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Mary Cohr cosmetics are based out of France. The cosmetics line is named after Madame Mary Cohr, a therapist of beauty. Ms. Cohr ran a beauty school in Bordeaux, France until 1972 when she joined forces with another beauty expert and created the Mary Cohr cosmetics company.

The Mary Cohr product line includes skin care products and salon based products. There are no known Mary Cohr salons in the United States at the time of this review.

Product Features

There are four types of treatments available through Mary Cohr. These treatments include aromatherapy, facial and eye treatments, body treatments and men’s beauty treatments. The total number of Mary Cohr products is huge which leads us to believe that none of the products are created with the perfect ingredients to reduce the signs of aging. If there were a specific ingredient or list of ingredients that Mary Cohr has found that worked, there would be far fewer products available.

There is no shortage of skin care products aimed at stopping the aging process and reversing the look of aging. The Mary Cohr products simply do not boast of success with a strong online presence. Furthermore, the lack of an established United States base may lead consumers away from the Mary Cohr products because contact with the company will be limited.

There is an official website for the Mary Cohr products but the website is written in French. On the website there is contact information via phone, address and a contact us form. There are no prices listed on the Mary Cohr website. The only information about the products is offered in a description of how the product works to reduce the signs of aging. In addition to the lack of information, the products cannot be purchased on the website at this time.

The Good

  • There is a huge list of available products.
  • There is an official Mary Cohr website.

The Bad

  • The huge list of products could mean Mary Cohr has not found a formula that works.
  • The website is written in French.
  • There are no full ingredient lists for the Mary Cohr products.
  • There are no prices listed on the website.

The Bottom Line

While French skin care tends to be revered as the best of the best, the Mary Cohr products leave much to be desired. Even for the consumer who speaks or reads fluent French, there is no real information on the website. The products are listed with a brief description of the way they are supposed to work but there are no prices or ingredients listed for the ant aging products. We would not support the use of Mary Cohr products at this time.

14 thoughts on “Mary Cohr Review”

  1. Hello everyone,
    I just bought this moistuirising serum for pore minimizing: Mary Cohr Intensive Moisturising Acti-Serum (50ml), how should I use it? Like a daily routine or only just a month? Any answer would be helpful..Thank you

    1. Hi Miha!
      I`ve used Intensive moisurising acti-serum before. I used it morning/evening- every day for about a month, like i cure.

  2. I am in Tucson Arizona and we sell all Mary Cohr products and we have the Techni-spa bosy teatments and Catio facial treatments as well. Embellir Med Spa – please feel free to contact!

    1. I loved the rejuvenating repair creme instantanee, can I get it through you? (Im in the USA) let me know asap please, thanks!

    2. Hi i want to purchase some mary chor products for my sis in usa, please kindly send me an email with price list thanks

  3. I, I purchased some of your product in a skin show, I love it and I would like to buy some more for my salon, can you please contact me as soon as possible? thank you.

  4. Hi my therapist has told me to use mary cohr products for my dehydraded skin. Can you please help me as i want more information on this products and also my skin is oily combination.

  5. “The huge list of products could mean Mary Cohr has not found a formula that works.”

    Having many varieties doesn’t mean their formula doesn’t work. It means they specialise in the specific needs for each skin type. Different skin types should not be using all the same products. I don’t feel this website is very proffessional, because a real beauty expert would know the benifits of having wide varieties to accomodate diff types of skin.

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