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As a brand, La Prairie comes with an ideal pedigree. Any skin care product would kill to boast a heritage that extends back to the prestigious Swiss Clinic La Prairie. Based on the success of the Swiss clinic and health spa, Laboratories La Prairie was born. The intent of the product manufacturer was originally simply to make products for the spa’s guests to take home with them and use when not staying at the spa. However, the brand quickly gained popularity and know La Prairie products are available to all. Of course, La Prairie is still aiming to duplicate the spa experience, even if users have never made it all the way to Switzerland.

This helps explain why La Prairie offers such a diverse range of products. In addition to their skin care items, there are several La Prairie makeup offerings available. La Prairie also makes products targeted at the sun care and fragrance markets. Of course, we will primarily be taking a look at the company’s skin care line. However, both the makeup and anti-aging divisions of La Prairie use the company’s signature “cellular technology” to both prevent and heal the signs of aging.

Product Details

La Prairie’s biggest claim to fame seems to be their signature “Cellular Complex.” This formulation system claims to enhance the cream’s nutrient delivery capabilities. The manufacturers also claim that results will be both instantly noticeable and long-lasting. La Prairie also seems to recommend using a collection of products to achieve ideal results. For example, a moisturizer, a serum, a sun block and concealer makeup. Some users might find this kind of multi-product regimen appealing, while others could feel that it is too complicated and time consuming. The skin care line seems to consist of a cleaner, a refining lotion and the previously mentioned sun-block.

One of La Prairie’s signature items is their pricey Skin Caviar collection. Yes, it uses actual caviar and this is reflected in the product’s high price tag. In addition to the caviar extract, La Prairie Skin Caviar also uses other “sea proteins” to increase skin elasticity and keep skin well hydrated. Additionally, La Prairie’s makeup products seem to lead a double life, and have been formulated to act as an anti-aging therapy in addition to performing as traditional makeup.

The Good

  • All La Prairie products are available from the official website.
  • La Prairie offers a product-quality guarantee, just so long as the product was purchased from an authorized dealer.
  • The official La Prairie website offers a “skin consultation” section to self-evaluate which of the company’s many products might be best for you.

The Bad

  • No product ingredient lists offered on official website.
  • Despite touting their history, La Prairie does not seem to associated with the founding Swiss clinic any longer.
  • No free La Prairie samples from manufacturer.
  • All La Prairie products are costly, especially when compared to more modestly priced treatments.

The Bottom Line

We read a lot of big claims associated with La Prairie’s “cellular technology” and “sea proteins” but we didn’t see much in the way of product trial data. At the kind of prices that La Prairie products command, we’d want to know a bit more. What we could see was that these products seem to focus more on covering up the signs of aging than on treatment and healing. Our opinion is that covering up is an ok temporary measure, but a product really does need to heal in order to truly “reverse” the signs of aging.

18 thoughts on “La Prairie Review”

    1. on my second course of the Platinum series; serum, face and eye cream. It is the most superb product I have ever well as the most expensive. Over the years, I have used everything on the market. Friends/strangers comment on my skin; younger/smoother (53). I am allergic to many products but this one has not been a problem. Except for the extravagant price, it is exceptional.

    1. It is absolutely great! I have tried just about everything. My skin was never healthier and more radiance. It’s expensive, but so so concentrated, it will last for at least 6 months. If you can combine it with platinum serum, you will have great results!

    2. Absolutely great! I have never had healthier and more radiance skin. It’s expensive, but will last for at least six months. Combine it with the platinum serum for even better results!

  1. Hi what is the La prairie Philosophy?

    I have been doing some research of the product and have not been able to find the philosophy anywhere.


  2. used to use skin caviar firming mask can’t find it anywhere now. Also had foundation plus concealer duo. That’s no around now. What replaced these? Barbara

    1. I agree. I bought the advanced marine biology collection, not only was it pricey but it has not really worked. I am very disappointed with their products.

  3. I have bags under my eyes plus dark
    Circles. platinum for the eyes took all
    I’m 65 and very fair.
    I will try the platinum for the face. I did try the radiance at it was great

  4. I used La Prairie for over a year and I really think It’s overrated. Nutrogena is doing the trick now and I have to say I am really happy.

  5. First time buyer of la prairie, and it aint all that!! I bought the body spray £75, and got some serum with gold in it, it absolutely stinks, smells fishy!! I much prefer the Clarins body spray, smell delious and stays on!!

    1. I am also a first time buyer and I didn’t like it. I am wondering if I can get my money back. I spent over 400 dollars on some of their products and all I can say is I am very disappointed. I bought the product to try to get rid of some of my forehead wrinkles and to improve my skin but it hasn’t done much for what it costs. To be honest I want my money back I just hope I can get it back.

      1. If its wrinkle defence u want I would be investing your 400 on Botox mate,
        Creams are only superficial and do not work on deep seeded problems like wrinkles .

  6. Best skincare in the world!!! For the price you should sample first and then you’ll be hooked for life! Nordstrom has samples, and if available the Vegas store will send them to you and take care of the shipping! (In U.S.) If they don’t have samples at the time, they will send you one when they get them in.

  7. I just bought this cellulaire eye cream, I wondered how long before you see any noticeable effects. I don’t expect miracles but at least some tightening of the skin, and reduction in darkness around the eyes. Ill give it a little while and see before I give my verdict.

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