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As you may have noticed, there are quite a few different cosmetic brands out there these days. This is certainly the age of variety. One of these make up lines is Laura Geller. This makeup expert has over 25 years of experience. Currently the official website for these cosmetics offers categories like Lips, Tools, Face, Gifts, Weddings, Eyes, and Cheeks. There is even a convenient link offered on the website with “Laura’s Tips.” Naturally, like so many other makeup lines out there, Laura Geller products endeavor to suit each woman’s skin type and concerns, but without causing any irritations or breakouts.

Under the “Face” section of the Laura Geller website, you’ll find products like Spackle Under Makeup Primer ($20). This topical treatment is oil-free and aims to make the facial skin smooth and supple in order for makeup to be applied with ease. A couple key ingredients found in this product are Silicone (fills facial lines and wrinkles) and Natural Botanicals (nourishes and hydrates skin). Under the list of foundations offered by Laura Geller, there are several products to suit different skin shades and conditions. The Anti Shine Loose Powder ($18) is claimed to soak up excess facial oil and go on so that it’s practically invisible. At this time Laura Geller products are available on major websites like The official website provides a simple “store locator” apparatus for users to seek out locations in their area.

Product Details

Laura Geller Makeup is one of many cosmetic brands that claims to cater to all women. This company offers products like foundation, blush, lipstick, concealer, primer, eye shadow, mascara, eye liner, brushes, bronzer, cream blush, lip gloss, color wash and lip liner. They additionally offer skin treatments like Spackle Under Makeup Primer to help with facial lines and moisturizing. Currently there are no testimonials from customers provided on the official website, nor are there any free trial samples of Laura Geller Makeup offered to new consumers. After reviewing the official website, it doesn’t appear that these cosmetics are sold with a refund option for unsatisfied users.

The Good

  • The official Laura Geller website offers a “Laura Tips” section to potentially assist some women with applying their makeup.
  • There is a convenient “store locator” tool found in the website, which may assist some individuals with finding a Laura Geller makeup store location in their town or city.

The Bad

  • At this point there are no free samples of Laura Geller makeup offered to new or potential users.
  • The ingredients incorporated into Laura Geller makeup products are not listed on the official website.
  • There are no testimonials provided from customers who use Laura Geller makeup to support the cosmetics.

The Bottom Line

When it comes down to it, there doesn’t appear to be a significant reason why women should choose Laura Geller makeup products over countless other brands out there. In fact, it’s difficult to see the true uniqueness of this brand. While it’s nice to see all of the Laura Geller cosmetics laid out with descriptions on the official website, there are no fine details regarding this brand that make it superior. It may be a good idea to check out Laura Geller makeup in person in order to see if more information is offered on this cosmetics line.

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  1. Thank you for your honest, straight-forward review. I can’t use lanolin and have search the web to find the ingredients in Laura Geller cosmetics.
    Read your post and realized: “Why bother?”

  2. I want to know if laura geller’s masara and eyeshadow are suitable for sensitive eyes, i have to use sensitive products that wont make my eyes itch

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