Juvederm Review


Juvederm is an injectable hyaluronic acid filler that was created by the company famous for Botox, Allergan, Inc. Juvederm aims to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles by injecting a gel that includes hyaluroic acid directly into any problem areas you may have. Juvederm is FDA approved and is supposed to last as long as one year per injection session.

Juvederm presents itself not only as an alternative to Botox, but also as an accompanying treatment. Botox is famously known to relax the facial muscles, which gives the skin a smoother appearance but doesn’t always get rid of the more pronounced folds and wrinkles. Juvederm claims to provide a very smooth and natural look that is also superior than other dermal fillers that use collagen.

Product Details

Juvederm can only be administered by a health care professional since it is an injectable gel. Juvederm is injected directly under the skin to help add volume to your skin and help reduce the appearance of deep folds and wrinkles.

The manufacturers website says that Juvederm is one of the smoothest consistency gels available, especially when compared to some other hyaluronic acid fillers that tend to be “grainy.” There are pictures of Juvederm granules and a competitors granules shown on the website for comparison. The website also claims that 90% of people seeking injectable filler treatments preferred Juvederm to other brands. There isn’t much information about this study and they don’t tell us who participated or how the results were collected.

The entire process of having Juvederm injected lasts only around 15 minutes so it is a very short office visit. There is a possibility you will develop side effects such as redness, tenderness, swelling, and itching but it depends on the sensitivity of your skin and on other factors.

The official website doesn’t have a full ingredients listing available.

The Good

  • Procedure is very short. The injection itself takes around 15 minutes.
  • Created by Allergan Inc., who also manufacture the very popular Botox injection treatment.

The Bad

  • Expensive. The average cost for Juvederm is between $350 and $400 per treatment.
  • Targets only very specific areas that are prone to deep wrinkles.
  • Side effects may last for a week.
  • Not all users are comfortable with injections.

The Bottom Line

Injection treatments are not for everyone. Injections can be scary for many people and have various side effects associated with them. If you have tried Botox and like the results but feel that you still have a few problem areas, Juvederm might be worth checking out. It can be the fine-tuning compared to Botox’s broad strokes. However, topical creams in the anti-aging field are making great strides very regularly so it might be in your best interest to give a few highly rated wrinkle creams a shot before you opt for injection treatments. Before deciding on Juvederm, make sure you consult your health care professional and see if they feel you are a good candidate for Juvederm. They may be able to present you with some alternatives you may have overlooked.


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