Lanocreme Review

Do you have some questions about Lanocreme’s effects?

Lanocreme is a New Zealand skincare line that’s been around since 1959. Products available cover issues like aging, moisturizing, nail health and more. All formulas are sold on the official website. The company offers a 30-day money back guarantee. You cannot use or try anything before sending back.

What is Lanocreme?

Lanocreme is a product line that uses ingredients like Manuka honey, lanolin, aloe vera, collagen and placental protein. You will find a list of key elements, but nothing complete. That means the customer has no idea if irritants are used in any formula.

Quick Facts on Lanocreme

  • There is a 30-day refund policy.
  • Orders are shipped internationally.
  • International orders can take as long as two weeks to arrive.
  • There is no complete list of ingredients for any Lanocreme product.
  • We have no idea if parabens, sulfates or irritants are used.
  • There’s a detailed description of key ingredients, but no research.
  • Few reviews are found online.
  • Not all customers noticed positive results.

What’s Our Skincare Editor’s Take on Lanocreme?

“We like the comprehensive line offered by Lanocreme, but we are stuck on the fact that we have no idea about the ingredients,” says our Skincare Editor. “Sure, we know a few here and there, but those are handpicked by the company, which means you’ll have no idea if irritants are used until you receive your order.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

We found two issues that came up and needed to be addressed – mediocre results and incomplete information.

  • “Tops of hands are softer…didn’t notice any other change.”
  • “Works well but the results are temporary at best…makes you skin look smoother but only for a short period of time.”

We did find a few that claimed the products were “ok.”

  • “Cream is just ‘ok’.”

We can’t help but mention again that the missing ingredient lists are a serious concern.

  • “You never want to buy a product without knowing the complete list of ingredients,” says our Skincare Editor.

Is It the Time to Race Out for Lanocreme Products?

We can’t say that all of the Lanocreme products are bad or good, because we know very little about the line. Sure, they are easy to purchase and the website is pretty, but what is the customer buying? You deserve more than a list of five ingredients commonly used and that’s why we have reservations about suggesting these products. It’s also a concern that some users found the formulas weren’t effective and thus, a waste of money.

What Do We Like Better Than Lanocreme?

If you’re looking for an anti-aging formula, the best we’ve found in 2016 is called BioGeniste. It is made with a clinically tested formula that’s been shown to help fight the signs of premature aging. Plus, the users are amazing by the results.

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5 thoughts on “Lanocreme Review”

  1. i bought the night,day and eye cream from t k max and paid fraction of the price. i like the feeling after using both day and night cream. now sure if eye cream works or not.

  2. I used lanocorp by nature purifying facial cleanser with rose hip oil and was greatly disappointed. I woke up the next morning with very sensitive skin and it started to get very itchy! I have never been allergic to anything but this cleanser burnt my skin and make my whole face go red and blochy. My skin on my face and neck started pealing off and the doctor said that it was because of the type of acid put into the cleanser. Very disappointed do not recommend at all!!!!

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