LiftTight Facelift Cream Review


The LifTight Facelift Cream is said to be a breakthrough product that can give users a more youthful appearance in just ninety seconds. The product claims that you can see tiny lines disappear right before your eyes as the product tightens loose skin and diminishes deep wrinkles. LifTight Facelift Cream is marketed as an alternative to Botox and it can be used with or without makeup. The product is enriched with collagen however, it is only a temporary wrinkle smoother and not a long term solution to treating aging skin. The product is featured on infomercials and on several “As Seen On TV” websites.

Product Details

Unfortunately, we were unable to find a list of product ingredients for LifTight Facelift Cream. There is not a dedicated website for this product, as it is sold mainly via television infomercials and other websites that sell “As Seen On TV” merchandise. The description does say that the product contains collagen, which has been proven as an ingredient that is beneficial to aging skin. This product is unlike most anti-wrinkle treatments and products because it is advertised only as a temporary wrinkle smoother and it does not prevent further signs of aging or actually “treat” wrinkles. The product also does not claim to destroy free radicals or make any significant claims other than that it temporarily tightens the skin.

The Good

  • LifTight Facelift Cream is inexpensive and is available on a variety of different websites at a discounted price.
  • There are several before and after photos which demonstrate the product’s effectiveness.

The Bad

  • A full list of product ingredients is unavailable.
  • LifTight Facelift Cream’s effects are only temporary.
  • The product does not have its own website to share valuable information and clinical trials, or scientific data to prove effectiveness and substantiate claims.
  • There is not a money back guarantee offered with this product.

The Bottom Line

Like with many other “As Seen On TV” products, consumers do need to be leery. You usually get what you pay for. If you are looking for an actual anti-wrinkle treatment that will produce long term effects, the LifTight Facelift Cream is not the product for you. The product may temporarily reduce wrinkles, but we are unsure for how long. Even if the product is effective, information available on various websites does not seem to say whether the experience lasts for a few minutes or for a few hours. Without additional information, we are unable to substantiate claims that the LifTight Facelift Cream works at all. The before and after photos are pretty drastic, so if the photos are untouched, the product does appear to work. We have been unable to locate any customer testimonials from consumers who have tried the product.

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