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Kelo-cote is essentially a scar treatment gel that’s suitable for both women and men. This topical product is manufactured by Advanced Bio-Technologies. Kelo-cote is developed from silicone gel and aims to minimize scarred tissue, which can result from injuries, surgical procedures and burns. Unlike some topical treatments, this gel product dries on the user’s skin after applying. While Kelo-cote is claimed to assist with smoothing out and flattening scar tissue, it additionally helps reduce discoloration and irritation. It can be applied to the body or face areas, and is stated to be water-proof.

While some scar treatments are only available through a licensed doctor or dermatologist, Kelo-cote can be acquired for $21.95 through select dealers/distributors. The official website claims that Kelo-cote gel is a cinch to apply, and that women can even apply makeup to skin afterwards. This topical treatment gel is not supposed to leave a sticky residue behind, and should not stain the user’s clothing. Kelo-cote is directed to be applied twice each day and should protect and heal the affected skin for 24 hours. Specific skin afflictions that are addressed for Kelo-cote on the website are Keloids, Linear Hypertrophic Scars and Widespread Burn Hypertrophic Scars. There is a convenient 1-800 contact phone number posted on the website for users.

Product Details

Kelo-cote is an “advanced formula scar gel” that endeavors to assist women and men with reducing scarred tissue on the body and face. The primary ingredients found in this topical gel are bio-compatible silicone compounds such as silicone dioxide, polysiloxane and non-volatile silicone. Kelo-cote gel can be utilized by individuals of all ages, and is suitable for small children, as well as those with sensitive skin. At this point there haven’t been any side effects from Kelo-cote. There are clinical studies and before/after photos posted on the official website. Furthermore, there are some testimonials offered on the website. In regards to a satisfaction guarantee, this is simply not addressed.

The Good

  • Kelo-cote topical gel is available to users without a doctor’s prescription.
  • There are before/after photos and testimonials presented on the official website.
  • This scar treatment product is suitable for men, women and children.

The Bad

  • The full list of ingredients for Kelo-cote gel is not disclosed on the website.
  • There is no satisfaction guarantee or refund mentioned on the website.
  • Very little company background information is offered on Advanced Bio-Technologies.
  • Kelo-cote cannot be conveniently purchased through the official website.

The Bottom Line

When it comes down to it, Kelo-cote scar treatment gel seems to have quite a bit going for it. The official website explains how the topical product is supposed to work, as well as where it can be purchased. On the bright side, this gel product has no known side effects at this point and it is claimed to be suitable for all skin types. Naturally it would be nice to see a 100% money-back guarantee offered with Kelo-cote gel, as well as a full list of ingredients posted on the official website. You may find it helpful to consult a physician prior to acquiring Kelo-cote scar treatment gel. However, if you are looking into Kelo-cote as a potential wrinkle reducer, we’d have to advise you to turn elsewhere, simply on account of their being no claims or anecdotal testimonials that it has any effect on wrinkles.

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