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In the war on aging, skin care companies take different approaches. Some offer creams and serums to stimulate and replenish the skin. Some believe that sub-dermal injections are the way to go. Some offer mechanical or electronic solutions. LightStim is one of the latter. LightStim uses photo rejuvenation, also called LED light therapy, to battle aging skin. According the manufacturer, LightStim builds collagen and elastin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, reduces pore size, and controls acne. That is a lot of claims for a single product. We will look at whether it may be able to live up to those claims in the next section.

LightStim is a hand-held device that delivers LED light to the epidermis to stimulate cell activity. The device retails for around $329 and can be purchased directly from the manufacturer’s website. There are four different models: Original, Anti-Aging, Acne, and Rosacea. The website refers to a 90-day money-back guarantee but does not appear to provide any more details.

Product Details

LightStim delivers different colors of LED light, depending on the version, to the epidermis. The company has provided some quotes on its website from medical and dermatological sources stating the benefits of this type of therapy, but not of LightStim itself. There are some before and after pictures and customer testimonials, which are things that we like to see in a skin care product. Customer feedback on independent websites appears more mixed.

There doesn’t appear to be much scientific data that supports the contention that LightStim works better than topical creams or serums. Because the cost of many topical applications is significantly lower than LightStim, those may appeal more to many consumers. Topical creams and serums that contain clinically-proven anti-wrinkle ingredients like collagen, Matrixyl 3000 or Argiriline are a better bet as there is a significant amount of research supporting them. Collagen replaces the skin’s dwindling supply and helps tighten and lift skin. Matrixyl 3000 penetrates deeply and helps the body to quicken the pace of new collagen production while Argiriline smoothes facial muscles and reduces wrinkles.

The Good

  • Easily purchased from company’s website.
  • May provide a beneficial effect on skin.

The Bad

  • Expensive when compared to other treatments.
  • Does not use ingredients like collagen or Matrixyl 3000.
  • No links to clinical research supporting the effectiveness of the device.

The Bottom Line

There are thousands of anti-wrinkle and anti-aging products on the market today. Products like LightStim may appeal to those seeking a mechanical method of treating wrinkles. However, it is difficult to recommend such a product when the company provides so little information about it. Although the technology itself may be sound, how it is used in this particular product might not be. You may wish to look for a product with clinically-proven ingredients and whose company stands behind it with an iron-clad guarantee.

11 thoughts on “LightStim Review”

    1. Is it safe-and effective – to use around mouth, which would mean light is being inhaled directly to mucous membranes of nose and throat? Is there success with vertical li lines?

  1. Hello from Sweden!
    I am intersted in light stim. 54 year with very sensitive skin. Wich product will you recommend? Could I buy tests from Hydrolyze and Hydroxatone? Are they good on sensitive skin?
    Best regards

  2. Please feel free to contact us directly at (949) 502-4088 and we will be happy to answer any further questions you may have!

    We do have our LightStim Collagen Peptide Serum that does in fact contain Matrixyl 3000 and when applied directly to the skin before the Light, you will receive better product absorption and results.

    LightStim for Wrinkles has Full-Face Clearance for the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles from the FDA. This not only tests for safety but efficacy as well.

  3. Hi I am thinking of ordering this but have a question… I have my to teeth capped cost me 4000$, here is my concern my caps are plastic would the light effect my caps? Thank You

  4. I purchased the lightstim around 6 months ago. I have been using it as told. In the last few months I have noticed a pain and redness under my top and bottom lip. Every doctor that I have gone to is not able to tell me what it is. I wake up with my lip swollen and painful and looks like a burn under the skin. I have stopped using the lightstim for the last two week and the redness and swelling has gone down. Has anyone notice any problems with this product?

  5. None of the info on lightstim is remotely correct. lets start w the price. Lightstim is available to purchase direct via the mf for $249 + free shipping: NOT for $329 + at lest another $5 for s/h. Secondy, topical collagen creams CANNOTpenetate through dermis; their molecules are way too large. And even get me started on your clearly uneducated mistruths about everything in the product details section and the bottom line section. There is a wealth of info on their site and lightstim is used in professional settings aswell. If I had to guess which products you are paid to review, by your own admission, rejuval skin and vivexen. You have no creidibility at this point and NOTE TO SELF: don’t waste money on rejuval or vivexen.

  6. I had to return my lightstim before a month had gone by. It was causing brown spots. Didn’t have any before I started and always use SPF 40 even in the winter.

  7. I have been using the Lightsteam fir awhile, and I must say that looks much better than before. together with my colagen creams and so on.
    My question is test a few days ago , I fell a slip wile I had the device on. And when I woke up outside the corner of my left eye , it feels a bit sore, and looks like a bit darker or burned. This never happen before, because I ususlly use it in the morning
    Is this something that I should do, any treatment to the area, or anything. It is a small area, but I am a bit concerned.
    Kindly advise and thank you very much ,Isabel Burneo

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