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Makari is a line of moisturizers, anti-aging agents, and skin lighteners geared towards women and men of color. This brand relies heavily on plant and caviar extracts as a natural way to deal with skin issues. It is one of the few skincare lines featured in beauty stores, and it also has locations in Europe, making this skincare line accessible to everyone. They mostly offer skin lightening creams which supposedly even the tone of skin and lighten the complexion, but they also offer a couple of anti-aging skincare creams that claim to repair the skin with natural botanicals. For its price, it seems to be a good deal (most creams cost between $30.00 to $50.00), and combined with visible testimonials listed with each product, this is sure to be a top product among older consumers.

The only concern with Makari is how exactly it promotes skin lightening without the use of bleaches or other synthetic substances. They say botanical extracts are enough to cause this change, but some skeptics don’t think that this is necessarily the case.

Product Details

According to Makari, these products use ingredients such as algae, aloe vera, caviar, citric acid, lemon, malic acid, mulberry, salicylic acid, and seaweed in a majority of their products. Most of these ingredients contain skin-nourishing vitamins and minerals, including caviar, a potent source of vitamins and protein. Some studies note that egg protein does help increase the firmness of skin. There are even more positive benefits concerning mulberry extract. One study showed this potent extract increased the skin’s ability to heal and promote healthy skin cell production, a major plus for consumers. Seaweed has an equal amount of benefits as well, including strong antioxidant properties. None of these ingredient help lighten the skin, as Makari states. These ingredients may help promote skin elasticity with its antioxidant properties, but there are simply no skin lightening benefits available here.

The Good

  • Made specifically for people of color.
  • Most ingredients contain vitamins and minerals that aid in skin health.

The Bad

  • Does not appear to contain any ingredient that help lighten the skin.
  • Some testimonials state Makari severely dried out user’s skin and caused it to flake.
  • It is not explained why these ingredients benefit one race over another.

The Bottom Line

Makari’s approach is truly unique, but its ingredients do not differ from most products available today, bringing into question why this will benefit certain races over others. These ingredients may offer some skin-related benefits, however, so it is not necessarily a bad product line – just a product line that fails to explain why its products benefit one skin type over others. Some ingredients also cause adverse reactions, and this is something Makari should fix if they truly want to cater to their chosen group.

6 thoughts on “Makari Review”

  1. hi
    i am black and tryig to get a lightening product ,but heard makari breaksyou out well i tried it for 2 months and it did break me out
    but i wouldnt mind but again i heard it makes u darker 2 shades than before using it .i dont know about this since i went straight n to another lightening product
    .will it make me darker if i stop using it?
    how can i avoid break outs
    thank you

    1. Using Makari day cream for the first month, my color went three shades darker. after two month its ok iam getting ligther cholate brown.

  2. makari can not make you darker as it contain all natural ingredients, if you stop using it it will make you go darker but only yo your orgional color, black skin has more melanin therefore your skin will force its self to get back to your orginal color, you will have to use makari for a very long period of time if you want to preserve the effects, and a very high spf sunblock and avoiding the sun may help mantain the effects for longer, no cream that costs £30/40 pound can make you light forever, so before you purchase Makari think about weather or not you can purchase again after your run out?

  3. HI ..i have these severe facial rash due to makari cream use.. ive tried all remedies but nothing has worked. Its more of rash than acne.. please help! Thank you!

  4. When you start using Makari your skin looks great after a while u break out badly and become 2 shades darker. The whitening lotion is a no no…l think it contains patabens which are harmful to skin despite it not having hydroquinone. You try it at your own risk

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