Lumiere Review


Lumiere Mineral Cosmetics is a skincare company that seems to have been formed in 2005. Lumiere claims to create mineral based products that will amplify your skin’s positive features while helping to improve your skin’s flaws. Lumiere has tons of products available on their official website that cover categories such as foundations, oils, primers, eye color, cheek color, and many other cosmetics areas.

The official Lumiere website is easy to use, contains a shopping cart area, and extremely close up pictures of their products. You can easily buy all of your cosmetics needs from this company with just a few clicks. There is hardly any website clutter and there is also a “daily special” area and spot to sign up for the Lumiere newsletter.

Product Details

Lumiere recently updated their entire website and categorized all of their products into distinct color groups and also offers suggestions of products that would work well with each other. You can also find pictures of women with various skin tones on the website that are supposed to be used for reference and to help you decide which foundations and other products would look good on you.

A big thing you will notice about Lumiere products right away is the price. You won’t find any products that cost over $15 and that is for a large jar of the product instead of your usual small vial. This is very affordable considering some mineral based products can cost almost three times as much.

The Good

  • Lumiere products are all very cheap. You won’t spend more than $15 on any one product.
  • The official Lumiere website has an ingredients section that lists every ingredient for every product.
  • Mineral based cosmetics tend to cover up skin imperfections better than standard cosmetics.

The Bad

  • We can’t technically call any of the Lumiere products “anti-aging” products. They are simply cosmetics such as foundations and cover ups.
  • Lumiere products will not provide you with long lasting effects and must be applied often.
  • The Lumiere products don’t contain any beneficial anti-oxidants or vitamins like some mineral based cosmetics do.
  • You must have cookies enabled on your web browser to use the shopping cart on the official website.

The Bottom Line

Lumiere products seem to be a very cheap, mineral based line of cosmetics. You can find foundations, cheek colors, eye colors, and much more on the official website. There is a small selection of oils that may help with skin discoloration or problems but nothing that we would consider a wrinkle fighter. If you are looking for some cheap, mineral based cosmetics, Lumiere might be worth checking out. If you want a long term anti-aging product, however, you are looking in the wrong place.

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