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Lluvia is a line of six skin care products produced by the Amazon Herb Company based on ingredients found in the Amazon Rainforest. The Lluvia line claims to nourish and rejuvenate the skin with natural ingredients. Lluvia Skin Renewal products can be purchased separately but are designed to go together as a skin care “system”. The steps in the system include: Cleanse, Refine, Hydrate, Treat, Nourish, and Moisturize. All of the Lluvia products can be purchased directly from the company’s website. The six products in the system are: Botanical Facial Cleanser, Crystal Exfoliator, Refreshing Mist, Camu C Serum, Deep Nourishing Oil, and Replenishing Moisturizer. When all of the products are purchased together, the company offers a free travel bag.

What disappoints us about the Lluvia website is that it does not give any indication of a money-back guarantee or any product samples available. Product samples allow the customer to try out the formulations before they purchase and a money-back guarantee gives customers confidence in purchasing knowing that if the product doesn’t live up to the hype or if it causes a reaction, they won’t be stuck with a product that they can’t use.

Product Details

The Lluvia Skin Renewal products are formulated using botanicals and extracts from rainforest plants. Many of the ingredients are unfamiliar to most consumers but some have been chosen because of their vitamin or nutrient content. For example, the Camu C Serum, which is the anti-aging product of the group, contains Camu Camu berry, a source of Vitamin C. The Camu C Serum claims to protect skin from free radicals, diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and facilitate the migration of fibroblast cells responsible for tissue regeneration. Unfortunately, Lluvia provides no indication of any clinical studies supporting the effectiveness of this ingredient.

When evaluating anti-aging products, we look for clinically-proven ingredients like collagen and hyaluronic acid which can have a dramatic and long-lasting effect on aging skin. There is no indication that these ingredients are included in the Lluvia formulations.

The Good

  • Available for purchase directly from the manufacturer.
  • Products contain exotic ingredients that may have a beneficial effect on the skin.

The Bad

  • May not contain scientifically-proven ingredients.
  • May not be fully tested for effectiveness.
  • No money-back guarantee offered.
  • Not labeled as non-allergenic.

The Bottom Line

The exotic botanicals in the Lluvia Skin Renewal line may appeal to many consumers. However, the fact that the company provides no evidence that its products have been thoroughly tested gives us pause for concern. There are products on the market today that have proven effective ingredients backed up by clinical testing and a money-back guarantee. Those seeking an anti-aging or anti-wrinkle skin care product may wish to keep looking before spending money on any Lluvia Skin Renewal products.

5 thoughts on “Lluvia Skin Renewal Review”

  1. I use the entire system and it works for me. I’ve always struggled with bad skin but since using this I can see a difference, my skin is softer and brighter. I get compliments about my skin on how nice it looks which is great to hear since I have (had) bad skin.. I personally didn’t care if it had a MBG because I was willing to try anything at this point. I get why you would want it but it worked for me so I don’t need one:)

  2. I tried samples of the product unfortunately I developed an allergy in 10 days. I called to cancel & was charged for my next purchase after I cancelled calling 1800.627-8134 for my refund of $89.77 from Eye Lab and charged $89.71 from Eye Beauty Luvia called customer service 1-800-741-0689 was notified my orders had been cancelled but my payments were never refunded.

  3. This is a total SCAM, I ordered and paid the S&H, never received the products, then I was charged 180.00 for both products that were never delivered, I have contacted them several times and they insist I have received the products and they of are of high quality….never spoke with anyone in this country, this is an outsourced marketing company, they refused to refund my money, I have blocked them from my account.

  4. I ordered the 14 day trial if the eye swim and face cream. I’ve been charged for the shopping but haven’t received their product. The 14 day trial is now over! I put it in writing via email instead of calling this way I could have proof that I contacted them. I am going to contact my credit card to dispute these charges and stop then from any future charges. I am very disappointed to hear that others are experiencing the same issues and having problems when contacting then. I should have known better that to fall for an online ad…

  5. I want my money refunded: charges today: 6/4/16 for $89.71 and $89.77. the “free” product arrived with no papers, nothing stating that I was to respond in 14 days or be charged luvia’s regular prices. As another customer stated on an email: this is a scam!

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