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One French skin care line that dates back to 1981 is Matis Paris. This brand of treatments and beauty products was founded by Mr. and Mrs. Delalande Camboutive, and is described as a professional line. These products sell in beauty salons around the world, over 70 different countries actually. Currently there are 12 different categories of Matis Paris treatments offered, and they are touted as having the highest quality ingredients. A convenient locator tool is provided on the official website to help clients find their salon locations and skin care dealers.

If you check out the website for Matis Paris, you will notice that you can view Products or Treatments. While the Treatments refer to face, body and sun care, the Products refer to face, body, sun, new products, and men. The Treatments must be attained in a professional atmosphere by skin care experts, whereas the Products are actually for sale to be used daily at home. You simply must find a location to purchase them from (they are not sold through the website). More specifically, we will take a look at one topical treatment cream called Le Jour. This is a moisturizer that is geared toward anyone with mature skin. It is claimed to reduce skin stress, regulate moisture levels, protect from the elements, and strengthen the skin’s overall structure. It should be applied to the face and neck every morning after cleansing. Unfortunately there is no price posted for Le Jour.

Product Details

Matis Paris is essentially a line of women’s skin care treatments that can be attained from fine salons around the globe (there is also a small line for men). Although many of these products are not described on the official website with key active components, the Concentre Caviar Retinol is stated to contain major ingredients like Caviar Extract and Vitamin A. Both of which are intended to assist with anti-aging. In fact, this is the primary goal of Matis Paris treatments. They are to be used daily as part of a regular regimen to potentially reduce common signs of aging.

The Good

  • There is a link provided on the website that helps consumers find Matis Paris salon locations.
  • There is a basic description for each of these skin care products on the website.
  • Matis Paris is a brand that dates back to 1981, which some individuals may find reassuring.

The Bad

  • Testimonials are not presented on the website for any Matis Paris skin care products.
  • You cannot purchase these products directly through the website with ease.
  • No prices are posted on the website for Matis Paris products or treatments.
  • It is difficult to determine what ingredients are in these products since the majority are not listed out.

The Bottom Line

After fully reviewing the official website, Matis Paris certainly comes across as a high-end spa line of beauty products. Unfortunately buying them is not so simple. You would have to find a spa location and then purchase them in person. This can often be a hassle for many people. Furthermore, the prices for these skin care products are not even posted for all to see.

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