La Therapie Review


La Therapie is a part of Steiner Leisure Brands. Steiner Leisure is a british company started in 1901. It grew from one salon to a worldwide enterprise. Steiner Leisure makes lines of skin care, body care, and hair care available to cruise ships, airlines and salons everywhere.

Product Details

La Therapie boasts pharmaceutical grade products that are extensively researched. They also claim development over a 10 year span by cosmetic scientists, aestheticians, and a plastic surgeon. There are several different lines of skin care available from La Therapie. There are Skin Principals, Skin Solutions, and Skin Nutritives. The Skin Nutritives is the line we will be focusing on.

The key to many of the La Therapie Nutritive line products is Glycolic Acid. Glycolic acid is am Alpha Hydroxy Acid, and it is the smallest of all the AHA’s in molecular structure. La Therapie’s special unbuffered Glycolic Acid is supposed to make a “pathway” to the deeper layers of the skin by breaking down our outer layer first, where most of our dead skin cells lie. Theoretically, this allows active ingredients to penetrate deep under the skin.>{?

The La Therapie Nutritive line includes:

  • Crème Hydratherapie: With Ginko Biloba, Shea Butter and Carnauba Wax.
  • Crème Hydralift: With caviar, marine collagen, and Kitinami.
  • Glycolic Lotion Renew: This has 10% Glycolic Acid and SPF 15 for daily use.
  • Glycolic Crème Renew: This is the same as the lotion, but a bit heavier for dry skin users.
  • Glycolic Vital Renew: This is their night cream with the same blend of 10% Glycolic Acid.
  • Masque Vital: Non-setting mask with White Clay, menthol, Rosemary, and Thyme.
  • Masque Hydratant: Anti-wrinkle mask with amino acids.
  • Crème Nourrissante Pour Les Yeux: Anti-wrinkle cream for your eyes. This has Horsetail and Myrrh.
  • Masque Por Les Yeux: Hydrating eye mask with herbal extracts and amino acids.
  • Glycolic Touche Renew: This is a 20% Glycolic Acid hand cream that is for smoothing out your skin.

The Good

  • The company that manufactures and sells these products is well known and has been around for a long time.
  • You can purchase La Therapie products online.
  • Website was easy to navigate and informational.

The Bad

  • You cannot find a full list of ingredients for any of La Therapie’s products. They do give a short list of certain elements they would like you to know about.
  • La Therapie products are pretty expensive. We didn’t see any kits offered, but purchasing each product on its own was expensive.
  • Despite the mention of clinical trials and extensive research, La Therapie doesn’t allow users access to any of this on their website.
  • With so many products to choose from, it could be difficult to find the right one.

The Bottom Line

La Therapie products appear to have all the right stuff. However, without a full list of ingredients we can’t be sure they are paraben free or fragrance free for those with sensitive skin. We would really like to see further information on the clinical trials and scientific studies that went into making these products available to the public.


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