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LifeCell is a new topical cream manufactured by the South Beach Skin Care company. This cream’s key claim is that it will not only freeze time by protecting your skin with potent antioxidants, but that it will also stimulate skin regeneration. LiceCell is heavily endorsed by Dr. Raj Bhayani, a noted cosmetic surgeon who, the company claims, is also a Botox expert. In a lengthy written testimonial, Dr. Bhayani asserts that many of his patients have avoided going under the Botox needle since he has discovered LifeCell as a potential alternative. The cream is also prominently endorsed by Michelle Bell, who seems to be a former director of a modeling agency. Both “experts” claim that LifeCell will eliminate fine facial lines and improve skin elasticity. But what does this new cream actually have to offer?

LifeCell appears to be a one-step topical cream. We found numerous web vendors who sold this cream, several of which appeared to have been set up by the product manufacturer. All of these retailers seem to offer the same price points for LifeCell. A 40 day supply of the cream sells from one of these retailers for $189. The two key active ingredients found in LifeCell appear to be Nitric Oxide and Idebenone.

Product Details

So how do these two ingredients break down? Nitric Oxide is known to increase blood circulation and help to shrink and repair capillaries, which would help to reduce puffiness, especially around the eyes or nose. Idebenone is a fairly common antioxidant that is also found in other leading skin treatments currently on the market.

In addition to those two ingredients, LifeCell also contains: Dithiolane-3-Pentanoic Acid, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Deanol, Acetyl Hexapeptide-3, Regu. Unfortunately, no full ingredient list for LifeCell was available.

Usage instructions are fairly simple. Users are directed to dab (not rub) several dots of LifeCell around the boney area under the eye (the orbital bone.) It is not entirely clear, but it seems like this treatment should only be applied once per day.

The Good

  • Product comes with a money-back guarantee.
  • Usage instructions are fairly quick and simple.
  • LifeCell can be easily ordered online.

The Bad

  • No full ingredient list was found.
  • No real clinical evidence is offered on any of the websites that carry LifeCell, only endorsements from various spokespeople.
  • This treatment is expensive compared to others that feature similar active ingredients.
  • No proprietary peptides appear to be included in the formula.
  • The Bottom Line

    LifeCell does make a pretty good first impression. However, once potential users start digging past the professional endorsements, it is difficult to find out much about LifeCell. All of the active ingredients that we found mentioned are also present in other leading wrinkle treatment creams. The inclusion of antioxidants is definitely a plus, but at $189 for just over a month’s supply, we’d definitely like to see some some more cutting-edge, proprietary ingredients. Many similar one-step treatments are available that feature innovative, skin-stimulating peptides in addition to potent antioxidants. Additionally, we always like to see a full list of product ingredients so we can tell if a cream contains parabens, artificial scents or other synthetic ingredients that could actually react harmfully with sensitive skin.

15 thoughts on “LifeCell Review”

  1. tried lifecell and found my oil of olay worked just as well. I told them twice not to send me anymore and they did anyway. They billed my card and when I called they did not stand by their 120 day guarantee and after alot of arguing they agreed to refund me only $55 out of $149. DO NOT buy this product!!!!!

  2. I ordered LifeCell product for wrinkles trial tube which is only $4.25 but finally I lost $189.99 from my account. They have reduced such a big amount. This is cheating.When I tried to post my comments on this on their Facebook page they keep on deleting my posts and have blocked me from further comments.I have not got my cream yet. More over my money. Its terrible.They should not cheat the innocent customers in this way.

  3. I am a 46 year old female I do admit I do look older than my age because of the obstacles I’ve went through in my life. I would really love to try LifeCell .I’ve read all about it it sounds great ,but … there’s a problem I’m going through hard times at this moment and don’t have a credit card. I really want to try your product. I have been in a rehabilitation center for the last 4 months I can’t even get a prepaid credit card at this moment. Please help, I really want to get my youthful skin back and have more confidence in myself. From reading about this product it looks like it’ll do the trick.I truely want to try your product .PLEASE HELP…thanks for taking the time to read my comment

  4. I got a tube for about $100 which has lasted me a few months. I see a dramatic improvement whenever I use it, not only in texture, but also in good color. But I am looking for something similar at a lower cost.

  5. Once again the public is being told that this is a miracle product. Why are not all the ingredients listed, and the price of $189 for a 30 day supply is ridiculous. There are many other products out there that are good for the skin.
    Who is this Dr. Raj Bhayani, anyway. Never heard of him. I agree with the others who were charged large amounts of money because it happened to me as well. None of these products are totally good for your skin unless you use all the same product line and even then it is questionable about the results. In this case though I would not and repeat NOT go by what the advertisement promises. It is all propaganda to get women to buy a product that has not truly been tested. Oh, and the women who claims to be 75 years old and has not had any plastic surgery, please do not insult me by claiming that this product made you look that great. Sorry, between the politicians and the false advertisement that is all over and in my face it is hard to trust anything these days.

  6. Why not just experiment with rubbing mashed avocado and lemon juice on your face, for surely there must be some “natural” combination of elements out there that can do the same thing. Just a bit of research and you’re likely to come up with something with a lot less cost and more transparency. Beside what we look like on the outside, remember these facts–you can look as healthy as you want and still be as unhealthy as ever. The inside conditions are not always reflected by the outside appearances. And, last but not least, my friends are my friends because of my behaviors, my passion and personality and sense of humor and contributions and more. THAT is where your focus needs to be. As a teen, I had a great friend named Anita. She was flat, chest wise–a boy’s perspective–and plain looking–no dish, no great wow factors in appearance. She was neat and clean but most of all was her charming and beautiful personality. THAT was what made her look beautiful on the outside to me. She really did look beautiful after I got to know her: after I learned to focus on the most important factors of a human being, and she became a best friend. Something to think about.

  7. Life Cell works great. My skin
    Looks really good for my age. Life cell last a
    Few months therefore it is not that expensive, when you break the cost down. It does
    Not stop up my pores like other creamed
    I have used.

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