La Mer Review

Are you wondering how La Mer works?

La Mer is a skincare line that sells a popular product – Crème de la Mer. This anti-aging solution can be bought directly from the company. The official website was purchased in 2000, but the company could be older than that.

What is La Mer?

La Mer is a line of skincare products that includes Crème de la Mer. The company uses ingredients like malachite, lime tea extract, ascophyllum nodosom, bio-ceramic white algae and tourmaline. The website sells moisturizers, serums, masks, cleansers and tonics. Other popular formulas include Genaissance de la Mer, Brilliance Brightening Essence and the New After Sun Enhancer.

Quick Facts on La Mer

  • We found no ingredient lists for any La Mer products.
  • You can return products if you’re not satisfied.
  • Dr. Max Huber is the creator of Crème de la Mer.
  • There’s no information on parabens or animal testing.
  • Products are for residents in the US only.

What’s the Skincare Editor’s Take on La Mer?

“We have no doubt there are some moisturizing lotions and creams available from La Mer,” said our Skincare Editor. “The trouble is we have no idea if there are any irritants and ingredient lists aren’t available.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

Everyone has a different type of skin, so there are some who will find La Mer effective and others that don’t.

  • “La Mer is a great moisturizer and I felt that it improved the look and feel of my skin.”
  • “My face is incredibly clear with the product and at 63 the wrinkles in my neck (from my perspective) look even better.”

The other side says:

  • “I have used various skin products and was very excited to finally be able to purchase item for the first time. This item was okay. Not worth the price.”
  • “Save your hard earned cash – the only thing this product has going for it is that it smells sort of nice.”

We also found issues with the price. Some users didn’t think it was too expensive.

  • “Well worth the money, I would pay more, but glad I don’t have to :)”
  • “Been using 10 years, great product, glad to know [the] price is reasonable.”

Other customers felt the prices were over the top.

  • “I like high end cosmetics, however, they must deliver. This product does not. Way overpriced, and I’m not impressed.”
  • “I give Crème de La Mer one STAR because of its astronomical price.”

Are We Sold on La Mer?

We have to look at every aspect of a product line like La Mer. The one thing we keep getting stuck on is pricing. You will spend hundreds of dollars for a small container of cream, not to mention purchasing multiple solutions. The customer reviews aren’t necessarily good enough to back the cost and that leaves us with reservations.

What Do We Suggest?

Our top pick for 2016 is BioGeniste. We chose it from hundreds of reviews we’ve completed this year. The formula is made with clinically tested ingredients and we found testimonials that talk about the amazing results users achieved.

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