Luminess Air Review

Are you curious about how Luminess Air works?

Luminess Air is a makeup system that may not fight the signs of aging, but it can help cover fine lines and wrinkles. Luminess Direct LLC is responsible for Luminess Air. There’s not much on the company, but the website was purchased in 2007 – quite a while in the business. You can buy everything online.

What is Luminess Air?

Luminess Air is an airbrush system that’s supposed to apply a thin film of makeup to the face. There’s foundation, blush, bronzer and even body options to choose from. The ingredient lists don’t show any parabens or sulfates.

Quick Facts on Luminess Air

  • There is a learning curve with the airbrush system.
  • We believe you must purchase makeup directly from Luminess Air.
  • The unit is only covered with a 30-day guarantee.
  • If you don’t keep the original packaging, you’re charged a $25 restock fee.
  • Customer service is only available Monday to Friday.

What’s the Skincare Editor’s Take?

“We were not surprised to find issues with quality,” said our Skincare Editor. “When you’re purchasing a unit like this, not every one will work perfectly. This is only an issue if it breaks after 30 days.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

The two most common issues with Luminess Air are quality and clogging. Some machines broke within weeks and others clogged up no matter how many times users cleaned the nozzle. Then again, others had no such problem.

When quality was an issue, users said:

  • “The machine is constantly breaking and the parts that break are not covered under warranty.”
  • “The “system” broke on the first attempt to use it.”

We also found buyers who did not experience such problems.

  • “I am happy with the quality and results of the all the products I have tried so far.”
  • “I have used a Luminess air system for three years now.”

We read some reports of clogging.

  • “It started clogging all the time even though I clean it really well after each use. The spring handle area doesn’t work.”
  • “I have had trouble with the machine clogging, I rinse it out very well when I am finished.”

There are ways to clean it that stops this problem.

  • “My machine does clog but it is absolutely vital you clean the gun properly.”
  • ” I spoke with Ana from Luminess Air to see why my system was not working well, she advises me to take my stylus apart and soak it in warm soapy water for 15-20 minutes.”

Are We Sold on Luminess Air?

Did we already place our order for this airbrush system? Well, we like the novel idea and there are some users who wouldn’t want to live without the unit, but we have reservations about recommending Luminess Air. Poor quality and clogging appears to be an issue for some. Others report the makeup looking thick, cakey and orange.

What Do We Like Better Than Luminess Air?

In 2016, our top pick for an anti-aging solution is BioGeniste. The product is supported by some amazing customer reviews and the ingredients have been clinically tested.

Click here to give BioGeniste a try today.

61 thoughts on “Luminess Air Review”

  1. I grant that not all products work for everyone, or suit their preferences, but I personally have had a wonderful time with my system. I don’t know if everyone is bothering to watch the DVD (I usually don’t either), but I did in this case. A lot of complaints I see seem to be direct results of not following instructions. The dry skin: me too, until I remembered that the make up is water-based, so my skin sucked all the water from the make up and left my skin dry. When I remembered to add a moisturizer first, that problem went away. I also forget to hold the stylus far enough away at times. that will cake it on, and leave a greasy area. You have to patiently hold it away from your skin and brush the layers on. I swear I never got so many positive comments on my make up until I started wearing it. Most of the reviews that I came across were old and about customer service, don’t be turned off by this great product because of those old reviews.

    1. Thank you Kris. I am just starting to read up on this product in order to sell it and your details have helped me tremendously. I talked for 2 hours today with some one involved in the marketing end of it and she has motivated me as well. I live in Southern Cal. Where do you live? Do you want to network? I got details of the business side today. Get in touch if you are interested. Also, I could use all of your experienced tips to help me in using this product! You are the right type person with the positive attitude toward this product for me to network with. Hope to hear from you soon!

  2. Hello All!!
    I just wanted express my opinion about luminess air! I love my Luminess air! I use to wear expensive liquid foundation and a dual finish powder, it did feel heavy and cakey but I thought that it was a better alternative then people staring at my acne. one day i was walking around the mall and saw a makeup artist using it on a girl that had similar skin to mine. Skeptical that something so airy could cover up any acne, I waited to experience it for myself. As i sat in the chair and felt the cool air hit my skin (wow what a nice feeling for irritated skin) a few minutes later she said that she was done, Done? I looked in the mirror and I couldn’t believe that it covered my acne better then my thick and cakey foundation. I believe that has been the best purchase that I have ever made! I highly recommend this to anyone that issues or is just plain sick of heavy coverage..

  3. I too used to use Heavy caked on make-up, but now with my Luminess Air. My face feels so much better and I don’t have pimple breaking out all the time like I used to. It’s wonderful. My only gripe about the product is how expensive the foundations are. They come in a TINY bottle and there watered down, so how come they’re soooo exspensive? All in all it’s a great little air brush but a very exspensive product.

  4. I have been reading the good & badreviews for Luminess Air for over a year and decided to post one of my own. I purchased the Luminess Tan a few months ago and at first was not impressed, but after practicing with it, I love it. I also purchased the Luminess Makeup Kit last week and have used it for 3 days now. If you read the instructions and practice, you will get great results and if you have dry skin, use the moisturizer first and it makes all the difference in the world. I love the product.

  5. I haven’t heard anything about makeup coming off on clothing or staining? Anyone have that answer or experience? Also, how long does it stay flawless without having to touch up or powder over? Any melting off while in direct hot sunlight or working out? Thanks

  6. Anyone feedback on having to touch up, melting after direct sunlight or working out? Anyone comment on coming off on to shirts, collars, staining? Thanks

  7. I just was cleaning the needle & the whole insides came apart I dont know how to put it back together could you please tell or show me how I have 6 pieces please respond soon I use it every weekend

      1. I called customer service & she emailed me a map on how to put it back together, although i havent done it yet! They werevery helpful

        1. My moms luminess air isn’t will turn on but nothing comes out of the nozzle and it won’t back bubble. I took it apart and cleaned it and now I’m thinking I haven’t put it together correctly. Can someone email me the map of how to put it back together. Their customer service is not open…thank you so much in advance

  8. I have left this comment on the Luminess Air facebook page and numerous websites and have sent it to the company email.

    I had read many negative reviews but had decided to give your company the benefit of the doubt and form my own opinion. I am extremely disappointed in the customer service that your company provides. I had ordered the pro system and paid extra money for rush shipping and insurance just so I could insure I would get my package in time for my event and I haven’t received any tracking or even any updated information. Your company wasted no time deducting the money from my account but you sure are dragging your feet with a response to my emails inquiring about this issue. I am so disappointed and I highly doubt I would recommend this to anyone simply because of the lack of customer service.

    I will continue to post this comment anywhere and everywhere that mentions Luminess Air until my problem is solved.

  9. Luminess was recommended to me dermatologist during my last visit. Ever since, I have to say that this is the best makeup out there. It does take a day to get use because it is a different way of doing makeup.

    I really like this because I for one use to hate wearing anything on my face. But with my skin issues, it was becoming necessary to use something for coverage.

  10. I know the real “insider” info us ladies need to know! THIS IS THE MOST HORRIBLE PRODUCT OUT THERE” Not just because the product is inferior to even drugstore makeup, but the conditions in their factory is deplorable!! The company is a marketing company, not a cosmetics brand. The owner told me “The message to women needs to be ANGLO-SAXON STUPID, OR WOMEN WONT GET IT” often stating the American publics IQ is about 50-80!!! So offensive to women and American. this product is not worth given this marketing company your money. Go get some Revlon! I or Dinair. I used both all the time on celebrities.

    Airbrush Maven

  11. I would just like to say that I just recently bought this product and did not have a negative thing to say about….The makeup works great!!! However,,,what no one on here is telling you is that you will use your machine about 5 times before your stylus stops working for no reason…I took excellent care of it,,,even washed it out between every layer of makeup and it just stopped working…The replacement stylus is 99.00 which is half the price of the whole kit…I am very sorry I wasted money on this product

    1. The same thing keeps happening to me, I thought it was clogging but it does stop working. Did you buy the replacement stylus? If so,is that one still working?

  12. (SORRY THIS IS SO LONG , BUT I FOUND A PRODUCT BETTER THAN LUMINESS AIR KEEP READING)Hey guys I’m 23yrs old turning 24 in April &i’ve never worn makeup so I want to start wearing it for a more mature flawless look. I saw the ad on tv for luminess air & thought “PERFECT” this will give me the look i want + I don’t have to worry about the difficulty of putting on makeup cause it will be easy! WRONG!!! I DECIDED NOT TO BUY the luminess air system simply because of the reviews! I’ve been on here for going on 3hrs reading reviews like these &if strangers are constantly saying the same negatives about the product your interested in BELIEVE THEM! No one’s gonna take time out of there day to write a comment &lie about it! (UNLESS THEY WORK FOR THE COMPANY OR THE COMPETTITOR’S COMPANY , BUT USUALLY YOU CAN TELL WHAT COMMENTS ARE BY THEM &NOT THE BUYER)SOO my point is after being dissapointed in all i’ve read tonight i thought there has to be a better system out there that has great reviews. &I found it! it’s called DINAIR &i found it on there actual website. OMG they have great reviews! There the originator’s of the airbrush makeup 50yrs in the making! If you live in the L.A. area (I DON’T TEAR)they actually have stores where you can have a professional airbrush makeup artist airbrush your makeup for you as well as you test it out for your self! They have 100’s more makeup colors than Luminess air! &you can use the system for not only your foundation, but for your eye liner, eye brows, eye shadow even your lips! There makeup last for 24hrs &doesn’t get on your clothes! oh yeah the system is soo strong you can even spray tan your whole body! They also have great how to use STEP BY STEP videos for anything you can think of like covering up stretch marks! It is a lil pricey, but for all that you get &all that you can do with it it’s totally looks worth it! They have 4differnt price points for 4differnt systems &or packages starting at $199, but if you have 2credit cards you can do a payment plan of two payments. I can’t freaking wait to get this for myself! They may not have celebrity reviews like Luminess air, but they have been in some mager magazines &they just seem soo much more legit! I’ll let you guys know how everything actually is once i buy it! Hope this helps! Happy airbrush makeup hunting!


  13. I have had my Luminess system for over a year now and i still love it. I have not had to replace any parts yet, still works like new. I put the makeup on in the morning and it last all day. I do find that the Matte Foundation works best, even in a some what oily atmosphere.

  14. My stylist keeps clogging, why is it doing this and what should I do? I try the back bubble thing and it doesn’t work.

  15. I purchased this cheaply made over priced product in October 2010. The company makes it challenging to return, even under warranty. Please steer clear and purchase from a different company than Luminess

  16. I can’t seem to access the Nue Science official website!? Also, Is there any current reviews for the Beurer Softlaser??

  17. I have had the luminess machine for about a year…I purchased the spray tan attachment also and lots of makeup. About $800.00 all in.
    I have had nothing but problems with it; it comes on but does not dispense makeup; this is with being attentive to cleaning it thoroughly and correctly after each use. I could not register the number on my machine because it could not identify when I called the number, and no help with customer service. This is the biggest waste of money and I advise anyone to steer clear of this.

  18. I purchased the luminess air
    6 months ago. After 3 months, the stylis would only spray air;not any liquid. Since it was under warrenty, they said I could BUY another stylis for $30.00. I did buy it. It’s been 3 months, and now this one won’t spray the liquid either. I had to call and pay for another one today! I would have NEVER bought this if I knew I would have to replace the same part every 3 mos. I always keep it clean and think the stylis is defective! Has anyone else had this problem?

  19. I bought the LuminessAir makeup system in 2006 and have used it on a regular basis. I’m not sure what the exact issues are with the folks who gave bad reviews, but my experience has been great. I just bought a new stylus as a ack up because I am still using my original stylus & didn’t want it to go out & not have a back up. I’m also using the original compressor. Guys just follow the instructions to the “T” and be patient. Airbrush over the traditional liquid and powder foundations is for healthier, not to mention the application looks better. I get constant positive comments on my makeup and I always recommend LuminessAir. For anyone who’s wondering- NO I don’t work for them- REALLY, I’m just someone who’s been satisfied with the product for years.

    1. Cynthia…I appreciate your candid review. I just purchased the system and have not received it yet, but after reading these reviews I am a bit nervous about this product. I have watched and re-watched the videos on their website, showing how to use it and take care of it, so hopefully I will have success.

      1. I just purchased the system and I am having a really good experience . I feel my skin is very luminescent and that the foundation fills in lines – I m very happy!

  20. Better watch you credit card statement when dealing with this company! You’ll be way over charged! What a rip off company!!!!

  21. I purchased my Luminess air on HSN.. I purchsed the smallest package for $129.00.Anything bigger it just a bunch of colors you won’t use It came in 5 days shipping was free. I looked around to where else I can buy the make up. Walgreens on line. Saks, Ulta on line. I trust these companies, they’ve been around for a while. No need to join any club and no pushy sales people. I really do like this product. I’m a 48 year old red head with sun damage. It blends my big freckes beautifully. Ive now had it for a month so far so good:)

  22. I bought the Lumeness air through HSN. I got the smallest package, it cost $129.00. It came with 2 foundations,blush,bronzer,and glow.
    I have found the make up on line at other stores., Ulta on line,Saks. is where I order more foundation.
    I really like this product. It made my pale sun damage 49yr old skin look dewy.(combined foundation with Glow) I’m glad I ordered it where I did I just got lucky on that. I was ready to join the club when my niece said thats to much watch HSN maybe their having a sale…and they were. Good luck ladies

  23. How do you keep the spray out
    of there eyes when your spraying it all around them.
    The makeup that is, And what if you get some in there eyes
    what then, thank l w

  24. i used this a abour 5 years and it was oily and didnt stay on like the colorstay or oyhers like it oily skin or combo skin.if you make the tan that stays on the make up should stay also

  25. I am so upset! My compressor does not even work and it’s the first day that I am trying to use it. I will let you guys know if they decide to replace my compressor no charge or whether they decide to hassle me about something that they did wrong from the get go! So upset!!!

  26. I wish I never bought this thing!! I should’ve gone with Dinair or Belletto Studios instead, but Hautelook was having a decent sale on the systems, $129 for the Heiress System w/ 2 foundations, a blush, bronzer and primer… so I decided to go for it and get it for my personal use and get a pro system for my freelancing– big mistake. I purchased it about 4 months ago, but due to a big move at the time, I haven’t been able to even take it out of the box until today! I watched the DVD, read the Getting Started Guide and even watched several videos on the system online before attempting to try it out. I plugged it on, turned on the compressor, checked the stylus and cup to make sure they were clean and free of debris, then I put 6 drops of foundation in the cup and began to gently pull the trigger back halfway while moving the stylus around my face in soft circular, sweeping motions… and I was like, “Wow, I can hardly see anything…” I kept trying to build the coverage up and finally realized that NOTHING WAS COMING OUT OF THE STYLUS! I could hear and feel air being pushed out, but no makeup ever came out of that damn thing. I even took it apart, cleaned the needle and the front nozzle, wiped the cup with a q-tip, thinking it was just dirty… even though it’s BRAND NEW OUT OF THE BOX… and that still made no difference. There are no troubleshooting or Help Topics on their website, just one video showing how to clean the needle, and there are no other ways of figuring out what the problem could be. The office is closed on weekends, so I’ll have to wait two days to figure put the problem. Also, I don’t think it’s covered by warranty because I bought it on Hautelook. Ahhh…. $129 thrown out….. Thanks Luminess!

  27. I did not have a good experience with this product! I have very sensitive skin and this product claimed to by ok for my skin type. This is a FALSE statement! I tried it once and it made my face burn so bad that it looks like I have a sunburn or got my face peeled. I would not recommend this product to anyone with sensitive skin! I am so disappointed!

  28. I used my Luminess Air make up system for the first time last night. At first it did not spray anything but air, after what looked like a trace of makeup clogged in the tip I proceeded to water clean it and then it worked through two applications…makeup and blush, but when I went to put my bronzer on the nozzle was stuck on open so whatever was put in the cup immediately strayed very fast. I am dissapointed that I paid so much for something that might have been used before me and that the nozzle is defective during my first usage. How can I get a replacement nozzle as I love the idea and the system. Do I have to send the whole system back or just the nozzle? I am still under warranty.

  29. I just got my luminess kit today and the stylus already stopped working. First, it sprayed out continuously without touching the trigger.I finally got that working so was testing it and put on a couple of applications of makeup (which is either ghostly white or orange) and then it stopped spraying the product entirely. Nothing comes out but air. I took it totally apart. Cleaned every single thing I could get to and no luck. When trying to run water through it will come out if I blow in the cup so I’m wondering if the compressor is weak??? Who knows. They are sending me another stylus and didn’t give me a hard time about that but I am already frustrated and wary. I’m hoping I don’t have all the problems people talked about previously with getting my money back.

    Darnit…..I really wanted this to work and was excited about it.

    1. Hi Renee… How did you get the trigger To work properly? Just got mine and doing the same as constantly blowing air out when I press the on button.

  30. I was given the system from my mom who didn’t have time for it. I LOVE IT. SHe was going to send it back and the company sent her a tanning kit for free to keep it she gave it all to me. I am 31 and LOVE it. I use it daily. I have acne and it covers so well. I am fair skinned and i have just started using the tanner and so far I can see it. I just think i sprayed to much in my arm pits. I watched a youtube video how to do it. I have no problem. WV

  31. I have redness on my cheeks I use the erase first but that does not seem to help any suggestions Can I use my own moisturizer does it make a difference using yours(which I did not have)

  32. I can’t get the make-up out of my favorite shirt and another white shirt where it got all over the front. Can someone help me? Cindy

    1. Use cheapo mens shaving cream. Don’t use gels. Just use the strong smelling 1.00 a can kind. It is excellent for removing makeup stains of all kinds , including luminess air. You can use an old toothbrush to scrub it in if you want and tepid to mdly warm rinse. Let the shaving cream sit on the makeup drain for a few minutes and rub 28th your finger or gently scrub it away. You nay need more than one application if it’s a bad drain, but rinse between each use. Hope this helps.

      1. Sorry. Rub WITH your finger or a small brush. Also STAIN should be in place of the word DRAIN. Lol. Just got a new phone. My apologies for the errors.

  33. Help my stylist all of a sudden will spray air but then it won’t spray any makeup or any water that I put in it why I’ve only used it for two days and now all of the sudden I am NOT going to keep paying for a product that s*** the bed help please anybody any advice?

  34. Thank you guys for the honest reviews. I was considering this unit but after reading about so many bad experiences, I think I’ll keep my money in my pocket!

    1. I have had the system for 3 years now and agree that the stylus can block up. After much experimentation , the following worked :- PUT HOT WATER IN THE MAKE UP BOWL AND HOLD TRIGGER UNTIL EMPTY, REPEAT.

      Try using really hot water to clean and fill up the bowl and repeat

      Luminess do know what works but for some reason won’t come clean and tell us. My suspicion centers on the internal rubber gasket /O ring which would require a workshop manual and / or a couple of sprayers to mess around with. But real cleaning once a week is essential

  35. I recently got this, and I pulled the needle out to clean it, but after I did that, the compressor stopped working. The compressor still turns on (the power button lights up) but it doesn’t blow air, poor even make the humming noise the compressor should make to signal it’s Working. I was wondering if anyone else had this problem or knew how to fix it. Luminess doesn’t really have any troubleshooting….

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