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La Therapie is a part of Steiner Leisure Brands. Steiner Leisure is a british company started in 1901. It grew from one salon to a worldwide enterprise. Steiner Leisure makes lines of skin care, body care, and hair care available to cruise ships, airlines and salons everywhere.

Product Details

La Therapie boasts pharmaceutical grade products that are extensively researched. They also claim development over a 10 year span by cosmetic scientists, aestheticians, and a plastic surgeon. There are several different lines of skin care available from La Therapie. There are Skin Principals, Skin Solutions, and Skin Nutritives. The Skin Nutritives is the line we will be focusing on.

The key to many of the La Therapie Nutritive line products is Glycolic Acid. Glycolic acid is am Alpha Hydroxy Acid, and it is the smallest of all the AHA’s in molecular structure. La Therapie’s special unbuffered Glycolic Acid is supposed to make a “pathway” to the deeper layers of the skin by breaking down our outer layer first, where most of our dead skin cells lie. Theoretically, this allows active ingredients to penetrate deep under the skin.>{?

The La Therapie Nutritive line includes:

  • Crème Hydratherapie: With Ginko Biloba, Shea Butter and Carnauba Wax.
  • Crème Hydralift: With caviar, marine collagen, and Kitinami.
  • Glycolic Lotion Renew: This has 10% Glycolic Acid and SPF 15 for daily use.
  • Glycolic Crème Renew: This is the same as the lotion, but a bit heavier for dry skin users.
  • Glycolic Vital Renew: This is their night cream with the same blend of 10% Glycolic Acid.
  • Masque Vital: Non-setting mask with White Clay, menthol, Rosemary, and Thyme.
  • Masque Hydratant: Anti-wrinkle mask with amino acids.
  • Crème Nourrissante Pour Les Yeux: Anti-wrinkle cream for your eyes. This has Horsetail and Myrrh.
  • Masque Por Les Yeux: Hydrating eye mask with herbal extracts and amino acids.
  • Glycolic Touche Renew: This is a 20% Glycolic Acid hand cream that is for smoothing out your skin.

The Good

  • The company that manufactures and sells these products is well known and has been around for a long time.
  • You can purchase La Therapie products online.
  • Website was easy to navigate and informational.

The Bad

  • You cannot find a full list of ingredients for any of La Therapie’s products. They do give a short list of certain elements they would like you to know about.
  • La Therapie products are pretty expensive. We didn’t see any kits offered, but purchasing each product on its own was expensive.
  • Despite the mention of clinical trials and extensive research, La Therapie doesn’t allow users access to any of this on their website.
  • With so many products to choose from, it could be difficult to find the right one.

The Bottom Line

La Therapie products appear to have all the right stuff. However, without a full list of ingredients we can’t be sure they are paraben free or fragrance free for those with sensitive skin. We would really like to see further information on the clinical trials and scientific studies that went into making these products available to the public.

8 thoughts on “La Therapie Review”

  1. A year and 2 months ago, I was on a cruise with my friends for our last spring break of college. I went in for a “mini-facial” with the boat’s spa, and the lady mentioned I needed products for my face: a basic cleanser and hydration cream. Until that moment, I had never used any facial products outside of the occasional make-up and was quickly coerced into buying the basic La Therapie products. After a year of using the cleanser and lotion as directed, I have found there has been no improvement to my skin, in fact it has worsened.

    My face before beginning the La Therapie products could be described as mildly dry (not flaky) with minor acne issues (which only flares up when I’m on the placebos of the birth control pill I’ve been on for over 8 years). To this date, the acne and dryness issues have not changed. There has been no increase in sun exposure, no change in diet, no change in lifestyle. The only change I have seen is that there seems to be more redness on my cheeks with what look like visible capillaries/veins and increased numbers of small cysts (not pimples, but fat deposits) sprouting in the same areas.

    It’s disappointing to have bought into a product hyped up and feel like no change for the better was made. An expensive product like this should be easy to not have buyers remorse about. I feel I could have gotten better results from just sticking to water rinses.

  2. I also learned about these products on a cruise; however, I have suffered from dark circles for years and I received a facial and free consultation on the ship that revealed what I have spent thousands of dollars trying to uncover. I used anew, clinique, and V.I. Peels at $300 each and none gave me results. I had one treatment of the Gel Intensive and truly believed the woman giving me my facial was full of crap. I woke the next morning and my husband smiled and told me how beautiful I was. I immediately noticed the firmness and reduction as well. I immediately ran back to the twelth floor and asked what she used again. They were very secretive and wanted me to purchase the product to get any information. I saw that there was a puffy eye siminar at 11:00 and decided to attend. I was given a free eye treatment of the same eye gel in a different concentration. I could not stop looking at myself. My husband quickly pulled out his sea pass card and told me to get it. I arrived back in the U.S. and my 8 year old daughter looked at me and said Mom you look rested and your eyes don’t look like bloody Mary anymore. I am a realist and kids always lay it to you just the way they see it.

  3. I got LaTHERAPIE Paris on a cruise ship during a pedicure! I was using a facial treatment prior to this. The gal insisted that I try a product for dark circles that would be free. She insisted that this gel would take care of my dark circles which really was not a problem. I’ve been back from the cruise now for a few months and I have developed an allergic reaction to this under my eyes. I look 10 years OLDER. The puffiness and bags are just awful. I’m mortified. I thought at first that I got bit by a bug in the middle of the night because it was an abrupt change. This stuff was expensive too but I have no alternative other than to quit using this and to see if I can send it back for refund. As mentioned in this article there is no listing of ingredients on any packaging. I hope this does not happen to anyone else. My concern is that this isn’t permanent damage. To think I went in for a PEDICURE and got a hard sell on eye cream. Live and learn. I guess on the open seas nothing is illegal or unethical.

  4. I would like to add that after I started to experience serious side effects of La Therapie products, I quit using them. It took days to get my face back to normal. The reason why there is no list of ingredients found anywhere, even by experts, is because they might be laced with chemicals. I was fortunate that my body rejected this stuff. Those women that have become tolerant of the product and the dangers involved, I shutter to think. I would not recommend these products from this company. They only guarantee return of 30 days and merchandise credit after 60. It took 60 for my face to react. I was mortified. I haven’t had a serious reaction to anything since my chemical peel. It aged me 20 years until the effects wore off but if this was a result of the “chemicals” in a chemical peel then these were the same results in La Therapie’s products. Return them for refund and by all means don’t purchase them on a cruise ship.

  5. The eye creme that they recommended on cruise is horrible.i have a blue circle around my can I return the product?

  6. Got this on a cruise ship and am now breaking out. Going back to my regular old routine, Aveeno cleanser I bought at a drug store that worked just fine. I can’t find contact information on the company, which should have been my first clue. Stay way.

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