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More than likely you have heard of the cosmetic company Loreal. This is a major skin care line and makeup company that has been around for decades, and is commonly sold in typical drugstores. Although there are a few different categories or lines of skin care offered from Loreal these days, we are going to take a look specifically at Loreal Age Perfect. This is a series of products geared toward mature women to potentially assist with combating fine lines, age spots, sun damage, deep wrinkles and collagen loss.

On the official Loreal website, you will find all of the Age Perfect skin care treatments. This consists of eight different products, which are called Re-Cushioning Serum Anti-Menopausal Skin, Night Cream, Eye Cream, Anti-Fatigue Lotion Cleanser, Double Action, Rich Restorative Wet Cleansing Towelettes, Day Cream, and Rich Restorative Cream Cleanser. To focus on one, we will examine the Re-Cushioning Serum Anti-Menopausal Skin closer. This topical treatment offers major ingredients like Soy Seed Proteins and Jasmine Extract. It endeavors to reduce common signs of menopause, while hydrating the skin and re-cushioning it. It is applied daily after cleansing, but before any makeup products. Any of the Loreal Age Perfect treatments can be purchased directly through the website with minimal effort.

Product Details

Loreal Age Perfect is a small line of beauty treatments offered by Loreal. This particular group of skin care products was formulated for older women, specifically post-menopausal women. Primary active components like Ceramide-5 are added to these treatments in order to build the skin’s moisture barrier, provide comfort and hydrate the skin around the clock. Overall, the Loreal Age Perfect line should ideally lead to a younger and more radiant complexion. The skin is hydrated to appear smoother, firmer and more resilient. There is a convenient FAQ page provided on the official website to help users find dealers of Loreal.

The Good

  • Loreal is a cosmetic and skin care line that has been around for many years, which may reassure some consumers.
  • Many of the Loreal Age Perfect treatments have all the ingredients posted on the official website.
  • It is a cinch to attain Loreal products in common drugstores.

The Bad

  • At this time there does not appear to be any feedback on the official website for Loreal Age Perfect products.
  • Some of the ingredients found in these skin care products may irritate the complexions of some women.
  • There is no distinct return policy for Loreal Age Perfect treatments (may have to keep the receipt and ask the drugstore you purchase from).
  • No free samples are provided through the website for this line.

The Bottom Line

When all is said and done, Loreal is certainly a cosmetic/skin care brand that has stood the test of time. This will naturally ensure some women. It is refreshing to see that all of the Loreal Age Perfect product ingredients are listed out on the website for review. Now it just comes down to whether or not these products are right for your complexion. Remember that they are only geared toward post-menopausal women.

8 thoughts on “Loreal Age Perfect Review”

  1. I noticed a difference in my skin with the first use. It is light and has my skin feeling nourished and velvety 24/7. My skin doesn’t feel a size too small anymore and the fine lines from dehydration are gone. This product isn’t cheap, but remains affordable. I will use this for years!

  2. I can no longer find your Visible Lift Brightening Cream Makeup #705. Where in Burlington or Greensboro, NC can I find it?

  3. I purchased Age Perfect Double Action yesterday. I followed the directions and tapped the bottom on a hard surface but the right hand lotion will not come out when I press the button, only the lotion on the left. How can I get the other lotion to dispense?

  4. I started using the serum 3 weeks ago and ive noticed a huge difference in the texture of my skin. My face feels tight and smooth. I think its a great product for the price and I will buy it again ..and again.

  5. I just Bought the Skin Perfect DAY Cream, & Noticed a Big Difference. Used a Small amount, & my Make-up Glided on smoothly, had a Velvety type Finish;; Felt like I had just had a Facial. Skin Looks as if the Pores are Smaller & Tighter. {I am 52 years old, by the Way.} A Very Impressive “first” Use.

  6. I have been using age perfect day cream for a year and my wrinkles are worse.I thought I would give it a chance.I should have never went that long. Now I don’t know what to do to try and get my skin to look good again.

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