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Mannatech Optimum Skin Care is a Japanese skincare line that relies on cleansing oils to promote skin wellness and health, claiming to restore dry and wrinkle-prone skin for a better appearance. Cleansing oils are supposedly the way to better skincare, and from cleansing creams to focused serums, this skincare line has numerous options for consumers. Their skin serums are a focal point also, featuring sweet almond seed extract and marine collagen, which they say allows the skin to remain soft, young, and protected from all skin irritants. It is implied that its formula can eliminate factors that contribute to aging skin issues. There are also video testimonials available through the Mannatech Optimum Skin Care website, along with a brochure stating scientific proof of how it works with user’s skin. Some evidence included is the effectiveness of Mannatech’s products, and evidently 100% of consumers noticed an improvement in the hydration of their skin tissue, according to official claims.

Purchasing these products is difficult, however, and consumers may have trouble purchasing this online. They also do not provide any information about what stores feature Mannatech Optimum Skin Care products. Combined with the lack of information about what is actually contained in its products (they only hint cleansing oils and almond extracts are used, along with collagen), this may deter some consumers. A price range could not be located. But let’s see if we can tell if Mannatech’s products have any proven anti-wrinkle benefits.

Product Details

The only two ingredients specifically stated in Mannatech’s formula are Marine Collagen and Almond Seed Extract, which are both popular but not necessarily effective ingredients. Almond Seed Extract is a potent source of helpful antioxidants but its actual skin-related benefits are not known. This extract is typically used in food products instead of creams; current studies on its effect on the skin are not available. Marine Collagen does provide synthetic collagen to skin cells, however, which may help the skin retain its structural form (essentially, become more taut and prevent skin sag), but these effects cannot be confirmed. The effects from both ingredients are too limited, and they may not provide enough benefits for those searching for a solid anti-wrinkle cream.

The Good

  • Marine Collagen may help prevent skin sagging and wrinkles.
  • They provide detailed information about how their product decrease the appearance of wrinkles.

The Bad

  • They have not released a complete ingredient list, raising numerous questions, including if Mannatech is hiding something important concerning their product.
  • It is difficult to locate retailers that actually sell their product.
  • It is not known how much it costs.

The Bottom Line

Ensuring the safety of consumers will make them more likely to consider a product, and neglecting to release important ingredient information is not the way to gain their trust. Mannatech tries to make up for this by providing a detailed brochure showing the results of using their product. This may be a more ideal product if they included more information about how their product works – or what else is used in their formula. This does not mean Mannatech is completely ineffective, necessairly. The manufacturer just does not provide enough information to ensure customers’ trust at this time.

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  1. I used this product for quite a long time and didn’t realise they were discontinuing it. I would have stocked up otherwise. I have tried everything on the market over the years and this range is undoubtedly the best I have ever used – by a mile. I used their later range but it wasn’t a pinch on the original. If anyone knows where I could still purchase the original range, I would love to know!! Regards Cheryl

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