Juvederm Review

Are you curious about how Juvederm filler works?

Juvederm is an injectable that’s supposed to fill in fine lines and help fight the physical signs of aging. Allergan is behind Juvederm. It looks like the business opened in 1948 – that’s more than 50 years ago. You have to visit a doctor to receive injections.

What is Juvederm?

Juvederm filler is a prescription gel that’s injected near wrinkles and fine lines. It’s only approved for patients over 21 years of age. Only a medical professional can perform the procedure. Results are supposed to last up to one year, though there are reports it lasts much less time.

Quick Facts on Juvederm

  • Treatments can cost up to $750 per injection.
  • Juvederm cost increases with the thicker version.
  • Results only lasted days in some patients.
  • Bruising was a side effect reported by some.
  • There is no guarantee with Juvederm.

What’s the Skincare Editor’s Take?

“The FDA approved the Juvederm filler treatment. So, there is some proof it works and is safe,” says our Skincare Editor. “The trouble I have is with the price and reports that it didn’t last very long.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

Many of the issues we found dealt with side effects. We were surprised to not find complaints about Juvederm cost. According to some happy patients:

  • “I get tons of compliments about how young I look for my age.”
  • “It has been seven months and can still visibly notice the results.”

Those that weren’t so thrilled with the results said:

  • “I am left with bruises all over my face. It was very painful too.”
  • “Juvederm migrated down my face! Would never use either again.”

Side effects appeared to be another problem, but only for some.

  • “I have used Juvederm and it always gives me the darkest bruising.”
  • “About 30 minutes after, the pain was so bad. Felt like it was up in the checks and down through my chin. Very painful for hours.”

If you look at the other side of the coin, you get:

  • “I have to put ice on them as soon as I get home to avoid bruising for a long time.”
  • “Initially I saw some lumping but it eventually went away.”

Is Now the Time to Try Out Juvederm?

Well, there’s little doubt that this treatment, which is approved by the FDA, is effective for some. However, we have reservations because the price is far too high for some patients and there are side effects to worry about. Unfortunately, there are also reports that it didn’t work for everyone.

What Do We Like Better Than Juvederm?

Our top pick for 2016 is the anti-aging solution BioGeniste. It’s made with clinically tested ingredients and there are some amazing testimonials from users who’ve seen fantastic results.

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