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La Biosthetique is a skin care brand out of Paris, France. Regardless, the official website for this cosmetic line is available to those residing in Denmark, France, the United States, Spain, the Netherlands and Italy. Like so many other “high end” cosmetic brands out there today, La Biosthetique claims to be an innovative company that provides “quality beauty treatments.” This company began over 50 years ago, and was started by a biochemist named Marcel Contier. The official website does reference the skin and hair products as “first class.” Currently La Biosthetique offers treatment categories like Style & Finish, Make-up Collection, Hair Colour, Scalp and Haircare, Skin/Bodycare and Skin and Hair Care for Men, as well as Perm.

While most cosmetic lines place a focus on skin care, La Biosthetique appears to put just as much attention on hair care. However, they do offer topical skin treatments that suit individuals with sensitive skin, dry/tired skin, oily/blemished skin or demanding skin, as well as power masks and special needs treatments. More specifically, if you look at the La Biosthetique products for dry skin, you’ll see that they aim to help to stimulate collagen production, hydrate the skin, and battle fine lines/wrinkles. This group of products is called Methode Dynamisante, and several treatments are offered as part of a daily skin care regimen.

Product Details

La Biosthetique is a hair care, skin care and body care beauty line that endeavors to offer daily maintenance treatments to all general skin types. Some of the key active ingredients found in these products are Unsaturated Fatty Acids, Aromatherapy Oils, Lemon, Sage, Oily Plant Extracts, Rosewood and Lipids. At this time, no product reviews are offered on the official website to support these “high quality” treatments, nor is there a satisfaction guarantee mentioned anywhere. It’s unclear whether or not you can purchase La Biosthetique skin and hair care treatments through the official website.

The Good

  • All La Biosthetique products are presented and explained on the official website.
  • La Biosthetique focuses on hair care just as much as it does skin care.
  • Some of the primary components offered in La Biosthetique treatments are exposed on the website.

The Bad

  • Reviews for the La Biosthetique products are not provided on the official website for new consumers to check out.
  • All ingredients incorporated into La Biosthetique products are not mentioned on the website.
  • The actual prices for this skin, body and hair care line are not posted on the website.
  • It’s unclear whether or not any of the La Biosthetique products can be acquired via the official website.

The Bottom Line

After checking into countless other skin care and beauty lines, the La Biosthetique brand doesn’t do the best job of standing out. First of all, the prices are not posted, which may instantly deter some individuals. Secondly, there are no testimonials or reviews offered to really back La Biosthetique skin and hair care treatments. Finally, it’s hard to tell where these products can be purchased from, since nothing is offered on the website to assist consumers with buying La Biosthetique.

8 thoughts on “La Biosthetique Review”

  1. I am able to purchase the product at my hairdresser. Where else is it available in NYC (pharmacy, dept store, beauty supply, etc?)

  2. I purchased over 500 dollars worth of La Biosthetique facial products. I was totally convinced by the salon owner that it was a great product. After six weeks of using the system my skin looked worse than when I was using my regular skin care products. It looked like it lost firmness, my crows feet were actually more pronounced. I was totally disappointed. I feel like I was snowed. 🙁

    1. I just use nutiva extra virgin coconut oil now as moisturizer and no one believes i am 35. Oil works better than any on-the-rack expensive products. I have spent hundreds and thousands on Dermalogica products with no effects. I am currently using LB’s hair shampoo and tonic, it works fine for me. Thanks

  3. This company are the worst customer service ever .rude and snobby ,this color line smells very strong of ammonia,dries the hair ,it used to be a very good product ,but recently changed(improved ) product and it’s a very poor gray coverage and color longevity ,don’t waste your money, 🙁

  4. La Biosthetique doesn’t offer prices on their website as they’re only sold through their salons. So I think since the salons have different prices, La Biosthetique doesn’t put prices. I use a lot of their products and am really surprised by other customers’ negativity. I have a lot of their skincare and I love it! ( especially the Dermasthetique range)

  5. I changed my name to “crazy” when I started to complain about the smell of rotten eggs and ammonia and results my clients hair was dry and it stopped covering gray.,whoever reformulated this so called “improved formula” screed up big time ,the people who run this business in Alberta should be ashamed of themselves for treating customers like we are a bunch of ignorant canadian peasants ,dump them ,don’t waste your time !,,the color sucks big time ,use Lanza instead it works it doesn’t smell ,covers gray,and the distribuitors are decent people who will treat you with the respect that everyone’s deserves ! 🙂

  6. Love Your hair products. need more instructions with some products. Want my salon to try your products. Im going to try your skin care soon.

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