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Kelemata is a company that offers skin care and eye treatments. For over sixty years, Kelemata has focused on manufacturing treatments “derived from the active ingredients of medicinal plants” including both over-the-counter and prescription products. The company claims to use “advanced technology” to obtain its pure plant ingredients and extracts. Kelemata eye care products were created and put to market in 1982 to address the specific concerns of sensitive skin in the eye area specifically.

Product Details

Kelemata skin care products include cleansers, toners, moisturizers, serums, and a skin renewer. Soya Milk Cleanser contains gentle ingredients such as soybean oil, avocado oil, and flower extracts. The product is hypoallergenic and is used to cleanse, soften, and nourish the skin. The Soya Water Gentle Toner is used to freshen and hydrate the skin. The Daily Time Fighting Cream is an anti-aging cream that contains fresh cells of Soya sprouts, shea butter, and vitamins A & E to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The Repairing Night Treatment is said to “fight the look of wrinkled and slackening skin”. This product is ideal for night use and is supposed to help maintain the appearance of younger, more radiant skin. Kelemata Long Lasting Hydrating Serum is a moisturizer which is highly concentrated to help protect the skin’s moisture. It is ideal for extremely dry or aging, wrinkled skin. The Intensive Skin Renewer uses alpha-hydroxy acids to exfoliate, hydrate, protect, and renew the skin. Kelemata Intensive Skin Renewer contains a UV filter to protect against further sun damage to the skin.

The Good

  • Kelemata has been in business for over sixty years making it a reputable name in the skincare industry.
  • Compared to other skin care products on the market, Kelemata products are reasonably priced and affordable for the average consumer.
  • Kelemata has a professional and user-friendly website which makes online ordering easy for any consumer.

The Bad

  • Some Kelemata products are available through a prescription only.
  • Kelemata anti-aging products do not contain the most effective ingredients on the market.
  • No customer testimonials were provided on the Kelemata website at the time of this review.

The Bottom Line

Kelemata products do contain some ingredients that are known to be good for the skin including soy proteins, Vitamins A, C, and E, and Shea Butter. There are several products on the market which use these ingredients, however, and they are certainly not the most effective when it comes to providing noticeable results in reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles. These products are hypoallergenic which is important to consumers with sensitive or dry skin that is easily irritated. It would be better, though, if Kelemata also offered anti-aging products that contained Collagen, because this is a proven ingredient in the field of skin care treatments.

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  1. The Kelemata products I have used are very good. However, when ordering from Kelematausa, I have been charged for an order I haven’t received now in over a month. When calling their listed number a woman keeps telling me she will ship via FedEx the next day and it’s never shipped (over 30 days). Beware of this site.

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