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Although they are better known for their cosmetics, MAC also features a skincare line with vitamin-rich creams and serums that claim to brighten the face for a more youthful look. Geared towards all women of all ages, this skincare line only features a few products, but each is geared to deal with a certain skin ailment, such as lessening oily skin or reducing the appearance of age spots. None of these products specifically focus on lessening wrinkles in the face, but they do target other issues, such as uneven skin tone and sagging in the skin.

Because of its popularity, MAC Skincare is nearly available anywhere — just check with your local high end retailer, such as Macy’s. Their prices are reasonable as well, and their most expensive cream costs $36.00. Most creams usually fall under the $30.00 range. This appears to be geared towards a younger audience, as evidenced by how they have marketed this product. They do indicate that some creams are infused with vitamins and caffeine, typical components of any anti-wrinkle cream.

Product Details

Although they do not list what is contained in each product, MAC’s skincare line contains traces of ingredients such as wheat germ, coconut, spring water, green tea, and caffeine. Wheat germ itself does not contain any skin-related benefits, but it is also infused with an important vitamin, Vitamin E. This super-antioxidant also quickens skin cell rejuvenation, and some studies state that it does increase the health of skin cells. Green Tea also has important antioxidants that fight free radicals in skin cells (the particles that cause cell degeneration). Although caffeine does not contain any antioxidants, it is a popular ingredient because of its ability to restrict blood vessels under the skin. This is shown to eliminate redness and puffiness in the skin, which is particularly useful in eye creams. Caffeine does aggravate dry skin, so if you suffer from this ailment, you might want to skip MAC’s products.

The Good

  • Contains ingredients with powerful antioxidants.
  • The wide availability of their products is a huge advantage.

The Bad

  • They do not actually state their creams reduce wrinkles – they only offer general skincare products.
  • Caffeine exasperates dry skin.
  • Products are aimed at a younger audience and do not offer any specialized creams for older audiences.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to skincare, it’s best to stick with companies that specialize in it, unlike MAC Skincare. This cosmetic company only offers a few products aimed for general skin improvement, with no plans to offer specialized creams in the near future. If this is not a concern, however, MAC Skincare’s powerful antioxidants and caffeine extracts might help improve the look of skin – albeit not in the way most would expect from anti-wrinkle products.

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