Juvena Skin Care Review


Juvena Skin Care is a Switzerland based company and was founded in 1954 by Edmond Locher. It is a creation of the pharmaceutical laboratory Divapharma, founded in Zurich in 1945. The production plants are located in Baden-Baden, Germany. Juvena of Switzerland claims to have succeeded in integrating emergency medicine into its line of skin care products. Juvena claims to be one of the first cosmetic companies to use vitamins it its skin care products, promising that their products create the exact environment that skin cells need to take in nutrients and grow completely new skin. This process is said to help improve the appearance of wrinkles.

Product Details

Some of the products in the Juvena of Switzerland skin care line include Renewing Serum, Renewing Eye Serum, Renewing Body Serum, Renewing Day Cream, Renewing Night Cream, Renewing Hand and Nail Cream, Renewing Eye Cream, Renewing Mask, and Renewing Body Cream. Juvena is designed for daily skin care for long-term use to deliver the best results. Juvena claims to significantly improve the complexion, and promises that skin will achieve a more even tone and become smoother, stronger and denser. Because it is a pure cosmetic product, Juvena claims that its products can even be used on sensitive skin, even skin that is recovering from invasive or harsh cosmetic procedures such as facelifts, chemical peels and micodermabrasion. The makers say that the products have the ability to calm the skin and regenerate new cells more quickly.

The Good

  • Juvena of Switzerland is a pioneer in the skin care industry with over 50 years of experience.
  • Juvena’s product website includes skin care tips for the consumer.
  • Juvena guarantees its products for life.

The Bad

  • Juvena of Switzerland does not post testimonials from those who have tried the products.
  • Consumers can not purchase Juvena products from the company website.
  • Juvena does not provide a list of ingredients for each of its products.
  • There are not before & after pictures to attest to the effectiveness of Juvena products.

The Bottom Line

It’s difficult to assess the products in the Juvena of Switzerland line due to the full list of ingredients not being disclosed on the company website. This may leave consumers who are looking for ant-aging products wondering if the products contain key ingredients such as Argireline, Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, and Matrixyl-3000, which are some of the sessentials for aging skin. Consumers wishing to try the line will be disappointed that they cannot order them directly from the company; however, many online retailers make the products available as well as many department stores in major metropolitan areas. For more information not available in the retail world, consumers will appreciate the Juvena of Switzerland website since it does offer consumers a skin care education as well as a glossary of ingredients.

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