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As far as mainstream, high-end wrinkle treatments go, Crème de La Mer has to be the top dog. This luxury cream has a devoted cult of users ready to spend big cash for just a little bit of the glamorous product. But how did it all start? La Mer is the brainchild of one Dr. Max Hubber, an accomplished aerospace engineer. So how did Dr. Hubber make the transition to beauty product developer? The scientist was burned severely during an experiment. He then spent 12 obsessive years developing a product to alleviate the discomfort he constantly felt due to his burnt skin. The legend goes that Dr. Hubber attempted over 6,000 different product experiments before stumbling on the miracle that would go on to become La Mer.

It’s definitely a great story. However, it is unclear if the current recipe used to manufacture Crème de La Mer is the same formula discovered by Dr. Hubber. In a fitting coda to the dramatic tale, some claims exist that Dr. Hubber’s formulas were lost after his death, making the current recipe an approximation of the original. Also, La Mer was bought out by Estee Lauder Cosmetics, and it is now used as a general brand for all kinds of luxury products. But that as it may be, the deluxe skin care product La Mer is still wildly popular with users, whether it uses Dr. Hubber’s original formula or not.

Product Details

So what goes into one $110.00 ounce of La Mer? As the name implies, the product makes heavy use of various marine-based ingredients. These include naturally harvested sea salts, essence of sea kelp, and large quantities of vitamin B12, which is harvested from fish. All of these ingredients are then mixed together in a secretive process resulting in La Mer’s trademark “miracle broth.” This patented, closely guarded ingredient is claimed to both stimulate collagen production and provide miraculous skin protection from UV ray damage, environmental pollutants and free radical damage. La Mer also claims to make use of a patented water processing technique. This is another closely guarded secret. The manufacturer claims that the water used in La Mer has been restructured, rendering the water molecules capable of carrying denser clusters of ingredients than ordinary water.

Other ingredients used in Crème de La Mer are: calcium, magnesium, potassium, lecithin, iron, Vitamins, C, E and B12, plus oils of citrus, eucalyptus, wheat germ, alfalfa and sunflower.

It is unclear if this is a partial list of active ingredients, or if that’s the entire formula.

The Good

  • Free shipping when ordering from official website.
  • Official product website offers a LiveChat feature, but we did not test this.
  • Official website orders also come with a free gift sample.

The Bad

  • Application instructions are fairly complicated, especially when compared to other basic skin creams. Getting professional instruction from a doctor or trained salesperson is recommended by the manufacturer.
  • The price: $110.00 per ounce may be more than most readers can afford.
  • Official product literature seem to rely heavily on La Mer’s glamorous background, but it is unclear of original formulas are still in use.
  • Product seems to use animal extracts.

The Bottom Line

We really have mixed feelings about La Mer. The manufacturer has definitely raised the bar for luxury brand beauty care products. But how much of La Mer is slick branding, and how much is actual product? If you know someone who swears by this product then that’s good, but don’t buy it just for the brand name. Take the time to look at some other anti-wrinkle products on the market that may not be as well known but that also offer innovative approaches to wrinkle fighting, and for a bit less too.


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