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Editor's Review: 3.6 / 5.0

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Juvederm is an injectable hyaluronic acid filler that was created by the company famous for Botox, Allergan, Inc. Juvederm aims to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles by injecting a gel that includes hyaluroic acid directly into any problem areas you may have. Juvederm is FDA approved and is supposed to last as long as one year per injection session.

Juvederm presents itself not only as an alternative to Botox, but also as an accompanying treatment. Botox is famously known to relax the facial muscles, which gives the skin a smoother appearance but doesn’t always get rid of the more pronounced folds and wrinkles. Juvederm claims to provide a very smooth and natural look that is also superior than other dermal fillers that use collagen.

Product Details

Juvederm can only be administered by a health care professional since it is an injectable gel. Juvederm is injected directly under the skin to help add volume to your skin and help reduce the appearance of deep folds and wrinkles.

The manufacturers website says that Juvederm is one of the smoothest consistency gels available, especially when compared to some other hyaluronic acid fillers that tend to be “grainy.” There are pictures of Juvederm granules and a competitors granules shown on the website for comparison. The website also claims that 90% of people seeking injectable filler treatments preferred Juvederm to other brands. There isn’t much information about this study and they don’t tell us who participated or how the results were collected.

The entire process of having Juvederm injected lasts only around 15 minutes so it is a very short office visit. There is a possibility you will develop side effects such as redness, tenderness, swelling, and itching but it depends on the sensitivity of your skin and on other factors.

The official website doesn’t have a full ingredients listing available.

The Good

  • Procedure is very short. The injection itself takes around 15 minutes.
  • Created by Allergan Inc., who also manufacture the very popular Botox injection treatment.

The Bad

  • Expensive. The average cost for Juvederm is between $350 and $400 per treatment.
  • Targets only very specific areas that are prone to deep wrinkles.
  • Side effects may last for a week.
  • Not all users are comfortable with injections.

The Bottom Line

Injection treatments are not for everyone. Injections can be scary for many people and have various side effects associated with them. If you have tried Botox and like the results but feel that you still have a few problem areas, Juvederm might be worth checking out. It can be the fine-tuning compared to Botox’s broad strokes. However, topical creams in the anti-aging field are making great strides very regularly so it might be in your best interest to give a few highly rated wrinkle creams a shot before you opt for injection treatments. Before deciding on Juvederm, make sure you consult your health care professional and see if they feel you are a good candidate for Juvederm. They may be able to present you with some alternatives you may have overlooked.

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27 Comments/Questions/Answers to Juvederm

  • 1


    I had Juviderm done on a deep crease that developed on my face over a year ago. It is GONE! The doctor told me that it’s possible that it sort of calcified and caused the crease or scar to completely disappear. It’s amazing. I have also had my lips done and it’s a really nice improvement. My lips are by nature rather thin and I’ve only had a couple of procedures done over the past 2 years and they look nice. I recommend it. It’s NOT completely painless, but the stinging from the shot is just for a short period of time… 5 to 10 minutes or so, and you’re done. The doctor will numb you up, like at the dentist, if you request it.

  • 2

    barbara ledford

    I have had several injections of Juvederm Ultra over the last year. I have had no problems with injection site swelling or bruising. My problem after I leave the spa, I look great for 3-4 weeks, but by 5the 6th week my wrinkles are back(only not hardly as deep). I am so depressed about this. I had a stroke 5 years ago and brain surgery and needed something to make me feel better about myself. Why does product that is supposedto last up to a year, not last on me ? Everyone else that gets it at this spa looks good. Help me Please.

  • 3

    Betty Hellige

    Perhaps you should get the Juvederm injections at a doctor’s office who has had lots of experience injecting it. I would stay away from “spas” for important, costly procedures like this. If you did go to a reputable doctor for your injections, I would research others in your area so you could get a more long lasting effect for your money!

  • 4

    Jenny Grubbs

    I had it done about 4 months ago and I can see the lines are starting to come back. I went to the professional health care office. my question is have anybody ever heard excessive sweating can cause gel to dissolve faster?

  • 5

    Jenny Grubbs

    Have anybody ever heard excessive sweating can cause gel to dissolve faster? I had it done 4 months ago and I can start to see lines coming back…

  • 6


    I was told that a juvederm injection could be done to alleviate veins under my eyes. I don’t see anything about this on your site. Is this possible. I was told an injection would be done on either side of my nose next to the eye area.

  • 7

    Brenda Lavery- Madruga

    I had Juvederm infected in nasal folds and lips. About 30 minutes afer, the pain was so bad. Felt like it was up in the checks and down through
    my chin. Very painful for hours. I have had Restylane injection since 2006 and never had this type of pain after the injectons. Is this common? And whatwould cause so much Pain? Thank you

  • 8

    andrea gunderson

    I have heard that juvederm is better than restylane, is that true?

  • 9


    I had an injection of juviderm about 4 months ago and it still looks beautiful. I am 66 yrs of and I can’t wait to have it done again. Not yet I don’t need it

  • 10


    Hi, I would like to know where you had the Juvederm. I was told due to my age I wasn’t a good candiate and that surgery would be a better option.

  • 11


    I need to add I am 66 yrs old.I wanted the injection for laugh lines.

  • 12


    I’m 53 yrs old and considering rejuvederm injections for deep folds around the mouth & fill out my very thin lips. I scheduled the procedure 2 months ago but cancelled. I’m looking for a very reputable Dr.from someone that’s had excellent results.

  • 13


    Had it done a month ago and it is still painful at injection site an in nose. I got a bad cold, like flu a week after and went on antibiotics. I’m off the meds but still have nasal running. Dr. said it would go away in time, but i’m worried because its still painful even inside my nose. Have you ever heard of anything like this?

  • 14

    Beth Sherman

    I am delighted with the results of juvederm. I had it injected around my mouth towards my chin where I was getting saggy wrinkling turning into jowls and now that area is so much smoother and plumper. The discomfort from the injections were minimal and there was no down time. I had some slight bruising, but so minor that no one really noticed. I had my first injection one month ago, and I went back last week for two more injections. Now I am curious to see how long these lovely results last.

  • 15

    Marion Thompson

    What do you do if you have to much filler on one side .?.
    Thank you

  • 16


    I had restylane under my eyes 5 years ago and it is still there.It was put in th wrong place on one side and looks like there is something under my skin. I also got it in my lips. She put it only in the center of my lips and it totally changed the shape of my mouth. It is still there. It has caused the inside of my top lip to bulge out. I don’t know about Juvederm, but restylane has been quite permanent for me and I don’t like ther results but I’m stuck with them.

  • 17


    Iam 55 yrs old and considering juvederm for laugh lines. Is it safe?
    What are the side effects? Wouldn’t a facelift be better?

  • 18


    I am 50 & just had juvederm injected in my lips & in a little ‘pooch’ I had on one side of my mouth. I dont have jowls yet. The juvederm is mixed w an anesthetic, so it only hurts initially . The anesthetic kicks right in. I like the look & it makes me look years younger. I also had botox on the center of my forehead. The botox injections do hurt. Although botox removes lines, it lowered my brow somewhat, which I did not want. It looks Ok, but feels wierd. I would not hesitate to do the Juvederm again. It will fill out your laugh lines. I would do your lips to while your at it…unless they’re already full.

  • 19


    I had juverderm about two weeks ago in my bottom and top lips and it has completly gone. They were swelled up abit the first few days and then settled and they looked great. Then day by day they have been getting thinner and are now back to the same size as they were before i had filler. I’m really gutted as they are so expensive and i can’t afford any more. Has this happened to anyone else?

  • 20


    I Loved the results after getting my lips done with juvederm, but after a week or two it`s gone. “they” say its suppose to last up to 1 yr.? Yet I had to get mine done 5 times in 1 yr. Anywhere else i was injected the results kept about 6 months, i wouldnt recommend it as to lasting anymore then 2 months if your thinking about plumping the lips! Some people i mentioned it to told me it didnt stay long on them either. They need to come up with something better thats gonna actually last or lower the price along with the false B.S. of the lasting results. cause i have yet to see someone who had plumped the lips and it actually lasted 12 plus months!

  • 21


    A week ago, I got juvederm injected on the parenthesis around the mouth and there was no difference from the before and after. I would not recommend this product on anyone. It was expensive $500 and disappointing.

  • 22


    I received juvederm (2 syringes) in my lips 3 weeks ago and now it is barely there? it’s not noticeable at all! I feel like I wasted almost $800 for something temporary! I don’t get it and I am so dissapointed! I am going to call the Dr and get his opinion. I exercise almost everyday and i’m wondering if my body is metabolizing everything super fast? I am so, so dissapointed=(

  • 23


    I had a juvederm injection 10 days ago. After the injection everything was ok. During these 10 days my smile line comes back. Now my smile line is just around 10% better than before injection. Is it right? I just injected one vial (0ne C.C). But it was good at that time. I don’t think it takes time 6-9 months as my doctor claimed. What should I do?

  • 24


    This product unfortunately has lasted over 3 and a half years around the corners of my mouth where the doctor tried to “widen” my smile. I never asked for it, it was my first time and last. She made me look like the joker and now I’m left with hanging jowels around the corners of my mouth because this stuff does not go away… even with trying to dissolve it twice. If you’re getting it, be wary, a mistake could last forever.

  • 25


    Hi. I am a 47 year old African and would like to use juvederm volumina in my cheeks. Has any one done it

  • 26


    I had a few laugh lines done about 1 year ago i’m starting to see a few small lines return. time to go back…loved my results….I went to Marina plastic surgery…. In California.

  • 27

    Helen Mancinni

    Was not worth the $$ spent on this dermal filler Had 4 injections for the smile lines. Was told to inject in the cheeks to fill out the smile lines. Before and after pictures looked exactly the same. No change to my smile lines at all. This was a total waste of money. I had Juvederm Voluma and Juvederm Plus injected.

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