Lancaster Suractif Review


Lancaster is a brand of skin care products that began over 60 years ago. The official website reveals that this company has research centers located in both Europe and the United States. This company claims to utilize the most advanced technology in their skin care treatments, which are geared toward any age group. A “diagnosis” link appears on the website to potentially assist women with finding out more about their individual skin type and concerns. Lancaster offers categories like Sun Care, Skin Care, Fragrance, and Sunlight Makeup. The Skin Care section can be broken down into categories like Moisturizing, Cleansing & Optimizing, Anti-Aging, and a High Efficiency Booster.

In the Anti-Aging category of Lancaster treatments, you’ll find Lancaster Suractif products. These are the Non-Stop Lifting treatments and the Excellence products. These two sections of ant-aging treatments are marketed toward women in their 40’s and 50’s. The purpose of these Lancaster Suractif products is to “stimulate skin cell revitalization” and battle hormonal deficiencies. Complexions are supposed to be lifted, exfoliated, repaired, revitalized, hydrated, firmed and re-contoured. Lancaster Suractif treatments utilize something called “retinol technology,” which is claimed to resurface and improve the overall complexion. As with most skin care lines, these facial products are intended to be used morning and night as a regular maintenance regimen.

Product Details

Lancaster Suractif treatments are part of the Anti-Aging section of Lancaster products. Like so many other skin care lines available today, these topical remedies endeavor to hydrate, repair and firm the user’s complexion, while resurfacing and revitalizing the facial skin. There appear to be 16 different Lancaster Suractif treatments offered at this time. Unfortunately none of these skin care products seem to be available through the official website for purchase. Success stories or before/after photos are not presented on the website, nor is any refund policy or satisfaction guarantee offered. Although there is a brief description of each skin treatment provided, ingredients for these products are not listed.

The Good

  • All Lancaster Suractif skin care treatments are described on the official website.
  • There are beauty tips offered on the website to virtually anyone.
  • The Lancaster brand has been around for over 60 years, which may be reassuring to some users.

The Bad

  • There are no before and after photos or success stories offered on the official website concerning Lancaster Suractif treatments.
  • Full lists of ingredients for each skin care product are not provided on the website.
  • A refund option for Lancaster Suractif treatments is not addressed.
  • The key active components found in Lancaster Suractif topical treatments are not discussed in detail, but rather only “retinol technology” is mentioned.
  • Prices for these anti-aging products are not provided on the website.

The Bottom Line

In the end, the Lancaster Suractif category of the Lancaster skin care brand is not addressed in great detail on the official website. Naturally it would be nice to know what all is in these anti-aging treatments, in addition to how much each one costs and where they can be purchased. Also, there is no real support for Lancaster Suractif products offered on the official website to really sell the skin treatments. While there are photos of the products and brief descriptions, there are no testimonials.

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