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In 1984, a pharmaceutical specialist who lived in Texas began the pursuit for providing cosmetic products through LCP Skin Care. The LCP product line has been made from natural and modest formulations. It ranges from Essential Wear Daily Moisturizers; Vitamin C Infusions that come in 2%, 10%, and 20% concentrations; Papaya Enzymatic Wash; and Skin Correction Creams.

In specific, the so-called Vitamin C Infusion intends to be the leading brand among a variety of anti-aging solutions. Meanwhile, the Essential Wear Daily Moisturizer provides sun protection at SPF 45 and is said to revitalize the skin. The same is true with LCP Skin Care Correction Cream. The manufacturers claim that it will target the overall health of the skin by reducing wrinkles, appearance of scars, replenishing old skin cells, and giving the skin a healthy glow. Lastly, the Papaya Enzymatic Wash relies on the capacity of salicylic acid and papaya enzymes to exfoliate and relieve the pores of the skin.

For those who want to take their product exploration to the next level, the LCP Skin Care official website presents the corresponding prices for the products. The prices can go from $40 to $50. However, the free trials that are typically given to the consumer market are not offered. A product guarantee is not also provided when it is supposed to encourage customers to give their confidence in the product.

Product Details

There is some information given about the LCP ingredients through its website. But it may not be enough to paint a clear picture for someone who may opt to try the products. The risk for allergic reactions is increased because of the information withheld from the public. There is also no way of knowing whether LCP Skin Care product line could contain dangerous preservatives known as parabens that has been found to cause skin allergies.

Another concern caused by this lack of information pertains to the strength and perceived success of the product ingredients of the LCP to help achieve healthy skin. For instance, while it is known that the LCP Skin Care Vitamin C Infusion is made from the same vitamin, without other stabilizing ingredients, it may prove to be useless. Fortunately, the manufacturers of LCP products have related that they have fortified the same with stabilizers that it can prove to work its anti-oxidizing properties. Meanwhile, the assertion that Vitamin C alone can effectively reduce the appearance of wrinkles could prove to be an exaggeration. What have been proven by clinical studies to minimize wrinkles are those products that have certain concentrations of Argiriline, Matrixyl 3000 and collagen in it. Definitely, it is not clear whether the latter ingredients are incorporated in the product.

The Good

  • A number of LCP products are stated to have anti-oxidizing agents for the skin.
  • A clear announcement is made about acquiring the product through the company website.

The Bad

  • Ingredients to help reduce wrinkles may not be incorporated.
  • No indication of production satisfaction guarantee.
  • Incomplete information about ingredients.

The Bottom Line

LCP skin care products can be commended for their use of naturally occurring enzymes and vitamins to enhance the skin. But with so many other similar products on the market, those that have ingredients that have shown to be effective through a series of clinical studies could prove to be advantageous. A statement containing a money-back guarantee should have also been afforded by its manufacturers.

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  1. My mom used luziers in the 50’s. I used the products again in the 90’s. I am goi g to be ordering a few now. Great stuff for the money

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