pure and works beautifully with Bare Minerals. I hope you’ll try it. Once you do, I know you’ll be hooked. Hope this helps.

  • 74

    lorette johns

    I got hyped up on the commercial and tried the product. got my first shipment. not very good results. second shipment arrived and the price went up to 127.00.. are you kidding me. called customer service to complain and stop future shipments and was told they could not find my account. then when I gave them my account number they reluctantly said my account would be closed. I am really pissed. Totally a gimmick.

  • 75


    I have been using wrinkle cream since I was 16 and I am 37 now. I have to say this product burns my skin and causes pimples. My skin is red in spots and rough to feel. It could be an allergic reaction but I got it at Sephora and I am returning it. The best product I have used is Beyond Belief at Sally Beauty Supply..

  • 76


    I forgot to give this product a thumbs down. Oh and I do not normally have red blotchy rough skin.

  • 77


    I used it for 20 days. It felt like a super cheap product (smells horrible) and didn’t feel or notice a difference in my skin so I just sent it back at my expense. The customer service sucks. I say stay away from this deal.

  • 78


    Some people CAN NOT exfoliate daily. Some people have very senistive skin and it would irritate it. Others don’t need to do it daily as their skin has a good turn over time in making new skin. Some don’t even need to bother with it until much later in life. Your suggestion was the stupidest advice I have ever seen with regards to skincare.

  • 79


    And where exactly are you getting your information?

  • 80


    I agree they have don’t hold up to their word. I had a shipment sent to me and I returned the day I got it they charged my account in July. I called and they sent me a claim form then I called again because I had no credit on my account, they said they never received the product back. So I really got made and a U just now got my credit less the shipping charge.

  • 81



  • 82


    This products is Totally a SCAM;and is a BIG one!I has been used it for over 4 months!It doesn’t do any improverment accept moist my skin!And Ohh!I got reaction with all product,my skin get more breaking out and formed pustules!And i don’t even think Cindy Crawford use those on her skin.She’s just flat out lied.Peace!.

  • 83


    I tried this product last year and I hated it. It broke my face in these deep bumps that would take weeks to go away and when they did they left scars. I never had acne type symptoms til I started this product. Even though I stopped using it within a couple of weeks of starting it, I am still breaking out and had to start using proactive. I think Cindy should take her name off of this product it is a horrible product.

  • 84


    I lke you, cannot believe her name is on this product. It is so bad, very drying to your skin, and very disappointing.

  • 85


    its is so nice to use it cause your face well be smooth and meaningful to everybody to see your face

  • 86


    Extremely unpleasant customer service rep would not let me just cancel the automatic delivery order (to which I never signed up) without numerous threatening remarks. Very scary sales & marketing technique is applied.

  • 87


    After doing some short term (30-45 minutes ) of researching the ingredients in these products, I have come to the conclusion that you can get very close to or get the same results if you were to purchase Over the Counter “Anti-Aging” moisturizers, eye creams, toners, masks etc…the ONLY difference is that with this you get all 5 products PLUS the 3 Bonus products for under $40.00 BUT these products ALL come in very small amounts ( 1 oz day cream, .5 (1/2)oz night and eye cream, and the 3 bonus products also are in small amounts…only 7 Wrinkle Smoothing Capsules, .5 (1/2) oz Glowing Serum, etc…) and if you were to purchase similar items at a Drug Store, Wal-mart, Target etc…each product, cleanser, toner, moisturizer, eye cream etc… would all cost between $10.00 and even up to $50.00 depending on EACH product, so this “Meaningful Beauty” is a very good deal, price-wise, even the amount of each item you receive, but when I researched the ingredients in some of the products, like I said, you can get the same in over the counter products, EXCEPT for his proprietary “Rare Melon” extract, that is basically just a cantaloupe grown in Southern France ( If you GOOGLE it there is extremely little info about it ), not so “Rare” now is it …??? It’s kind of like when it was discovered that “seaweed and seaweed extract” are great for moisturizing because seaweed would lay on the sand of a beach all day long and NOT dry out !!! So this “Melon” grown in Southern France has an enzyme in it that helps prevent it from drying out as fast as other melons.
    Anyway these products contains a super-antioxidant from the melon called “Superoxide Dismutase”. Our bodies produce this anti-oxidant but just like almost everything else, as we age, the production of this in our bodies slows down. So topical application of this “melon extract” has shown some anti-aging properties, but good-great anti-aging product(s) like moisturizers, eye creams etc…should contain “Peptides” and/or “Retinol” in them because they help increase Collagen and Elastin production to decrease fine lines and wrinkles and also to help firm the skin. Peptides and/or Retinol mixed with very good/popular anti-oxidants and humectants (moisturizers) make for a GREAT anti-aging product.
    There are TWO ingredients that people should be aware of and try to avoid in moisturizers, cleansers, eye creams, etc… They are Mineral Oil and Parabens. Sadly most products have a few “Parabens” in them because alternative, natural preservatives would UP the price of any product A LOT, but definitely try to stay away from any product with Mineral Oil if you can. If you want info about Mineral Oil, go to GOOGLE and type in ” Negative Effects of Mineral Oil in Skin Care ” and click on that title and you will find out how damaging and dangerous Mineral Oil can be…
    ANYWAY, The “Regenerist” Line from Oil of Olay seems to have the necessary ingredients to help with anti-aging.
    Another decent product line is “Neutrogena” Anti-aging products, and another product line is “Garnier” Skin Care. ALL 3 of these brands contain the necessary ingredients for anti-aging, (Peptides and/or Retinol) PLUS very good humectants (moisturizers) and anti-oxidant ingredients.
    I DO favor one line of skin care products but it is not sold at Drug Stores or Wal-Mart, but a fews “Health Stores” carry it because the products are ALL natural…they ” strive to develop and produce high quality natural formulas using the most advanced technology and latest research available.”
    It is called ” Derma E ” and you can purchase items from their web site ” ” and ALL the ingredients used in this line are all natural… Mineral Oil, Gluten AND Paraben FREE products!!! Many Derma E products and the entire Derma E Line of products have won numerous awards from Better Nutrition, Whole Foods, Natural Solutions and Nature and Health magazines.
    They have several cleansers, moisturizers, exfoliators,toners, masks, eye and lip creams for whatever skin issues you want to address.
    They have products for Anti-Aging, Age Reversal, Firming, Deep Moisture, Sensitive and Combination Skin etc…the prices are very reasonable and I have given these products to friends as Birthday and Christmas gifts and they ALL LOVE this line. I am currently using “Philosophy” line of facial products and they work wonders, BUT they are also very “pricey”, so when I run out I will start using the Derma E line of products.
    For me it has been a ” Trial and Error ” way until I found out a line of products I really like and also that give results as stated for each product. I used to be very faithful using St. Ives products, until I realized that Mineral Oil was in almost ALL their facial products ( cleansers, exfoliators and moisturizers )…then my best friend told me that she liked “Philosophy” products, which I had never heard of and I would buy her Philosophy items for her birthdays and Christmases and 2 years ago I thought if my best friend likes this line, maybe my mother would too, and I purchased Philosophy products for my mother and she loved them ALL then I tried Philosophy and I also fell in love with their line too, but like I stated, they are a bit on the “pricey” side but there are MANY more Cosmetic Lines that are 5-10 times more expensive than Philosophy, and just as long as ANY product has the proper ingredients for whatever facial issues you are addressing, you don’t have to spend a small fortune to be on your way to achieving good, healthy skin !!!
    So go ahead and try Meaningful Beauty if you are curious, and if you like it that’s great, but if you don’t like it, then maybe you might want to give the products I have mentioned a try. Like I said, ” Trial and Error ” until you find a product line that works for you and that YOU are happy with !!!
    Thank you for taking the time for reading this all !!!
    Best of Luck to you ALL !!!
    Ricky :)

  • 88


    Meaningful beauty has terrible customer service. They charged me over $200.00 and I still haven’t recieved from package from them. Now I’m trying to cancel all my orders, seeing as I have not recieved one anyway. TERRIBLE. I propaply would of purchased this product every month too. I’ will get my money pack.

  • 89

    Katharine Giles

    I bought the product and was allergic to it. They sent me a return label and then charged my card for the next 3 months. When I called to complain I was told a credit isn’t issued for 4 to 6 weeks. I can’t rate this product but the company has lousy customer service.

  • 90


    I am allergic to cleanser ingredients and was offered a replacement and a refund. received the refund but not the replacement and it’s been 2 months. I plan on returning all of the remaining products ordered through infomercial

  • 91

    Arlene Mary Jones

    Hi..I’ve been using M.B. 4 about a year..I’m very happy with the product. Last July I couldn’t afford it anymore, so I called 2 cancel…everyone is always so great..They told me if I re-ordered by Nov.2011, they would keep the price the same..& they did…Maybe U got the wrong person !! I quess I just lucked out…Sincerely Arlene M. Jones

  • 92

    Tee tee

    Why does this product contain the paraben in the ingredients when this polypareben and the other parabens are toxic and cause cancer?

  • 93


    This happened to me as well. I wanted to change the address on it and they couldnt help me for 72 hrs. Ridiculous. I am trying the product now. It feels good on my face. If not satisfied I can return it. BTW the bottle are so small.

  • 94


    interesting that the “rare” melon the extract comes from is a cantaloupe. i can grow my own melons and eat them and make my own skin care products that don’t have all the chemicals, and get the same results, thank you very much.

  • 95


    Saw the infomercial many times and really wanted to try it. Decided that with the $ back guarantee I had nothing to lose. I ordered, called the next day to cancel my order (decided too much $ with all the hidden costs)and was told it was too late to cancel. Send the box back when received. So I did. $120 later (plus the cost to ship it back), I have no product and no refund. Their customer service is terrible. I will NEVER use this product again. In the future I will NOT be ordering anything from Guthy-Renker and certainly won’t be using any product with Cindy’s name attached to it.

  • 96


    I decided to try this product i figured for the $39.95 for a 30 day supply would help in making a decision if i liked the product. I recieved my shipment and began to use it. I noticed i was charged a 2nd time for the same amount. When i called to question the additional charge, i was advise it was the 2nd out of 3 payments due. The shipment i was mailed was advised it was the 2nd payment oot of 3 payments. That i had been shipped a 90 day order. I advised the rep who authorized a 90 day as I wanted the offer i had mentioned i saw on TV.ordered what was offered .Looking at the website it shows the same product mailed to me for $39.95. This is a scam ..i refused to continue using this product since it might not be what is advertised. . I hope Cindy Crawford reslizes how her name is being draggef as a dishonest company. I would recommmend if you purchase from this company record your call!!!’

  • 97

    lucille timothy

    Roseasa goes along with autoimmune conditions. Is is inflammaton. from over active. Immune system. It varies in Colorado. All these people do not have bacteria on there face only.

  • 98


    You’re complaining about the marketing company, Guthy-Renker, not the products. Guthy-Renker deserves the black eye, but since you haven’t tried the product, it doesn’t.

  • 99

    Linda Day

    Same thing happened to me. ordered 30 day supply at 39.95 with free shipping. Was charged 46.95 twice and was told I would be charged a 3rd payment.Was overcharged 3 dollars the 1st time.It should have been 43.95 including tax. I cancelled and sent products back. I cancelled my debt card so they could not charge me again.I wish I had read the reviews before I ordered. Hopefully, I will receive a refund but not holding my breath.

  • 100

    Linda Day

    forgot a big thumbs down

  • 101


    I had tried everything for my rosceia….mine is NOT caused by bacteria and I did go to the derm MD. I finally found a product that WORKS!!! Try Bio Oil!!! You can get it at any pharmacy and it’s only about 5.00. My rosceia is GONE…I am 35 years old, finally a product that works. When you first put it on it feels greasy but it soaks in in about 10-15min. Good luck, I hope this helps you as well. P.S. I have tried ProActive….it is not good for rosceia, it makes it worse.

  • 102


    Not one but THREE different forms of PEG and TWO different parabens?! There is no way I’d put this on my face. Research the non-melon ingrediants before you buy this or any other product that contains them. There are alternatives out there that work without the toxic soup of chemicals.

  • 103


    I have had rosacea for over 15 years. I believe it was caused by using the Nuvaring for only 1-2 months! I have used Meaningful Beauty for 9 days now. The bumps on my cheeks are gone and the redness across my cheeks and nose is almost gone. I can’t say if this will continue, but I just wanted to tell everyone that there may be hope.

  • 104


    Same as several of you. Saw the infomercial and decided to try. My account was billed the same day. 18 days later, no product. Have called three times. First time I was told they shipped UPS but they can not track. 2nd time I was told they shipped via Post Office and the PO has it (they don’t). 3rd time I was told they sent it via UPS and that UPS delivers to the post office. I decided to try the email address they list and it comes back as invalid. Called again today and was told they will send an afidata in 20 days. I have to fill it out, notarize it and mail back. When they receive it, they will cancel my order and refund my money. I will never order from this company again and if it was possible to let Cindy Crawford know, I would!

  • 105


    This line is way too expensive

  • 106


    Facetious? Think you’ve got the wrong word there. Your comment is so badly written and your grammar is so bad, makes me think you’re barely out of 9th grade…

  • 107


    I had been on the fence about giving meaningful beauty a try, but I’ve heard so many negative things there is no way I’m wasting the money. If anyone is looking for an alternative, I recommend Artistry products. Artistry is produced by Amway and has worked wonders on my skin. There are several different lines and different products all if which I’ve tried and loved. And the eye creams have in fact smoothed the wrinkles around my eyes ( I’m in my 20’s but I’ve spent a lot of time in the sun :( ) and does reduce puffiness all day. I really can’t recommend these products enough. Amway is a reputable, American company and you won’t find any false advertising on the site and there is no obligation to keep shipments coming, you order as needed. Good luck!

  • 108

    sanja miljanovich

    does cindy crawford’s meaningful beauty tested on animals?

  • 109


    horrible business practices. They screwed up my order, sent stuff I didn’t order — can charged my credit card for it. so far, I’ve talked to them on the phone 3 times. I hope it’s all straight now, but I am still waiting for them to credit my card… It’s NOT worth the hassel

  • 110

    linda johnson

    I think it is a scam ! and I believe cindy crawford knows this. I called to cancel after also being overcharged! rude customer product..beware! I recently tried DERM and very happy!

  • 111

    Viper Gurl

    I like this product as well & have tried Many.. Am 57 & well,don’t even look close to that (bank employee said “Wow! U look fantastic for someone born in ’55”.. LOL
    Will see if there are problems w/ order.. I changed mine too.. Will I still get the other stuff???

  • 112

    Viper Gurl

    I Think its Great.. So Far, at 57 I’m not to worried about carcinogens.. I smoke& I Drink.. M B seems Nice to me & have been taking care of my skin since I was 15.. & look about 40something :D… SoFarSo Good! Some people just NeedTo Bitch!

  • 113

    Andrea Azoff

    I’m approaching 60 this year and have used the product for 2 months with noticeable results which I’m extremely happy with. Dark circles under my eyes have faded and wrinkles above my lips as well as the jowl area below lips are dimished and I notice results on a daily basis.I did fail to notice that the 90 day shipment would be billed in 3 installment payments. When I called, the customer service representative was very nice and deleted one of the payments. At first my face broke out. But since then, the product has been working unbelievably well for me. I know that some products work well for some but not for others. Usually, products clog my pores but this one has not. As other have mentioned, the inital shipment included only 7 wrinkle smoothing capsules which are not enough to see if they work. I plan to order a bottle with 60 in it which costs $25 with my next shipment. I believe the price I am paying for this product line is completely worth it(and I don’t have a lot of money). I’ve wondered what was exactly in the products but have not had time to research this in depth. My chiropractor is selling a night time wrinkle cream for $80 per month which is part of a multi-level marketing scheme. With MB I can get a a whole skin care line for that price. So i will continue with MB.

  • 114

    cece P

    I guess its like all products out there, some work on some skins others dont.I have tried Mary K and they made my skin feel awful, but MB makes it feel great.

  • 115


    They keep sending out product even when you “cancel” watch out they only hold your account only to re activate in 6 months & it starts all over!! Call & make sure they cancel! I finally got mine cancelled & all my shipping credited & the last shipment free! Only took 9 months of trying!

  • 116

    shirley faulkner

    definetely works, nothing is any better.But they charge shipping, I’m not paying for that every 3 months.Shame the don’t sell it in stores. It’s great, it works!!!!!

  • 117

    Deb B

    I am 47, and I love the MB products. I think everyone’s skin “likes” different products; so if it works well for one person, it might not necessarily work well for you. I never could use any of the Mary Kay cleansers/products, as they irritated my skin horribly. I was leery at first of putting all the product on my face overnight, as in the past other products made me break out. Not so with MB. For what it is worth, that has been my experience.

  • 118

    Marie Kavanaugh

    After ordering these products, I discovered I am allergic to the ingredient they use for SPF protection and broke out in a hideous rash on my face and neck.

    I contacted the company to see if I could exchange those two products for different ones that did not contain those ingredients. I was told they would not as there pathetic internal procedures did not allow it. I’d have to send all the products back and once they received them and processed them (which takes 4 to 6 weeks), THEN they would send out new product. If I wanted product right away, I would have to order and pay for it. End result? They lost a customer now bent on warning everyone I can to stay away from these people.

    They bill in three installments and I just got hit for another and I have no products and I’m out another $50.00. I’ve now paid for two of the three installments and no sign of the refund promised.

    So far, it has been 4 weeks and no refund.

    I will never again buy anything that is automatically billed and shipped and suggest everyone else out there do the same as you will keep getting billed even after your cancel–just like I did. And there is no excuse, once the account has been cancelled, normal computer programs stop sending out invoices. Not these people.

    Be forewarned.

  • 119

    Marie Kavanaugh

    Once they get your money, they’ll hang on to it as long as they can. And they keep on charging your credit card even after you have cancelled.

  • 120


    Most all but two of Dr Murad cosmetics have gluten in them but he does not ask in his questionnaire if you have Celiac Disease or are Gluten intolerant. Any doctor should no to include this as a warning not to use.

  • 121


    sorry, any doctor should include this on the skin questionnaire. When I called back to cancel my order after researching product customer service was exceptionally understanding and are sending the only three samples that don’t include gluten…

  • 122


    I have been using the product for the past month. I agree with CeCe P, as with all products – different skin types produce different results.

    I have seen few “results” – I already look “youthful” thanks to good genetics but I do like this product. It’s not heavy, I think my skin looks healthier and vibrant, I had minimal of wrinkles around the eyes to begin with and am not see those “fine” lines as much anymore.

    I do like the melon/grapefruit smell of the glowing serum.

    What I don’t like is the neck/chest cream – I did break out from that and quit using it as much. I don’t like heavy face creams and this, by far, has been the best I’ve used. I don’t have to wear the face powder (like I used to).

    Overall, I do like this product. Like with any product, we all can’t be pleased 100% of the time.

  • 123

    Linda Henley

    I let my granddaughter age 12 do my meaningful beauty treatment for me. When she finished I ask if she would like me to do her face. Her answer. “No, I don’t want to look like a 2 year old.” She took meaningful beauty serious,and she didn’t want to look 10 years younger.

  • 124


    I tried many products as a teen including medically prescribed products and nothing worked on my skin. However, ProActiv did work. What happens first is that it pulls everything to the surface so it seems like it’s getting worse. I thought it wasn’t working for me at first too but once you get past that first stage, it starts clearing up your skin. I used it and when my face cleared up finally I simply asked to stop shipments and they followed through. I am now in my mid to late 20s and I haven’t had acne problems ever since I completed the proactiv system and have never had to order it again. So I’m one of the success stories and I stick by ProActiv. I hope you’ll give the product another try but if not, I do hope your son found a better regiment for his acne.

  • 125

    Who Cares

    You say this, and other, products contain carcinogens. What products don’t? Honestly….
    And in what humongous amounts does one have to use to cause and cancer outbreaks?
    As far as these products being crappy and making your skin dry or causing break outs, not everyone had the same skin, therefore, the products will not work the same for every person.
    Additionally, if anyone had issues with refunds or customer service, Geunthy Renker is the culprit, not Cindy Crawford or these products.

  • 126

    Diana Park

    well if you notice the #of ingredients before the melón, n #2- water’s the second ingredientes! **the gell from an Aloe plant looks/feels better than I’ve ever seen in my life no wrinkles, tightness, & healthy glow!! God’s natural way!!

  • 127

    Linda Parsons

    I have been using Meaningful Beauty off and on for the past year. If you read the ingredients, some of the products such as the Glowing Serum, the Deep Cleansing Masque, and now some others contain sodium chondroitin sulfate. Chondroitin is usually made from shellfish or some other similar non-vegetarian ingredient, so as a vegetarian I cannot use those products. I like the products I can use, but I wish she would change the chondroitin-containing products to a different marine ingredient such as red marine algae or something that would be all right for a vegetarian to use. With the cost of the kits it makes me feel bad to get a free gift which I have to give away or throw out. I have been very happy with the other products, though. Also, the introductory kit should have the night cream included in it. It is a great product and should be included in the kit that introduces new customers to the product line. What is a daily kit without night cream?

  • 128

    Anita Moore

    I ordered this thinking I would give it a try. While I do like how the product makes my skin feel when I use it as directed I don’t like that it is set up on an automatic shipment system where you are automatically billed for it. Honestly, I have tried other products that have made my skin feel and look much the same as this product and they cost considerably less and I was able to buy them as I required them. I’ve cancelled my account (which was easy enough to do.) The results I received, weren’t worth what I was paying for it.

  • 129

    Barb D

    I just tried to place my first order. The website did not allow an on line first time order. The telephone sales reps. were more worried about making the sale than answering my questions. Obviously and paid on commission. Very obnoxious. Wish I would have not ordered the kit. Products better be good!

  • 130


    I am 55 & I have acne. How is this product for me?

  • 131

    Sue PVRC

    The product had too many steps for someone who is always on the run in the morning. I discontinued use after one month… my skin felt like it was on fire!!!!!!! My skin took two months to calm down from the irritation.

  • 132


    I have received many compliments of me looking younger and I will be 57 this year. I give Cindy Crawford a thumbs up cause it is definitely helping me stay youtful looking and is working.

  • 133


    Use neostrata products….they are the best….Dermatologist recommended and a wide variety to choose for various age and skin conditioning…

  • 134

    Stephanie Kibler

    I really enjoyed using the entire line of Meaningful Beauty, to include the supplements! I decided it was too expensive for my family’s budget at the time, so I only did the free trial. I would like to think that Cindy Crawford is as honest as she is beautiful and would only back a product she believed in.

  • 135


    When canceling,also notify your cc company that u cancelled this product-do not allow anymore charges.

  • 136


    thanks for posting ur comments i was thinking to get this product and u helped me alot and yes im getting it

  • 137

    Elaine Durand

    I have been using this product for 3 years and love it. My skin looks healthier and wonderful. I have been told that I looked younger and at my age that’s great. I have never had a problem with changing my orders and they forgot the glowing serum and sent it right away.

  • 138


    No they are right products only do so much, by using gentle enzymes exfoliating daily is fine. Allergies are a risk for everyone so just cause it seems good for you doesn’t make it universal. For the person that hates murad it is probably cause you used the wrong thing. Each line works to some degree but saying it sucks it is probably because you smoke, don’t drink enough water, eat fried food or food, inhale soda and don’t work out or are hormonal.

  • 139


    After reading all the above reviews I don’t know if I made the right decision in ordering this product. I am hoping that I don’t have the negative skin reactions that many have complained about and that I don’t have the customer service issues mentioned. I will probably discontinue using the product after the intitial 30 day supply. A bit too expensive. I suppose I could inform my credit card company to not allow anymore charges from them or cancel my card.

  • 140


    If this stuff really works why doesn’t Dr. Sebagh look like he’s in his 20’s? Either he doesn’t use his own product, which would be weird, or it doesn’t work for him, only Cindy?

  • 141


    Where do you buy these neostrata products? Are there reviews for it? Thank you

  • 142

    just me

    thankyou for the ingredients, i am allergic to soy (lecithin, etc) my face swells so badly if i use a product with any soy in it i really cant go out in public for days. really appreciate the info

  • 143


    Never for Murad is right!learned the hard way

  • 144


    I’m really surprised your intro kit didn’t include night cream (whether new formulation or old). I received cleanser, day cream, eye cream, night cream, neck & chest cream and, I believe, bonus capsules and glowing serum. I have been using it for a year and I’m sure it has helped wrinkles from being 50 and long-term illness.

    There was such a mess-up with my By Design order that, after 9 months (REALLY!!), I finally got it FREE…not a common experience with MB, I am sure! Quiting this and buying into any other beauty line (drugstore or not) is another $$$ commitment so I will have to see what’s next…

    Who would not take into account that Cindy Crawford is drop-dead gorgeous and a model for many years. She would have obviously put out mega-dollars for facial treatments over the years prior to the co-creation of MB. We can dream but it doesn’t mean we can have. All the best,

  • 145

    Debbie Langendoerfer

    I ordered the product samples and the only way to order the $39.99 samples is to agree to have your credit card ran each month for the same amount. Good luck trying to cancel. I called to cancel and the person would not listen when I said if I want to order more I will. After about 15 minutes of bantering back & forth, He told me that that he would send me an email with the cancelation #. I’ve yet to see it.

  • 146

    Debbie Langendoerfer

    I am having the same problems, I will purchase Rodan & Fields or Murad before giving them more business

  • 147


    DO NOT GET THIS. The 39.95 price is a scam. I ordered it and called them to say that I don’t want it every month just this one time. They withdrew $50 next month so I called again and was sure that this time it was cancelled. But nooooo,another $50 next month. So I just called them again and was informed that the tiny little bottles that truly only last for about 20 days if you use them every day,is actually a 90 day supply and they charge you every 30 days for it. So a 20 day supply actually costs $150.00. Wow!!!!! Maybe someone out there can afford it I sure can’t. SCAMMMM

  • 148


    This product is horrible and the 39.95 value is for SAMPLE SIZES!!! stay away! Fraudulent company in my opinion!!

  • 149

    Judith stine

    Are these products hypo allergic?

  • 150


    I had tried Derm and only ordered it for one time and was charged for numerous months, so I didn’t order meaningful beauty. My question is: Why don’t they use women who really have wrinkles not these 30 and 40 somethings whose skin has barely started to age. Very tired of this commercial.

  • 151


    to Kathie…if you haven’t already, yes!! call your bank and have them put a STOP on the payment. I had a similar situation (not with this product) and I called my bank and they immediately stopped/refused to pay the auto-payment the moment the company tried to withdraw it. auto-payment

  • 152


    to everyone who is being charged after you have cancelled your order…call your banking institution/credit card company and stop the auto-payment. It is totally in your hands whether or not you get charged .

  • 153


    One you signed up….they will automatically send you the product..and even if you return the product they will still bill you 50$…its a scam…

  • 154


    I cancelled my entire order and 2 months later they sent me more products and billed my account.I was told since the product was mailed I had to wait for the return label and mail back product, then I would be refunded. I CANCELLED ALL ORDERS 2 MONTHS BEFORE.This is a problems!!!!

  • 155



  • 156


    What you are describing is what happened to me using ProActive…thanks for the heads up!

  • 157


    I too feel the same with KSans, i am 50 years old and have good genetics and have young looking skin. this product has lightened my dark spots and brightened my face up, i am very satisified with this product…

  • 158


    The ingredients in the cleanser is beyond horrible. It is the introduction to the skin care regiment and it should be extraordinary. I think of a cleanser like I think of good bread in a restaurant. IF the bread is bad, the food is bad. Meaningful beauty is BAD. This line has dangerously lethal and harsh ingredient. Propylene Glycol is the 2nd ingredient. We are dealing with a celebrity and a prestigious doctor. They should and could have done so much better. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THESE CHEMICALS.

  • 159


    Principal Secret by Victoria Principal has a new botanical line that far surpasses Meaningful Beauty. The ingredients are from nature and these products are phenomenal.

  • 160


    HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. For this reason alone I would not be apart of Meaningful Beauty. You will be dealing with highly unprofessional and high illiterate people.

  • 161

    Patricia Laurent

    I was disappointed with the skin polishing brush. after only 3 uses it broke. what a waste of money

  • 162


    Its a scam, was given a price of 39.95. they fail to tll you thats each month, so you do end up paying 119.00 for the product,further more they will debit your account without permission it took me 3 months of calling every week to get 39.95 x 2 back, and then they debited 43.95 after canceling and sent me out a package waiting to get my last monies back to take my card off of account, they will treat you like your stupid when it comes to getting your money back, the product is a moisterizer thats about it

  • 163

    Deirdre Wetherall

    Bought kit never opened at a yard sale!never have seen such results,42yrs young!skin is smooth silky soft and lines softened,am confused by all the bad reviews,even from dermatologists,claiming dangerous ingredients??can u help?

  • 164

    dayna panitzke

    These people are terrible. They tell you one thing and do another! They have continuously charged me for NOTHING!!!they are legal modern day theives!!! Can not believe Cindy Crawford allows her name to be used by them! I’m reporting them to the B.B.B. Don’t allow them to rob you blind, I promise you they will!!

  • 165


    I juat order the kit. Although I have been reading all these bad reviews, Honesltym I think it depends on the persons skin. When I first made the order on the phone, i made sure to get all my questions answered. I dont under why some people just dont ask the questions…As far as cancer causing agents, well everything causes cancer now a days and after checking on half of the OTC products, guess what its in them too!! Also how many of you smoke or tan?? Doesnt that cause cancer too? As a matter of fact, it increases cnacer far higher. I say try the product and dont let these reviews trick you into something. Use your own mind , and your own heart. No matter what you try, there will always be negatives on everything!!!

  • 166

    Debra Townsend

    I was wondering,if you have sensitive skin, as well as a sensitivity; is thi sproduct safe for my skin, and breakouts?

  • 167

    Jim Carrington

    I’ve never used this product line because I was never impressed with the list of ingredients. HOWEVER…..has anyone noticed that the latest version of this infomercial now says that it has added peptides and hylauronic acid? THAT’S because the original formulation is indeed LAME, but the addition of these newest ingredients will be what actually, finally, will make this product line work. BUT–you can get those same two ingredients, and a bottle of Retinol brand vitamin A and C serum for about $30.00 at most drug stores and Sally Beauty Supply! The ingredients I have listed here DO WORK….been using them for a few years now, and at almost 50 y/o, i’m constantly guessed to be in my late 20’s or early 30’s.

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