Lumiere Cosmetics Review


Lumiere Cosmetics may not be as popular as other mineral foundations, but in their native Australia they are making an impact with their new line of mineral foundations, which they say use the finest minerals to seamlessly cover every wrinkle with a simple swipe of the brush. The real reason people are buzzing over this product line is probably the price — their biggest foundation costs $16.00 at the most, less than half the price of other competitors. Numerous testimonials back up these claims too, saying that Lumiere Cosmetics helped them disguise unsightly blemishes and wrinkles even in 100-degree heat. The accolades end when it comes to explaining why these ingredients cause such an effect, and some may wonder if these testimonials are actually telling the truth.

It might be hard to find Lumiere Cosmetics in stores, but online (through their official website) you can easily peruse through their options, ranging from dark foundations to light foundations with a subtle glow. They also offer starter kits for wary customers and smaller sample sizes for quick application. At the most you’ll pay $16.00 for their biggest foundation size, so it won’t exactly break your pocketbook, although the availability of some items is a big issue. How exactly it works is another point of curiosity, since the official site neglects to explain important background information about how these products actually work.

Product Details

The official Lumiere Cosmetics website was under maintenance at the time of this review, so retrieving important ingredient information was not possible. Other websites only hint at what is included, and state that these products include high-grade Australian minerals. Products are said to be all-natural. Over the years mineral foundations have become popular because of the low amount needed to cover blemishes. While this may provide temporary results (mineral foundations are proven to have better coverability than regular foundations), it does not provide long-term relief. There does not appear to be any difference between Australian grade minerals and other minerals. This might suggest they are using a different type of mineral not tested yet, so consumers should be wary – this may not be the mineral foundation used in similar products. Most commercial mineral foundations sell for twice this price, however, so Lumiere Cosmetics are definitely a good deal. They just won’t provide any long-term improvements.

The Good

  • Mineral foundations are shown to be more effective at camouflaging blemishes.
  • Is very affordable.

The Bad

  • A bit difficult to purchase if you are in the United States – this is an Australian-exclusive cosmetic line.
  • Does not provide any long term or permanent benefits.
  • Does not appear to contain any helpful antioxidants or botanicals, compared to other mineral foundations.

The Bottom Line

If you want to cover up blemishes and age spots instead of purchasing an expensive cream, brushing your face with this mineral foundation like those offered by Limere Cosmetics could be an economical choice. Temporary relief may provide an instant fix, but your wrinkles will still be there after you wash it off, which some consumers probably don’t want. Nevertheless, this cover-up approach is a cheaper alternative to other mineral foundations. Lumiere Cosmetics may be an ideal choice for temporary relief – just don’t be surprised if your wrinkles don’t go away once you’ve washed your makeup off.

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