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M Asam is a beauty company that’s been around since 1963. The two people who created the line are Mirjam and Marcus Asam. All products are designed to help with the symptoms of aging and skin hydration. There is no means of ordering from the official website. It appears it is only available on home shopping shows.

What is M Asam?

M Asam is a popular beauty line that includes Vino Gold, Vinolift, Aqua Intense and Resveratrol. You can find out a small amount about each product, but a label with details is not available. Some of the ingredients commonly used include, vitamin E, sugar crystals, vitamin F, aloe vera, jojoba oil and green tea.

Quick Facts on M Asam

  • You can’t purchase from the official website.
  • You are not given a complete ingredient list for any products.
  • You have to order from a home shopping show.
  • Prices range from $14.95 to $69.95 for a single product.
  • No clinical research is mentioned.
  • Some users report strong scent and no effects.

What’s Our Skincare Editor’s Take on M Asam?

“We like the simplicity of the product line,” said our Skincare Editor. “However, we know nothing substantial about M Asam, no ingredients, no potential irritants, no testimonials – nothing.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

One of the issues we found with M Asam products was scent. For some it was a little over the top.

  • “I opened the jar and it the smell was so strong of old rancid perfume. I put a small amount on my arm and had to take a long hot shower.”
  • “Although the product may be good for the neck, I could not stand the strong perfume smell that lingers on.”

The scent was a selling point for some.

  • “It goes into your skin fast and smells nice.”
  • “I really like the scent of this neck cream.”

Another issue we came across was a lack of moisturizing effect.

  • “It does make your skin feel smooth, but the smoothness doesn’t last very long. I have very dry skin and this just didn’t work as well as others I have tried.”
  • “While this cream did smell nice, it just isn’t rich enough for extremely dry skin. One application left my face feeling as if I hadn’t moisturized at all.”

Some actually felt the creams were moisturizing and effective.

  • “I use this body cream with my other body creams and it really locks in the moisture all day. My skin feels like a baby’s bottom.”
  • ” I love this moisturizing cream. It goes on smooth and I see a big difference in my skin.”

Are We Ready to Pick Up Some M Asam Products?

The M Asam line is well-made and marketed. The official website is beautiful and it’s easy to order once you find the home shopping network that sells it. However, we do have some reservations because fragrance can be irritating and there’s clearly some in the mix. And, it doesn’t help that some moisturizers don’t have any effect for a select group of people with extremely dry skin.

What Do We Like Better Than M Asam?

In all of 2016, among hundreds of products, the one that stands out is BioGeniste. It is formulated with gentle, clinically tested ingredients and reviews from customers are amazing.

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41 thoughts on “M Asam Review”

  1. I use Vinolift for mature skin the past 2 years. Fantastic!! I sound like a commercial but my friends ask me if I had something DONE.
    I also use Perfect Teint. I apply it after my makeup. This is a temporary solution for the appearance of flawless skin.
    Incredible results! Highly recommendable if you want to look 10 years younger in just a few minutes Read the directions as how to apply it to your skin.

  2. I am a 60 yrs old female with many health problems, one of which requires me to take Prednisone often to keep me alive, but it is destroying my skin. I recently bought the tinted day cream to see how it felt on my skin and it felt fantastic. What would you recommend in skin care to make my skin look and feel better. I always looked 10 yrs younger but since I got terminally ill I have aged a lot. Please help me so I can feel better about myself. In the past all I had to use was Olay it doesn’t work anymore. I’ve tried many others to no avail. This may sound strange but when I heard you were from Germany I thought, maybe if I go back to my roots and order this made in German it may help. My Grandparents are from Austria and came over here in 1900 in time for my dad to be born. God Bless!!! Thank you for your time in reading this. Linda Kargle

    1. the best thing to use is the vitiman c and also retinol cream when i went to the cosmetic dr this is what they told me and not to buy the high end stuff

  3. Hi there. Would it be possible for you to send me a small sample of Perfect Teint 11 ? I would be very interested in buying some but would like to try it first. Thankyou. J.Wilson


    1. I am using M Adam Reservatrol line. The serum goes on clean bare skin followed by face moisturizerend eye serum. I am impressed with the product. Make up over moisturizer. Great skin texture and tightening.

      1. I have been using the M Asam Resveratrol line, and I am very happy with the way my skin feels, supple and soft. I love the scent as well.
        First Cleans, apply serum allow to set, then apply the moisturizer. I’ve never had problems with rubbing off or balls.
        I’m very happy!

  5. At the age of 79 years, I am absolutely delighted with your product Vinolift Magic Finish,but seem to miss the supplies on TV.Could you please make much,much more ?

  6. I have been interested in this product for a while but would like to see the the teint applied to several people, of colour, who have skin pigmentation on their face. I would like to see comments from people of colour so that I can check out the product for myself.

  7. The product does not work on people of colour. My friend who is lighter allowed me to try hers but the perfect teint was not created with ebony skin in mind. I would advice that you try Sheercover mineral powder but if you’re really trying to stay natural, maybe consider Perricone solution which is what my teenage daughter uses, I use and my mother uses.

    1. Hi Sharika, thank you for your reply regarding this product not being suitable for people of colour.I have several books written by Dr Perricone, but find Perricone products to be very expensive. Thanks again. Allison

  8. Where is the experation date on M Asam products? I have seen it in some discount stores but am hesitant to buy it if it is over two years old.

    1. Yes they do BUT… the shopping channel (TSC) in Canada recently sold it in a double size with a special crystal jar. It was supposed to have just a hint of vanilla fragrance (according to the video that was mysteriously deleted). However, the reviews are coming in and people are saying it STINKS OF PERFUME and they changed the formula and color. Most (including me) sent it back.

  9. i cant seem to find the ultra gentle facial scrub(M.Asam) . can you tell me where i can locate this product. if possible send me some samples. I’ve been looking for this product for quit some time.

  10. Very impressed with Vinolift
    serum and tightening cream.
    At any point, does it have a
    permanent effect?? What does
    religious, continued use de?
    Had results immediately upon starting it a week ago.

  11. After applying perfect feint, if I apply make and cream to my face does this spoil the effect of perfect teint

  12. Tried the resveratrol premium with serum. Didn’t work for me. Reddens my skin; complexion plumps and then crepes. Overall, poor results. Hype. Really, my skin looked calmer, nicer and smoother with cheaper products put out by Aveeno.

    1. Yea I know what you mean didn’t work at all for me ,it left my face with a lot of pimples
      My face was itchy. Definitely wouldn’t recommend this to anybody don’t waste your money

  13. Have any of the ingredients or final products been tested on animals or undergone any form of vivisection worldwide? We cant shop with you until we know sorry.if not have you considered buav or peta certification?

  14. i purchased the foundation and the perfect teint. I find it rolls off the skin in balls. What am i doing wrong? I do the make up first as directed.

    1. Do not use Perfect Tinte with the foundation – use the foundation itself. I love M. Asam’s foundation – makes my skin texture look fantastic.

  15. To mrs kargel .sorry you are sick go on YouTube. Put in incurables watch the free month of half hour shows they are curing major diseases!good for you.I also love this product.

  16. Purchased the vino lift serum. I cannot get it to dispense. Has anyone encountered this problem??? Is there a secret to it that I’m not aware of. Really frustrated. Have tried 4 bottles and nothing.

    1. Yes .. same thing happened to me. I received the order but did not use for about 3-4 weeks since I was already working on a container. When I do get to it, same thing happened as you mentioned. I called them and they said they would ship me another one. (I did not have to return the first one) …. So when I get the 2nd one, the same thing. I call TSC again and this agent told me I needed to shake it and turn it upside down .. so I tried that and it did work (must do that every time you use it) … I have now given up and will not buy that product again as it is too much of a hassle .. and it did not always work, meaning I barely got any product out ……. and it is too bad because I really liked it.

  17. I used to buy quite a lot of M. Asam products, but they stopped making many of the products I loved. Now, when I am reading the ingredients of many of their products like the Vino Gold Moisturizer, I find that the main ingredients are GLYCERIN and SHEA BUTTER!!! Did they change the formulas to make more money? What happened to the hyaluronic acid, dmae, etc?? Have they change the ingredients of many of their products?

  18. Yeah this didn’t work at all fir
    But left my Facebook pimples and itchy. I definitely would recommend this product to anyone
    And my thing I have to say if you’re by Nathan TLC make sure you get it back in time they wouldn’t except my product

  19. I love the Vinolift line of M. Assam – from the refreshing shower gel to the face serum, everything is beautiful and very effective in giving me beautiful skin. I have had many compliments on my complexion and I do not use any foundation.
    M. Assam has truly created an impressive, reasonably priced range of products available in North American which I hope will continue for years to come!

  20. I have not use products yet, but am interested in trying them. However, I am a cancer patient who has undergone massive radiation to my face. As you can imagine, radiation has done significant damage to my skin, especially around my mouth, chin areas. Would this be something that I would find helpful? As money is an issue, I cannot risk spending without some kind of comments that this would be a product that would be helpful. I am desperate. Please, I am only 50 years old, and clearly cannot believe my appearance has changed so much in not even two years.

    1. I have not had the misfortune to have to deal with cancer and its treatments. I wish you well with your treatments.
      I am 75 years old and was very concerned with my skin on my face. I tried the resveratrol ampoules and cannot believe the difference they made. My skin looked almost radiant and last week 4 different friends asked me what I was using on my skin.
      I used it once a day for about 10 days – although they tell you to use it for 14 days. On ampoule has enough resveratrol to do your face, neck and decolletage – with some left over. You need to use it all in 24 hours so I generally put it on in the morning and use up the remainder before I go to bed. I too am concerned with finances and feel this was a good purchase – they had a BOGO offer on our shopping channel so I have enough to last for some time. The company suggests using it for 14 days and then using it when you feel your skin needs it.

      I apply moisturizer on top of it if I am going out but most days find that it is enough to just use the resveratro.

  21. How to apply M. Asam Vinolift Lipopearlis three in the silver package from HSN?
    Tee are no instruction as to which is first, second and last.

  22. M. Asam is a German company and here in Germany you can order from there website. I do it all the time and I lover there Serums.

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