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TimeWise is a product line from the world famous Mary Kay Inc. Mary Kay has been around for almost 50 years and has typically been sold by “independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultants”. Almost anyone can work from home as a distributor for Mary Kay so this brand used to be very well known and a direct competitor of Avon, another company that offers a similar arrangement for its distributors.

The TimeWise line is a comprehensive beauty line that claims to put a lot of emphasis on using anti-aging ingredients to help you stay looking younger, longer. The TimeWise line covers almost every category of skin, face, and lip products you can think of. There are moisturizers, creams, cleansers, sunscreens, soaps, and lip primers. There are around 30 distinct products available in the TimeWise line at the time of this review.

Product Details

Mary Kay TimeWise products claim to utilize a wide range of anti-aging ingredients but the official Mary Kay website doesn’t list the ingredients for any of their products. Instead, you may see a line in the product description that mentions anti-oxidants, peptides, moisturizers, and other common anti-aging ingredients. Most of the products talk about anti-oxidants a little bit and mention how they fight free radicals that could cause the skin to age prematurely.

To actually find out what is inside each individual TimeWise product, you will have to call a Mary Kay independent Beauty Consultant in your area and odds are there will be quite a few of them. The prices of the TimeWise products seem to be in the $10-$60 range depending on what the product is and what it claims to do. We don’t see any testimonials or return policies on the official website but a company such as this probably has at least a 30-day money back guarantee on its products.

The Good

  • Mary Kay is a well known name in the beauty industry.
  • Some of the TimeWise products contain anti-oxidants.

The Bad

  • The official website doesn’t list any ingredients for any of the TimeWise products.
  • There are no testimonials posted on the official website.
  • No return policy can be found on the official website.
  • You will need to call a consultant in your area to learn more about specific products.

The Bottom Line

Mary Kay used to be extremely popular and most people knew someone who sold Mary Kay products or had easy access to a catalog. In the past decade or so, Mary Kay seems to have dropped off the map in some areas but this doesn’t mean their products have declined in quality. It’s hard to get a good feel for the TimeWise line because there are no testimonials and we can’t find a full ingredients list for them.

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    1. Lynda, I used to sell Mary Kay and I have an interest in the ingredients in all the products I use. The indgredient listing for Mary kay products used to be online, but I don’t think it is anymore. As far as I know, Mary Kay does not have green tea as an ingredient. Nonetheless, it’s an awesome product and I’ve been using it since I was 15 or 16 years old (I had TERRIBLE skin when I was in school: acne prone, oily, AND sensitive).You can find Mary Kay at good discounts on ebay. That’s where I get my products now. Good luck!

  1. i have used mary kay for over 16 years now and i find the timewise miraclt set to b one of the best programs out there. 3-in-1 cleanser, age-fighting moisturizer, daysolution and night solution.this is the best for anit-aging
    then i move to the firming eye cream, age-fighting eye cream, targeted action line reducer, then i move to the Timewise replenishing serum-C+, and the micro-dermabrasion set. these product r the best anti-aging products on the market today. and YES there is a 100% money back guarantee, always has been, i am not sure what website u r going to. also, for anit-aging, dry/which causes skin to show signs of anti-aging faster, is Advanced Moisture Renewal Cream, Intense Moisturing Cream and Oil-Free Hydrating Gel. Mary Kay cosmetics is the best brand of skin care and color cosmetics, many ladies i know hav used mary kay for over 28 years, and hav never changed and they hav beautiful, age-less, radiating skin. we hav the shortest anit-program. whenever u start using anti-products, the costs of products goes up because of the ingredients that r in the anti-aging formulas. if u go to the official mary kay website, u will b able to find a list of ingredients for every product. mary kay is also coming out in february with time-wise luminous foundations, another step toward anti-aing. mary kay wants to keep things simple for the ladies, otherwise it is so easy to set ur skin regim aside and not faithfully do it. u can go on-line and find anything u want to know about mary kay cosmetics, and u contact ur independent beauty consultant becuz mary kay wanted consultants and their customers to hav a very friendly customer relationship with them, which cannot b done on-line or thru a catalog. mary kay wanted her company to b #1 in customer service, and they sure are!!!!

    1. I am looking for the ingredient list on Mary Kay products. In your comment, you mention that the ingredients can be found for every product. I can not find them. Can you give a specific link to the area where you found the ingredients? Thank you.

  2. Im 19 years old and i had a child last year. i used timewise on my stretchmarks and oh my goodness i tried everything even mederma which by the way is expensive. this cream worked wonders on my skin i love it so much i am so glad i tried it. my mother used to sell mary kay and i know from her telling me mary kay has never let her down. so girls if you have any skin issues or want good quality makeup….marykay is the only way =)

    1. There are no ingredient listings on the Mary Kay site. The person that said there are, is obviously a Mary Kay distributor. I find it quite disturbing that you cannot get access to ingredients. I would not use anything unless I know exactly what is it. This is just another area the FDA needs to come down on. Anything you put on your skin goes into your body and can cause all manor of problems. Ingredients are essential to know MARY KAY!! What are you hiding? The fact that your products are no good!!

  3. I love Mary Kay Timewise skin care. I use the 3 in 1 cleanser, age fighting moist moisture for day and for night and the night solution. My skin is prone to dry patches and slightly rough spots that keep my makeup from lookinf smooth. MK Timewise makes my skin as smooth as velvet without acids all the hydra-acids dry my skin and make it sore. MK always makes my skin feel and look better without harsh acid

  4. I have used Mary Kay Time Wise Line for over 4 years. I admitted that I have switched to other products acouple of times, thinking their ingredients or reviews were better, but everytime I ended up with problems, acne, dryness,uneven-tone,etc. I finally learned my lesson and stick with my Mary Kay Twice A Day! Now they have the new C-Serum it is awesome. Also all the ingredients are listed on the MK website they do not test on animals and support several worthly causes that benefit women. Samples of all their products and make-up are available from a friendly consultant and their web-site is user-friendly, you can even up-load your photo and try different looks before you buy. All products are returnable with a money back guarntee. And No I am not a consultant just a pleased customer.

    1. Why are you people lying and saying ingredients are on the website. I have searched every inch of the website. . .they do not list the ingredients~! PLEASE. . .stop lying and saying they do.

      1. Lin-There is a website for MK consultants called Mary Kay In Touch, and information such as ingredient myths as well as a list of ingredients used in Mary Kay products can be found there. This website can’t be accessed by customers, but all one needs to do is ask a consultant for this information. And Mary Kay does some pretty extensive testing on their products to make sure they’ll work, so I don’t think they’d put a bunch of toxic junk in cosmetics if they didn’t think they were safe. So perhaps before you call people liars, consider the fact that they may have been misinformed. Also, someone stated above that the ingredients used to be listed, but had to be taken off because other companies were stealing content from the website.

        1. I will agree with you I have been a consultant for a little over 2 months and the Mary Kay in touch website gives the ingredients for consultants to give to their customers upon asking all of our products are 100 percent guaranteed or your money back.

  5. I have a new timewise day solution in original packaging that does NOT say normal to dry or dry to oily skin. What is it?

  6. I, too, love the MK Timewise line. I started using MK when I was 17 (I’m now 44) and stopped about 10 years ago to check out other products. I went back to MK last year and don’t plan on straying again. I love the stuff so much, I ended up becoming a consultant with no (initial) intentions to ‘sell’ since I already work fulltime, have a family, and go to school 2 nites/wk. I just wanted the great discount for myself/my family. However, I ended up with enough word-of-mouth customers (friends, neighbors, coworkers, their friends, etc) that I now earn about $200/mon extra – for literally doing nothing more than filling their orders. 🙂 After being ‘on the inside’ for a year, I can see there truly are no gimmicks/strings attached, as well as the income potential. Because of this, I plan on gearing up my sales when I retire to help supplement my retirement income .. all the while looking younger because of their products! 🙂

  7. I have used Mary Kay products for several years. They have a FANTASTIC money back guarantee. It’s interesting that it’s not on the website. It’s 100% money back guarantee at any time, for any reason. One of the best guarantees on the market.

    1. I have used Mary Kay products for 51 years. I started when I was 18 years of age. I have tried some of the newer products from other companies and had to throw them out. One in particular was purchased from one of the top sales shows on TV and made by a Doctor, the product was overrated and I thought It would be better than Mary Kay. Guess what it wasn’t. Mary Kay is still the best product on the market. It helps persons of all age groups. One of the products that is excellent is the extra emollient night cream, it has bees wax in it, it is good for almost any skin problem. For instance, my brother worked in a steel mill as a fireman, he constantly bad jock itch, he complained to my mother who was a person who believed in home remedies and vitamins before anything else. She gave my brother a jar of the night cream and told him to use it where he needed it, well his jock itch healed overnight, he became a believer in Mary Kay products. The night cream is good for diaper rash, jock itch, dry skin, cradle cap, sweat itch under the breast, for my granddaughter she likes it for blemishes. I just wish the Mary Kay company would put the night cream back into the jar instead of the tube, not everything is useful in a tube. So if you ‘jummy’ have been displeased, I would say that you did not follow the instructions that was given to you by your Mary Kay representative. Try it again I think you will change your mind. I use it everyday, even if I am not going anywhere
      and will use it till I die. Why, because I am always being complimented on how nice my skin looks, even from people I don’t know, they also tell me I don’t look like I am going to be 69 years old this year. For the price it is cheaper in the long run compared to other facial products on the market, almost all of the products that you use everyday will last 6 months to a year and a little bit more if used correctly. A little bit goes a long way. I do not sell Mary Kay products, I am not a sales person, I can’t even sell at a yard sale. I believe in Mary Kay products.

  8. I do not usually respond to unsubstantiated reviews (never have!); however, today requires a change. In my opinion, as odd as this sounds, it sounds like this reviewer has never experienced a Mary Kay “party”. Our standard operating procedure – is try before you buy & 100% money back guarantee no questions asked, plus most get a gift with purchase! My proofs – I have been using the products for 10 years, Mary Kay’s books, the company is family owned with profits of several billion (even today), sales were up in our down economy. Best proof of all, most users are women, not to mention a close friend of the buyer or seller. Need I say more? In all seriousness, and to be fair to this forum, I would have preferred that the reviewer either (1) had called Mary Kay Corp directly; or (2) solicited their circle of contacts to find a group of MK consultants who would have enjoyed sharing. Of course, if I am mistakenly ‘assuming’ that the reviewer did try in earnest to find a local Mary Kay consultant, I apologize here publically for assuming. In addition, I would like to offer the reviewer a complimentary facial and a 40% discount on all the products of his/her choice, with a free gift ☺ All the best.

  9. I love these products! I’m not sure if anyone has mentioned but these products mentioned above carry the Good House Keeping Seal and are FDA approved……. Amazing cleansing products my whole family uses – I was that person in the beginning thinking everyone was full of it until I began using now my whole family uses and loves how their skin feels and looks. I was the skeptic that now sells the products love them;)!

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