Luminess Air Review


Surely you’ve seen the infomercials by now. You know the ones with the celebrities, the Hollywood A-listers and the runway models? We all want that flawless look that only celebrities and the wealthy seem to enjoy. All of us have flaws on our skin, some more than others. Luminess Air was developed by some of the leading makeup artists who work in television, print and fashion to provide regular people with the airbrushed look that previously was only available to the elite. Luminess Air claims that virtually everyone can even out skin discolorations, hide redness, acne, dark patches and age spots, slim your features, make your face seem smaller or bigger and achieve more even coverage than ever before with their airbrush makeup system.

Product Details

Where airbrushing was previously only made available to a select group, Luminess Air now makes it available for anyone to purchase. The basic kit come with a stylus and an air compressor designed for at home use, your chosen shade of foundation and an instructional DVD. The foundation comes in your choice of eleven different shades ranging from fair to dark shades as well as blushes, eye shadows, bronzers and highlighters. The makers of Luminess Air claim to never test their products on animals and that their products are as natural, holistic and organic as possible which is a rather bold statement considering the fact that the full list of ingredients are not made public. Some online reviews say that the product is not so easy to use and has left them with orange looking blotchy results. The kits are relatively expensive with the basic system being $229 while the refill foundations are price at $26 to $34. Luminess Air does not address the problem of aging of the skin which is a big concern for many people.

The Good

  • Luminess Air has the endorsement of several celebrity makeup artists.
  • The product has been formulated for in home use.

The Bad

  • Luminess Air may be challenging to use for some individuals.
  • Many reviews say that the results were blotchy and orange looking.
  • The kits are expensive for the average consumer.
  • Luminess Air does address anti-aging.

The Bottom Line

Luminess Air is nothing more than a bandaid which is intended to cover over flaws however it does nothing to actually alter fine lines and wrinkles. Makeup only looks as good as the skin underneath and if there are lines and wrinkles, they will show through no matter what makeup you choose to buy. Luminess Air may be a good concept for some people. The average person does not apply makeup like a professional makeup artist does by highlighting and contouring our faces. Many reviews say that they were left with blotchy orange skin and the product is expensive to boot. Most importantly, Luminess Air doesn’t address the problem of aging skin which everyone is plagued with eventually. That said, this product may not be the best choice. Anti-aging products which are intended to help reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles would include the full list of ingredients on their websites and packaging. Armed with this knowledge, you too will be able to make a well informed buying decision and you won’t be disappointed.


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