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L’Oreal is a well known global company that produces and markets skin care products, cosmetics, and men’s care. Their new anti-aging line is called L’Oreal Collagen Fillers. You can find L’Oreal products at nearly any grocery store or department store in the United States. Despite this brand dominance, it was next to impossible to find out the story behind L’Oreal, or when they became an actual company. The website mostly talked about their original marketing campaign for the phrase, “Because you’re worth it.”; which was started in 1983 and has enjoyed commercial success since that time.

Product Details

There are only two items in the Collagen Filler Line: The Collagen Filler Targeted Wrinkle Reducer and The Collagen Filler Eye.

The website did not disclose a full list of ingredients for either products, but both claim that Collagen Biospheres and Hyaluronic Acid are responsible for the visible and instant results that users have seen. The Collagen Biospheres are supposed to go onto and into the skin. After they do this, they are going to expand and plump, thus filling in the fine lines and wrinkles to reduce their depth. Obviously, this needs to be done repeatedly and there were no long-term studies to show how effective over time these L’Oreal Collagen Filler products are.

The Good

  • The L’Oreal Collagen Fillers certainly have simplicity going for them. There are only 2 products to buy. This is easy for most women to keep up with. A regimen with more than 3 products has shown significant non-compliance rates over time.
  • These products qare very easy to obtain. You can get these products just about anywhere you shop. The familiarity of L’Oreal on your grocer’s shelves makes it a simple purchase.
  • They are using Hyaluronic Acid, which is a popular and well researched compound that is included in many anti-aging products. Hyaluronic Acid is a naturally occurring acid in your body, but its production diminishes with time.

The Bad

  • The website does not disclose a full list of ingredients for L’Oreal Collagen FIller. Upon investigation we found that several items on the website do list their ingredients in full, so we’re not exactly sure why L’Oreal doesn’t do that in these cases. People with certain skin sensitivities need to know what they are putting on themselves.
  • The L’Oreal Company doesn’t give us any information on clinical or scientific studies involved with developing this product. They threw out a couple of percentages in consumer testing, but there were no long term applications to look to. We don’t know who develops these products and can’t vouch for their potency or efficacy without those clinical results.
  • Since L’Oreal is such a big company, they do not offer free trial samples of their Collagen Filler at the time of this writing.
  • L’Oreal are much better known for their cosmetics than for their skin care treatments.

The Bottom Line

With all the beauty choices out there, it can be a daunting task to figure out what products to use, but that’s why the internet is so valuable. We worry that L’Oreal may be trading on their big name to sell their Collagen Filler, since we couldn’t find much information about the ingredients used or the product’s development. Consumers are becoming better informed about their skin care needs, making this information pretty important.

3 thoughts on “Loreal Collagen Filler Review”

  1. I have developed sores and lumps around the lip area after using Loreal collagen filler for over 2 months. Anybody with similar reaction?KA

    1. I wish I could find it. I think it’s been discontinued. I bought some from Amazon last week and sent it back as it was outdated and watery. Not even cream. Oh how I wish I could get some. I loved it!

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