Lumene Time Freeze Review


Lumene Time Freeze was produced by a company called Lumene. Lumene has a variety of products that are considered to be skin care products. There are several different categories that these can fall under. The one we will be looking at during this review is the anti-aging category. There is one product that falls into this category that is called Lumene Time Freeze Firming Day Cream. We are particularly interested in this product because of the claims that have been made about it that it can actually make skin appear younger. In this review we are going to use the information that is available to us to try and determine whether or not this could possibly be an effective product.

Product Details

Lumene Time Freeze appears to be targeted at women who are 40 years old or older. It is said that it contains natural ingredients that can protect you from signs of aging. The website has claims that are displayed that state this can make your skin look firmer and smoother while protecting it and improving the elasticity of the skin. While there appears to be no complete list of ingredients for Lumene Time Freeze, there are some things that are listed on the official website that appear to be the active ingredients. These “ingredients” include Finnish heather, white peat, and patented micro particles.

Unfortunately, while attempting to research the ingredients that are contained in this product, it was very difficult to locate any information on the ingredients that are contained within this particular product. This makes it very difficult to determine the purpose of each ingredient so that a proper analysis can be made to help the potential consumers decide whether or not this product could be effective. Even though there is no complete list of Lumene Time Freeze ingredients on display to the public, there appears to be no clinically proven ingredients that were included in the manufacturing of this product. The description of this product would be called vague at best.

The Good

  • Lumene is a well known skincare and body care product company.

The Bad

  • List of ingredients for Lumene Time Freeze appears not to be available at this time.
  • It was mentioned on the official website that this product would be considered to be most effective if use in conjunction with other products that are available through the Lumene company.
  • No clinical proof was found about this product or about the known ingredients that were listed on the official website.
  • The ingredients that were listed appear to be nearly unheard of within the skin care industry.

The Bottom Line

Although we would love to report that Lumene Time Freeze is a miracle breakthrough product that could permanently rid you of all of your problems that come with the aging process, the Lumene company has made this nearly impossible to do because of the lack of information that appears to be provided about this product. If consumers based their decision to buy this product solely on the supporting evidence, then this company probably would have been put out of business a long time ago.

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