La Roche-Posay Redermic Review


La Roche-Posay laboratories was founded in 1975, and has since become a well established company. It has become well-known in the skincare industry. Their products tend to be aimed more towards women with sensitive skin. Some people may think that since La Roche-Posay is targeted more toward women with sensitive skin that it may lack certain key ingredients that could be very useful in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. In this review we will try to take a look at the ingredients in order to determine if this theory holds any relevance.

Product Details

Evidence may have been found while researching La Roche Redermic that it may contain ingredients such as Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid. A while ago, Vitamin C was thought to be an essential ingredient that was needed in order to boost Collagen production in the skin. While this may be true, further studies may indicate that this effect cannot be achieved through a topical application. The reason behind this is because Vitamin is shown to have an oxidation process that can actually cause free radicals to harm, thus posing a potential risk for further harming your skin in the long run. This is because Vitamin C can be very costly to preserve properly. Not only that, but even if preserve properly within the packaging of the product, it can still begin the oxidation process as soon as it hits the air. In the end, most skin care professionals may recommend that making your own Vitamin C topical serum and using it while it is fresh may be more effective. You can find ways to do this online.

Hyaluronic Acid is also usually thought to be a necessary ingredient in hydrating the skin. This is because the older we get, the less of this ingredient we contain in our skin naturally. However, due to more recent studies, we are surprised to see that this ingredient is contained in a product that is aimed toward people with sensitive skin. The reason is because recent studies may show that Hyaluronic Acid may have negative side effects for people that have sensitive skin, including rashes. However, it is an effective Hydrating agent that most people can withstand.

The Good

  • La Roche Redermic contain Hyaluronic Acid.
  • May contain Vitamin C.

The Bad

  • Does not appear to contain any ingredients that are backed by clinical studies.
  • Both of the main ingredients can cause possible irritation.

The Bottom Line

While we may like to believe that La Roche Posay has finally came out with a product that can prove to be beneficial to people with sensitive skin or skin allergies, we may have gotten our hopes up a bit too quickly. There is scientific evidence that shows that there are other ingredients out there that are proven to reduce wrinkles without causing skin irritations, and this product does not appear to contain any of them. If someone is looking for an effective product that won’t cause irritation to their sensitive skin, then they may need to look elsewhere.

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