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The M.D. Forte line of skin care products focuses on utilizing alpha-hydroxy acid as a main ingredient. Commonly referred to by skin care professionals as AHA’s, this form of glycolic acid has been shown to have noticeable effects both as a form of skin hydration and as an acne treatment. M.D. Forte products contain high concentrations of sugar cane-derived AHA’s, which means that they can only be dispensed with a physician’s prescription. Is M.D. Forte right for you? Ask your doctor or dermatologist for a qualified opinion. Be aware that AHA’s can be harsh astringents, which is one of the reasons for requiring a prescription.

So what does this potent skin treatment have to offer? The main ingredient in M.D. Forte is glycolic acid, which has been linked to skin hydration. Different M.D. Forte products offer different strengths of glycolic acid. M.D. Forte also offers a skin care line specifically for users with unusually sensitive skin that appears to be completely free of all AHA’s.

Product Details

Different concentrations of glycolic acid are the primary difference between various M.D. Forte products. Strengths range form the relatively mild 12% solution to the extremely potent 30% solution. Additionally, there is an intermediate 15% solution. Since AHA-based products tend to make skin especially sensitive to sunlight, it is strongly recommended that users stay out of intense sunlight and use sunscreen when spending long periods of time outdoors.

M.D. Forte products all seem to fall into one of several categories. There are renewal products, moisturizing products and protection products. Most of these products feature glycolic acid as the main active ingredient. These separate divisions of products are also all offered in one of the three strength levels mentioned above.

The Good

  • The official M.D. Forte website offers a self-diagnosis tool allowing you to evaluate your skin type and which product might be best for you.
  • After you have a prescription for M.D. Forte, you can easily order products yourself from the official website.
  • Significant clinical trial data seems to be available for these products.

The Bad

  • M.D. Forte is only available with a doctor or dermatologist prescription, meaning that it could be difficult to obtain.
  • Glycolic acid makes skin extra sensitive to sun damage.
  • Not very clear how the AHA-free line of M.D. Forte products designed for sensitive skin will perform without the main active ingredient that the brand is known for.
  • The line is complicated and most treatment cycles require two or more products, meaning that even with a physician there could be a trial and error process involved in order to come up with an ideal treatment.

The Bottom Line

Obviously, your dermatologist knows your skin better than we do. If you trust your doctor and they recommend M.D. Forte, then it’s probably a good bet that this is the product for you. Ask your physician if you’re curious about learning more. However, for users looking for a more casual anti-aging solution, M.D. Forte may not be the answer. Everything from the price to the sun restrictions to the necessary doctor’s prescription reinforce that this is a serious product for serious skin conditions.

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  1. Found this interesting. My dermatologist recommended MD Forte years ago. I bought some products from her. I buy it all the time on several websites without a prescription because it is cheaper than buying it from my dermatologist. I just purchased some yesterday. You may need a prescription to buy from MD Forte but many websites have it that do not require a prescription. I love it!

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