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Mary Kay Time Wise is a collection of about 20 products produced by Mary Kay to fight the appearance of aging. These products are listed on the Mary Kay website under their anti-aging category. Mary Kay is a well known name in the beauty product industry. Mary Kay was the founded by Mary Kay Ash and opened the doors to the first store in 1963, since then it has grown and incorporated independent sales consultants to sell the Mary Kay line of products.

While Mary Kay does have a dedicated website, they do not list any of their ingredients for their products. When purchasing Mary Kay products online you must first choose a consultant and it specifically says that the prices listed on the Mary Kay website are only suggested retail. The actual product may cost more through the independent Mary Kay consultant.

Product Features

There are about 20 different products in the Mary Kay time Wise line. These products include Time Wise® Targeted-Action® Eye Revitalizer, Time Wise® Targeted-Action® Line Reducer, Time Wise® Cellu-Shape® Contouring System, Time Wise® Cellu-Shape® Daytime Body Moisturizer, Time Wise® Cellu-Shape® Nighttime Body Gel, Time Wise® Even Complexion Essence, Time Wise® Microdermabrasion Set, Time Wise® 3-In-1 Cleanser (normal to dry),Time Wise® 3-In-1 Cleanser (combination to oily), Time Wise® 3-In-1 Cleansing Bar (with soap dish), Time Wise® Age-Fighting Moisturizer (normal to dry),Time Wise® Age-Fighting Moisturizer (combination to oily), Time Wise® Age-Fighting Moisturizer Sunscreen SPF 15, Time Wise® Age-Fighting Eye Cream, Time Wise® Firming Eye Cream, Time Wise® Age-Fighting Lip Primer, Time Wise® Visibly Fit™ Body Lotion and Time Wise® Day Solution Sunscreen SPF 25,TimeWise® Night Solution . Mary Kay has a large number of anti-aging and products that are suppose to reduce wrinkles. The large number of products can make the Mary Kay Time Wise anti-aging and wrinkle treatment rather expensive. The cheapest product has a suggested retail price of $25, but most of the products promising to reduce wrinkles cost around $40 each.

Mary Kay Time Wise does not support its products claims with any type of evidence available to online consumers. The information on the products also does not include ingredient information, so a consumer can compare it to other well know wrinkle treatments like Argatensyl or Matrixyl 3000.

The Good

  • Mary Kay is a well known beauty product line.
  • There is a dedicated website for Mary Kay products, which include the Time Wise line.

The Bad

  • The dedicated website does not disclose the ingredients in the Mary Kay Time Wise products.
  • The prices listed on the website are only suggested retail prices.
  • You must go through an Independent Consultant even online to make a Mary Kay Time Wise purchase.
  • Mary Kay does not seem to offer a money back guarantee or a free trial of their Time Wise products.
  • More than one product may need to be used to produce the desired affects . This can become very expensive with each product costing around $40.

The Bottom Line

Mary Kay is a well known cosmetic company that many women have trusted. The problem is that they do not offer proof of their Time Wise products being able to really reduce wrinkles or reverse the effects of aging. Mary Kay’s Time Wise ingredients are not listed online through their dedicated website or any other third party website. It is not clear what ingredients they are using n these products to produce their claims. This could also prove to be a problem, as it could result in an allergic reaction for those using their products.

Argatensyl or Matrixyl 3000 are two products that have proven results to reverse the signs of aging and reduce wrinkles. Mary Kay does not claim to use these products in their Time Wise line.

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23 Comments/Questions/Answers to Mary Kay Time Wise

  • 1


    The Timewise cleanser, day solution, night solution and moisturizer is awesome. By the way, they do off a 100% guarantee on their products. If you don’t like it for any reason, just return it to the consultant and you can get a refund or a product replacement.

  • 2


    I have used the TW products for over 6 months now. There is an incredible difference in the coloration, tone and texture of my skin. They offer 100% guarantee on all products. All you have to do is ask the consultant for ingredients. Having a consultant on-line is a plus so they can offer you special deals they may have as an independent. Nothing has ever cost me over the retail price in fact there are usually discounts.

  • 3


    We bought the timewise body and were led to believe we could use it on our faces.
    We have dry skin.
    Why not use it on our face?


    Jim and Dana

  • 4


    why not use timewise body on
    our face?

  • 5

    MK Customer

    Mary Kay products are great quality products, and completely safe for everyone unless, you have conditions such as Rosacea. People with Rosacea, should not use any type of exfoliation, such microdermabrashen or, harsh astringents or, they will welt-up for short time. I started using MK’s Time Wise products, after many years of using other over the counter skin care lines. Other OTC lines were always very expensive for what they claimed to do. Once opened, they could not be returned, even after not seeing results. I never saw such immediate results as quickly with the Time Wise products. Although, their skin care line is built to work together, so does every skin care line… not just Mary Kay’s. Your purchases are based according to your needs by age, which is a factor in every line. Mary Kay Consultants are there to help you, unlike some of the over the counter clerks that are only trained to sell because they need to meet a quota. Mary Kay, has a try before you buy policy. That is why, they do parties so, that women can learn. There is no other skin care line that does what they do. When used correctly, you can do even better financially. You need to work with a consultant, that will listen to your needs. You don’t have to purchase every skin care Time Wise item to see results. Mary Kay knew what she was doing when she created this company and that is why, this company does so well.

  • 6


    I haven’t been able to determine whether the Mary Kay Time Wise products contain Retinol. I have asked my Mary Kay consultant and she doesn’t return my emails …

  • 7


    No it does not contain Retinol.

  • 8


    Do you sell MK? Sounds like you do …

  • 9


    Wonderful site. Minor corrections(s), as an independent Mary Kay consultant, there are TimeWise products for less that the $25 you stated. For instance, the TimeWise Cleanser is $18. In addition to the 100% guarantee we offer, we now have the Good Housekeeping Seal so they even guarantee our TimeWise. All of the ingredients are listed on our packaging and consultants have it available to us online.

  • 10

    Mk Consultant

    Actually some of the TimeWise products do contain retinol. If you contact your beauty consultant, she can help you determine if the ones that you are using have it. Retinol is a derivative of Vitamin A so sometimes you may be misreading the ingredients.

  • 11

    Mk Consultant

    The reason why it says suggested retail is because your consultant has the option to sell it to you for less. If you are being charged more than suggested retail, please call 1-800-MaryKay and report it to customer service.

  • 12


    MOST of Mary Kay’s Time Wise products are under $40.00. The “suggested retail price” IS the price you pay, unless your consultant chooses to add a discount. Often you get a gift with purchase that allows you to try new products, and counsultants also give out samples for customers to try. I started using MK in my 20’s, when I still had acne. My skin cleared up. Now at 56, I get compliments all the time on how smooth and even my skin looks. I don’t even use foundation!

  • 13


    I just bought the time wise miricle set and I used it like it said to and My face is red, hot to touch, swollen under my eyes, and really puffy, I have never had a reaction to anything like this before, I have called rep i bought this from and she is new to the product and checking on what i need to do. my question is what do I need to do to get my face back to normal, Do i go the drs? thanks

  • 14


    Mary Kay Timewise has the GoodHousekeeping Seal of Approval, which means the claims are indeed shown to be true

  • 15


    I am skeptical about buying a product that doesn’t list its ingredients nor can you find out online–I was an Account Executive for Lancome Cosmetics and new exactly what ingredients were in the prducts–If we do not know what ingredients are in Mary Kay products then how do we know if we will break out or be allergic to?

  • 16


    Mary Kay products do work and you are able to get the ingredients from a MK consultant, they are able to get it from their website and print out the ingredients for you. If a consultant does not have an answer to your question, they will access a designated line for consultants to get the answer for you. As for 100% money back quarantee, MK has offered that since the beginning. Just return it to your consultant and she will be happy to refund your money. As for proof, MK will supply that for you! The cost is minimal compared to the other anti aging products on the market. After all, you are worth it! I have been using MK products for over 6 years, I am 51 yrs old and I have been told many times that I look like I am in my 30’s! I wish I discoverd MK when I was in my teens!

  • 17


    The ingredients are on the box. I have used MK for a few years. I constantly get compliments on my skin and get taken for 10 yrs younger than I am. The Night and Restore and Serum C are great products I would never give up

  • 18


    I’m a Beauty constultant with Mary Kay and I just wanted to note something that was said in the article. The Website does say suggested retail price but just like in the store that pretty much is the highest price anyone would charge. That is there becase consultants have the right to give discounts. The only reason it would be more is if the consultant charges shipping. It is up to the consultant whether she charges shipping or decides to eat that cost. Most eat the cost. You can also return product to any consultant for an exchange. Only the orriginal consultant would probably be willing to refund your money but another consultant would be willing to exchange a product you don’t like for one you do. There are over 200 products in the Mary Kay product line you can always find something you love!!!

  • 19

    Denise RN

    I’m not sure who told you that the products weren’t returnable. Mary Kay products are satisfaction guaranteed. You can receive a refund or a new product if you’re unhappy with it for any reason. Yes, I am a consultant and stand by Mary Kays pledge.

  • 20


    It is my understanding that the independent MK consultant is the one who returns your money, not the company, when you are unhappy with a product. As a result, the consultant just spent all that time and effort to sell you products that he/she makes no money on due to your return. For this reason, some consultants have adopted a “no return” policy. The company will only replace the product you return with another product that is the exact dollar amount of the item you are unhappy with. If it’s not the exact amount, the consultant eats the cost of the return. That just doesn’t seem fair to the consultant to have to lose income because the Mary Kay company, itself, doesn’t back it’s product, so, once again, it’s why some consultants refuse refunds or replacements.

  • 21


    Hi Jen, There is no such thing as a “no return” policy wih Mary Kay; in fact, all products are 100% guaranteed to your satisfaction or your money back. The consultant does get reimbursed by Mary Kay for any returns and is not out anything by taking care of her customers and ensuring that they are 100% happy with their products. I’m sorry you were given some bad information.

  • 22


    The skin on your face is different than the skin on the rest of your body. It is much more delicate. Therefore, you should always use products on you face which are specifically formulated for it, no matter what brand you choose.

  • 23


    Why doesn’t Mary Kay list ingredients of their products?

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