Komenuka Bijin Review


Komenuka Bijin’s product lineup includes some anti-aging skin care products that include Skin Rejuvenation Skin Mask, NS-K C-10 Essence, NS-K A 10 Cream, and Serum Toner. All Komenuka Bijin products have Hydrolyzed Rice Extract which is a known skin conditioning ingredient. According to Komenuka Bikin, their anti-aging products work by maintaining the pH balance of the skin, aid in the growth of the skin with antioxidants and tighten and tone the skin as well.

Product Details

In addition to the Hydrolyzed Rice Extract, other natural ingredients are included such as Yeast, Gingko Biloba, Mulberry, Corn Oil, Carrot, Chamomile Oil, and several others. These products have Japanese origins and have made their appearances on some magazines like Bazaar, Allure, Red Book, and Mademoiselle. There are no signs of parabens being added as a preservative to their product line and minimal amounts are really needed. The Komenuka Bijin products are also described to lighten complexions and perk up any skin damage from the sun and age spots with the C-10 Essence ingredient which also has Sake Enzymes.

The Good

  • Free shipping is granted to all products that cost above $80.00.
  • There is a fair amount of Collagen in some products.
  • The Komenuka Bijin goods can be bought wholesale.

The Bad

  • No refund policy or money back guarantee is stated in the company’s website.
  • Komenuka Bijin products are a bit more expensive than other products for average consumers.
  • Although Komenuka Bijin products have been claimed to be made with Nanotechnology, no further explanations are given on the website regarding the specifics.

The Bottom Line

Komenuka Bijin products excel in the fact that they have lots of natural ingredients that should be good for the consumers. Other consumers that want visual results down to the skin texture for improvement are better off with products that contain the three crucial ingredients for anti-aging which are Hyaluronic Acid, Matrixyl-3000, and Argireline. The Komenuka Bijin website relies primarily on the magazines that they were featured with as their reason to buy these products rather than discussing the specifics to curious consumers that really want to know how these products work along with their active ingredients. Those with sensitive skin will most likely be attracted to all the natural properties, but for better insurance, Komenuka Bijin should still highlight the benefits of their products so consumers have a better idea on what to expect. A money-back guarantee would also be nice since it’s ingredient list is far different than others that have been clinically-proven.

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