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There are numerous skincare product lines in the market that claim to do wonders for the skin. One of them is Laneige cosmetics and skin care. This brand originated from Asia but is widely distributed in different parts of the globe. As such, they have an online site that caters to potential clients everywhere. Laneige is a word that means “the snow” and this is how its manufacturers intend to describe the effect their products have on women. Moreover, Laneige is asserted to be the skin care line for females who are fashionable and uniquely attractive.

The Laneige beauty collection includes a range of makeup and skincare series. There are eight products in all for the skincare product line. In general, they are intended to answer the varying skin needs of customers based on their lifestyle. It includes Basic Line, Suncare, Pore Line, Ultra Hydro, Water Bank, Star White, Special Line, and Perfect Renew.

In particular, Perfect Renew is said to be the group of products that will make one younger-looking and as radiant as snow. As such, the evidence of aging are removed, the amount of collagen in the skin is enhanced, and the skin is moisturized. It is important to note that the main ingredients of Perfect Renew include Ceramide, Sugar Cane, Chestnut Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Pomegranate, Extract, Konjac Mannan Extract, Aloe Vera, Almond Extract, and Cocoa Extract.

Product Details

Seemingly, Laneige offers to provide a solution to the skin care and make up concerns of women. The most common issues that they attest to address include maintaining a daily beauty regimen, fighting off skin dehydration, developing dark spots and age spots, and keeping the skin healthy. On the other hand, their official site lacks a number of important information. First, there is no laboratory evidence to confirm their claims. Second, there have been no reviews from actual users that will highlight its practical effect. Third, if potential customers want to solidify their choice, there is no price quotation to back up their decision.

The Good

  • Detailed presentations are made in the website about each Laneige product.
  • A list of the main ingredients is also featured for easy viewing by customers.

The Bad

  • Not all of the ingredients are listed which may pose a risk for those with sensitive skin.
  • There is no table or portion where the price of the products is covered.
  • There is also no leading provision on how to order and purchase the products.
  • The experiences of those who have actually used the product are likewise absent.

The Bottom Line

Laineige skin care system appears to have something to offer to beauty enthusiasts. There seems to be a product for every need and for every skin type. The company website has provided visuals and explanations about each one of them. The main concern is that there is no way of taking it to the next level. No information about the price range or the manner of purchasing has been provided. This certainly puts potential customers in a daze of confusion.

3 thoughts on “Laneige Review”

  1. Um, okay, you are wrong about one thing.

    “There is also no leading provision on how to order and purchase the products.”

    I have been to there site many times, and yes it took me awhile to figure out where this information would be, but I had found it. I’m not going to go through the steps in telling you how to find it because I don’t feel like doing so. But I will say that the site specifically says that they do not make purchases or whatever on their site. Basically, that site is for people I guess to look at the products and go through them and see what they want. They have stores in some places in the world where you can purchase these products along with international sites such as and So, yeah.

  2. I would like to know what stores in the USA of America actually sale this product in the stores instead of ordering on line. Target, Sephora do have the product in the stores at all.

  3. I found them at Target website although not all products that Laneige makes. I have rosacea and noticed no more faux pimples or bumps. Plenty of websites sell the products so you can do cost compare. I like the products and have tried everything from oil of Olay, Clinique, Almay, philosophy, dr perricone, etc…. I will stick with Laneige for now

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