La Roche-Posay Substiane Review


La Roche is a company that has been established since 1975. It has produced a line of skin care products that may be considered to be anti-wrinkle agents. The purpose of this review is to try to properly examine the product that is in question, La Roche Subtiane Anti-aging Replenishing Care Cream, in order to determine if it has the potential to be an effective anti-aging product.

Product Details

There are claims that have been made that La Roche Substiane Anti-aging Replenishing Care Cream is an effective anti-aging cream. We will now take a closer look at the ingredients to see if it contains any proven anti-wrinkle agents. Some of the ingredients that appear to be contained in this product are Pro-Xylane 5% (a naturally-derived molecule said to be so small that it can penetrate the skin’s surface layer to strengthen and reinforce elasticity); Arginine (said to be a new Amino Acid used in skincare for its potentially rehydrating and normalizing effect); and Serine (another Amino Acid said to hydrate and moisturize the skin).

Pro-xylane is an ingredient that some say has been shown to stimulate the glycosaminoglycan network that causes the skin to retain moisture and nutrients that adds strength and elasticity to the skin. It is thought that as all people age, the necessary components that are needed to have healthy, wrinkle free skin disappear. These necessary components are thought to be glycosaminogens, collagen and elastin. The function of Arignine as a skin care product is thought to be used as an anti-inflamatory agent. Anti-inflammatory agent’s function in a skin care product is to reduce the inflammation that is caused due to the lack of essential ingredients in the skin that deplenish as we get older. Serine is thought to be the main moisturizer in this product that contains amino acids. Even thought this ingredient is said that it is not totally essential, it may still deliver a good moisturizing effect.

One source shows that there were clinical studies that were done in France that consisted of 50 women between the ages of 55 and 75, over a duration of 1 month. The results of this clinical study were the women claimed to have skin that appeared to be more toned, firmer and fewer wrinkles, and a smoother appearance.

The Good

  • One source listed the results of a clinical trial for La Roche Subsitane.
  • May not be too abrasive for people with sensitive skin.
  • Could be a good moisturizer

The Bad

  • Clinical studies were not done in the United States.
  • May be more effective when used in a regimen.
  • May be prescription only.

The Bottom Line

While it appears that there have been clinical studies for La Roche Substiane. done in France that proves this is an effective product, we are not sure how much emphasis this should have on someone’s to buy this product. The reason is because the United States has different standards when it comes to clinical studies than France does. It was also hard to find significant evidence for each of the ingredients that could prove this is an effective product. In other words, this product appears to not contain any patented or scientifically proven ingredients, thus possibly decreasing the possible effectiveness of this product.

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