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L.Raphael is a spa and skin care line that comes from Europe. While they offer cosmetic care (Facial Care, Micro-Dermabrasion and Facial Electro Stimulation), aesthetic medicine (Photo Rejuvenation and Oxy Peel treatments) and spa treatments (Youth Elixir and Jet Energy Treatment), they additionally provide consumers with an “exclusive product collection.” In regards to the L.Raphael treatments for home usage, there are anti-aging products like the Softening Lotion, Intensive Lifting Night Cream, Lifting Serum, Softening Cleanser, Lifting Day Cream, Ceramides Hydrating mask, and Lifting Eye Serum. None of these skin care treatments appear to be offered through the official website, but they are attainable in the L.Raphael Geneve Spa.

All L.Raphael anti-aging treatments contain key active ingredients. These are revealed on the official website as Herbs, Bio-Minerals, Ceramides, Plant Extracts and Moisturizing Agents, as well as Vitamins E, H, A, K and C. These L.Raphael facial treatments are suitable for primarily dry to very dry skin types. Unfortunately no official prices are listed on the official website for these “exclusive products,” nor is there any 100% money-back guarantee. As seen on the website, L.Raphael skin care treatments are primarily geared toward aging/mature women. The goal of these skin care remedies is to hydrate the complexion, reduce fine lines, battle collagen loss, minimize dark circles, reduce puffiness and the combat deep expression lines that come naturally with age.

Product Details

L.Raphael Geneve is basically a European spa that offers an array of beauty treatments, as well as topical anti-aging products that can be utilized in the home. Currently none of these items are sold via the official website, but are available in the spa itself. Similar to many other cosmetic lines, L.Raphael facial treatments aim to combat typical signs of aging, such as crow’s feet, age spots, expression lines, collagen loss and lack of moisture in the skin. No free trial samples of L.Raphael treatments are available at this time, and no actual clinical data is provided on the official website to support the overall effectiveness of these anti-aging products.

The Good

  • L.Raphael Geneve is an actual spa that caters to individuals in Europe.
  • The key ingredients offered in L.Raphael products are discussed on the official website.
  • L.Raphael facial treatments contain moisturizers.

The Bad

  • None of the L.Raphael skin care products are actually sold through the official website.
  • A 100% money-back guarantee for these anti-aging treatments is not mentioned.
  • Those who live outside of Europe will likely not be able to take advantage of the L.Raphael Spa.
  • No prices are posted on the official website for L.Raphael products.
  • Real clinical research is not addressed regarding the effectiveness of L.Raphael skin care treatments.

The Bottom Line

Similar to numerous other anti-aging lines out there, L.Raphael makes claims about assisting women with routine skin dilemmas like collagen loss, deep facial wrinkles, age spots, crow’s feet, loss of elastin, puffiness, sun damage, hyper pigmentation, dry skin and expression lines. Unfortunately there isn’t much to back these claims on the official website. Not only is no clinical data or satisfaction guarantee offered concerning these skin care treatments, but none of the products are sold via the official website either, which makes these products virtually unattainable for most individuals.

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