Madame Korner Review


Madame Korner first made headlines in Sydney for founding Australia’s first professional beauty school, but even today she makes headlines for a different reason – for her exclusive anti-aging skincare line. Each product contains botanicals and natural extracts, which is no different than most skincare brands, but she also offers products that target certain types of skin, ranging from oily to sensitive. Each product is said to contain essential oils to nourish the skin, and collagen is also included in some products, which Madame Korner claims will increases the elasticity in the skin, reducing skin sag and the formation of wrinkles.

Unfortunately Madame Korner’s products are only available in Australia, and the only availability in the U.S. is through the brand’s online store. Compared to other products it is not too expensive, but don’t expect this to be cheap (most products range between $40-$108). There really is not much else differentiating the Madame Korner brand from other popular brands, and some wonder how effective this is — or if it’s worth shelling out more money for her products.

Product Details

According to the Madame Korner website, their moisturizers (including their intensive eye cream formula) contains ingredients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Wheatgerm Oil, Collagen, and Soya Lecithin. It’s no secret that these antioxidant-rich vitamins provide numerous benefits to the skin, and supplying your body with these vitamins helps improve the health of your skin – and your body. The only vitamin that has legitimate power in topical form is Vitamin E however, and this vitamin alone helps improve the skin’s ability to ward off free radicals and promote skin cell growth.

Wheatgerm Oil also contains antioxidants, but by itself does not provide noticeable benefits for the skin. Collagen is another important component and it helps improve the structural component of skin cells. Some studies state collagen helped reduce the onset of wrinkles after 3 weeks of use. A warning about Soya Lecithin, however: some people may be allergic to it.

The Good

  • Contains vitamins A, D, and E, which may improve skin health.
  • Collagen has numerous benefits, as demonstrated by studies conducted on it.

The Bad

  • Only available in Australia, and only ships to the U.S. through their online store.
  • Some people are highly allergic to the Soya Lecithin compound.
  • There are plenty of other products available that contain these same ingredients with a cheaper price tag.

The Bottom Line

Madame Korner may have started the skincare revolution, but today numerous products beat her in both price and quality. Vitamins and Collagen may lend helping hands in the fight against wrinkles, but other products do as well. Madame Korner is highly respected nonetheless, and might be an ideal choice for those seeking natural, holistic skincare products for general skin health.

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