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Knutek is a skin care company that claims to use the latest science concerning quality skin care and anti-aging. The official website is a tad overwhelming, as it is covered with advertising and mini video clips. Apparently this line is one of the many As Seen On TV brands. The founder of Knutek skin care is Kim Knut Larsson. Not only does this brand focus on skin care, but they also produce supplements as well. Although the topical treatments are not available directly through the website, they are offered in select salons and spas. An investor’s link is provided on the website for those interested.

After browsing through the skin care products offered by Knutek, it is clear that the primary focus of this line is anti-aging. A few of the treatments are The Crystal Mask, Oxygen Plasma, Omega Peel, Herbal Cleanser, Microabrasion Cream, Toner, and Alpha+MSM Cream. To focus more specifically on one Knutek product, we will take a look at the Oxygen Plasma. According to the website, this treatment contains a complex carbon molecule. This component is supposed to emulate the body’s blood, which carries oxygen directly into cells. By doing so, this substance helps accelerate the constant regeneration of skin sells. Other benefits of this treatment are that it may improve elastin in the skin, work as an anti-inflammatory, and boost collagen levels, all of which aid in the anti-aging process.

Product Details

Knutek is a line of beauty treatments and supplement formulas that are geared toward both women and men. The purpose of these products is to combat routine signs of aging. The major ingredients addressed on the official website for these products are Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane (MSM), Organic Colostrum (contains antibodies for oral supplements), Oxygen Plasma (a complex carbon molecule), and E-Toxal (brown algae concentrate). The official website for Knutek allows you to sign up as a member. This way you can receive a regular newsletter. There is also a link provided that enables you to find local professionals that offer Knutek products. For any additional questions or concerns, a contact page is offered.

The Good

  • There are some testimonials for Knutek products presented on the website.
  • Users can sign up on the website and receive a free newsletter regularly.

The Bad

  • There are no prices posted for Knutek skin care treatments.
  • All of the ingredients found in these supplement formulas and topical treatments are not revealed.
  • There is no mention of a refund guarantee with Knutek products at this time.

The Bottom Line

The Knutek brand comes across as very hyped up and infomercial-like. On one hand, it is nice to hear about this unique skin care line and some of the interesting ingredients incorporated, but some individuals will likely also wonder how much of it is hype. It would be helpful if the prices for Knutek products were posted on the website. It is certainly wise to get more information about each product and what all it contains before buying any.

2 thoughts on “Knutek Review”

  1. Have been using and selling these products for 15 years.Am an Esthetician
    They are V good products and work well its not a hype.
    Specially the Omega Peel ….amazing results
    Oxygen spritz clear sunbloc , blocking UVA rays
    Whipped Oxygen amazing moisuriser.
    The best is the Oxygen Plazma for evening out skin spots and acne.
    I would not be using this product for so long if it was not effective.
    Thanks aban

  2. Hi,
    I would like to say I have been using the Omega peel for approximately 5 years. The product does what it says it will do. It removes a lot of dead skin from the face, more than a regular mask. I recommend customer’s try this product.

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