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According to the La Roche Posey website, this line of skin care products is supported by 25,000 dermatologists. Products are offered on the website based on skin type with the most successful products including Nutritic Emulsion, Hydraphase Eyes, Lipikar Body Emollient and Substiane Eyes.

The Key Ingredient list is provided for the La Roche Posay products, but there is no complete ingredient listing. This could mean there are a lot of fillers in the product or that alcohols and oils are used in the preparations. With the support of 25,000 dermatologists, we expected the products to be listed as hypoallergenic, but this is not the case. A product that is not hypoallergenic could cause reactions in people with sensitive skin.

The antiaging product line ranges in price depending on the product chosen. The Substaine Eyes, for instance, retails at $39.00 for 0.5 fluid ounces and the Substaine Cream retails for $49.50 for a little over 1 ounce.

Product Features

La Roche Posay offers direct online ordering for all of their products. The products can be purchased by both individuals and physicians. There is contact information provided on the website in the form of a toll free phone number and a contact us form online. While there is information on ordering and shipping, there is no information on returns or refunds. This is a not good for the consumer who wants to try out the product with a guarantee.

Some of the ingredients used in the La Roche Posay products include Arginine, Serine and Pro-Xylane. We like the fact that Arginine is used, but fall back to the issue of not disclosing all of the ingredients. No one ingredient will help the skin if others are hurting the skin in the process.

Free trials are not available through the website, but there is a starter / travel kit of antiaging products that sells for $20.00.

The Good

  • There is an official website for the La Roche Posay products.
  • The website provides products based on skin type.
  • Some of the ingredients used can help to reduce the signs of aging and wrinkles.

The Bad

  • There are no complete ingredient lists on the website.
  • The clinical support for the ingredients used is lacking.
  • There are no return policies on the website.
  • No free trials are offered for the products.

The Bottom Line

La Roche Posay makes a huge claim when they say 25,000 dermatologists support their products. But, if the products are supported by these physicians, why are the products not hypoallergenic? The ingredients listed are not all inclusive, there is no return policy and no guarantee. We cannot support the use of this product because all the information the consumer needs is not available on the website.

3 thoughts on “La Roche Posay Review”

  1. I start to get bad facial allergy from using this product. And I have told the sales lady who introduce this to me that I have sensitive skin, and yet she recommends it. I honestly am a bit angry for the misleading information on the site (supported by so many dermatologists and yet not hypoallergenic).

  2. Their SPR products have given me redness on my skin. I’ve used all their different products and it is not only harsh on my sensitive skin but rather expensive. I had visited a dermatologist and she even recommended them regardless of their reaction to my skin. Great marketing, I believe, but bottom line, they just don’t work regardless of the claims of 25000 dermatologists.

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